The Newcomer/C2 Chapter 1
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The Newcomer/C2 Chapter 1
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C2 Chapter 1

At Country X, Cafe

In a crowded cafe, at the rightmost corner four girls chatting with one another about their 12th grade final exam result.

"Am really nervous. What if I failed in any of the subjects?" asked Annie nervously.

"You should have worried about this when you are preparing for the exam. What's the use of thinking about it now?" said Sindy with a provoking look.

"Shut up" Annie shouted back at Sindy angrily.

While seeing the usual bickering of her friends, Jessy couldn't help but sigh loudly and then lowered her head to sip her orange juice.

"Ahhh seriously, Stop it guys. Grow up please, don't fight like kids. Soon we will be college students" said Jene and patted Annie's shoulder.

"Don't worry Annie. Since we worked hard for the exam, obviously we will be passing the exam with flying colors" assured Jessy with a smiling face.

Annie nodded with a smile and gulped her grape juice fully in a single sip.

"Wow, you are drinking like a pig" said Sindy with a smile.

"You..." Annie grinded her teeth.

"Enough girls. It's getting late, hurry up" said Jessy and took her handbag.

They paid the bill and walked out of the cafe.

It's already 7pm, in the busy street four girls walking shoulder to shoulder. Each occupied with their own thoughts about their results which will be announced tomorrow.

12th grade final exam is the common exam for all the students of 12th grade in Country X. The result of this exam plays a major role in getting admitted in the colleges.

These four girls grew up together in the same neighborhood. They studied in the same school from kindergarten till grade 12. They even planned to pursue engineering in the same college. They worked hard for the past one year and nervously waiting for the result.

Once they reached their neighborhood, they said bye and walked to their house.

"Am Home" Jessy closed the door and said to her dad who is sitting on the sofa and reading some documents.

Once Jessy sat on the sofa, Joseph hid the document under the table which seems to be like a guide book of some University.

Jessy doesn't mind about the action of her dad Joseph and smiled at her dad.

"Had dinner dad?" She asked her dad with a smiling face.

"Not yet Jess. Are you nervous about your result?" asked Joesph with a smile.

"A little dad. But I did well, so I hope for good results" said Jessy and looked at her 12 years old brother who is playing with rubik's cube.

"Good" said Joseph and patted her head.

Jessy smiled and looked at her little brother and asked whether he need any help to solve it.

"No" said John without even lifting his head.

"Come on John. Only one row is yet to be solved right? Let your sister help you" said Jessy with a smile.

John passed the cube to Jessy with a doubtful look.

Jessy took the cube with a mischievous smile and started to rotate the layers of the Rubik's cube randomly.

After a few movements she placed the cube on the table and walked to her room.

After entering the room, she heard John shouting "Ahhh, I hate you Jess".

Jessy couldn't control herself and started laughing loudly.


"You can do it John", John calmed himself and started working on the Rubik's cube confidentially.

After 20 mins.

"I hate you Jess" John shouted and pulled his hairs and tried again.

Jess couldn't help but laugh again loudly when she heard John's roar.

After n number of failures John just thrown that cube on the table and went to his room.

Chapter 1 end.

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