The Nerd DJ/C8 Chapter 8 - Them
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The Nerd DJ/C8 Chapter 8 - Them
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C8 Chapter 8 - Them

*Claire’s Point of View*


As I am spinning here on stage, I saw familiar faces of people who are dancing on the dance floor.

These are the girls. I can't possibly be wrong. It's really them. But I can only see Charlie, Becca, and Morgan. I wonder if Samantha is here too. And how the heck did they get inside the club?

While the music is blasting inside, I just hope for one thing... That the girls won't recognize me.

Sh*t! I really don't know what will happen if they find out. But I will still sing for the final time. Geez, they shouldn't be in here. How the f*ck did they get in this place anyway? It's freaking far, and they are still minors. And for the nerd's sake, how am I gonna hide myself? Will I just let them know? Damn it!

I roamed my eyes around, looking for the blonde, and fortunately, she is with Cassidy at the back.


It's finally for my final performance. And I'm so freaking nervous, and it's because she is here.

Damn, stay calm, Claire. Just be yourself. And right now, you are XCeed. You are confident and brave. Yeah, that's right.

"Alright, Everyone! As promised, since this is the first Saturday of the month, here's my version of Sorry Not Sorry." I said through the loud mic, and I saw that everyone's attention is now on me.

Some of the crowd cheered my name. And I think that Samantha hasn't noticed me yet, and I don't know about the other girls.

My music started to play, and I also sang my part. Some of the club people are singing along with me, and some are also dancing to the music.

And as I am in the middle of the song, I saw that Samantha and Cassidy went near the stage. And when they got nearer, her eyes were staring at me intently. She's like checking me out. I bet that she can't believe that she is seeing me up here.

I looked at her and our eyes locked. This is the girl that keeps on running in my mind and keeps appearing in my dreams lately. But she is also the girl that made me feel so weak and confused. She's my former bully. And I can't possibly like her. I don't even know if she's gay. Or am I gay? Well, I think I am.

She stared at me with adoration, and there's a small smile on her face. Then I smiled at her, and I saw that she bit her lower lip. Geez, why does it give me this weird feeling?


As the song ended, I took a bow while the club people cheered on me.

"Thank you, Everyone! I hope you liked it." I spoke, and someone cut me off.

"Very much, Babe!" I heard Shay shout, and as I looked at her near the counter, she has been holding a small megaphone. This girl can be crazy... always.

I gave her the finger, and she just laughed. See? Crazy.

Then a great idea came into my mind.

"Well, since this month is my month. I will be giving you another song." I announced, and the people cheered again.

Next Sunday will be my eighteenth birthday so that I will give them a bonus, but the truth is, I want to sing something for her.

I looked at her while I'm still wearing my wide smile.

"Hey, this is dedicated to this particular girl that keeps on running in my mind lately. I hated you, and I hope that you know who you are." I said, and her face was confused. Yes, I really hate her for doing these things to me. I'm not supposed to feel this sensation towards her, but I can't help it.

I played my music mix of the song by Dua Lipa, Blow Your Mind.

Then I told the crowd to sing with me.


Everything is on fire, and most of the club people are dancing their hearts out.

I saw that she was taken aback by the lyrics of the song, and I have no idea why I sang this one.

As I ended it with a 'mwah', I gave her a flying kiss and winked at her.

I guess she's stunned, but I kept my cool and still smiling.

"Thanks for coming tonight, Y'all. And enjoy the rest of the night." I uttered and dropped the mic, then took a bow.

"Hey, Babe! That mic’s expensive!" Shay shouted again, and this time I glared at her jokingly.

I went down the stage, and as she got near me, she gave me a big hug and kissed my cheek.

She broke the hug, and I think I saw a familiar blonde-haired girl walk past us.

"What the heck was that?" She asked me while eyeing me knowingly and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"She's here," I uttered, and she's shocked to hear it.

"Who… how... What? Where is she now?" She asked and handed me a bottle of water.

“I don't know. They were right there near the stage earlier." I answered and chugged the water in the bottle in half.

"So, you now have the chance to talk to her." She stated with eyes full of hope.

I am out of words, and I don't know if I can show my face ever again in front of her. Geez, I'm so miserable.

"Don't give me that face, Babe. Go find her and talk to her. Just like how you sang for her earlier. Blow your mind, huh?" She said while smiling so wide. I thought she doesn't know that she is here?

But I think that I blushed when she mentioned that song. It's just what came to my mind, and luckily, I have a mix on that one.

"But, Shay, I---" She cut me off.

"No, buts. Go and freshen up, then find her and talk to her." She said and pushed me to the ladies’ room to retouch since I'm freaking sweating.

I've never been nervous like this before. That girl is... I don't know. The last time I checked was that I hated her. But now? I still don't have any idea. This feeling is strange and is new to me.

"And... what will I say to her?" I asked while we're here at the front of the ladies’ room.

"Well, just things like, you know… You'll know it when you see her." She replied, and I just scratched my head. I'm so freaking nervous.

"What exactly?" I asked, a little frustrated. Is she my cousin or not? She doesn't make me feel any better.

"Just go and formulate it while in front of the mirror. Go, I'll back you up." She said and pushed me again.

I think there's something she knows that I don't know. Then I just shook my head and sighed deeply.

Finally, I went inside to retouch my makeup, but what I saw here made me postpone it. She's here inside this very room while staring at the mirror, and I guess she cried, or maybe just my imagination.

I bit my lower lip and decided that maybe I'll just go out. I'm such a coward. I know.

But this is my chance. I'll just be confident and brave. Yet, the real Claire is weak and a freaking loser nerd. I just don't exactly know what to do right now.

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