The Newcomer/C3 Chapter 2
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The Newcomer/C3 Chapter 2
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C3 Chapter 2

Jessy's House, Country X

After dinner, Jessy came to her room and went to the restroom to wash her face.

She washed her face and wiped it by using her pink towel. Two slender hands wiped her face. Her gorgeous face with wheatish skin tone and beautiful features is reflected in the mirror.

She changed into an extra large-sized nightdress and sat on her bed. She took her phone to check for the messages in the group chat with the name Darlingzzzz ❤️😍

As expected, there are many messages from her friends. Most of the messages are from Annie and Sindy. Jessy skimmed through the messages with a smile.

Darlingzzzz ❤️😍

Annie: I thought of sleeping early, but I couldn't sleep. Am really nervous. What to do ?😭

Jene: +1

Sindy: Then don't sleep @Annie

Annie: 😠

Annie: U can't spend a day without teasing me. In the future, I think that u can't live without me 🤷

Sindy: Shut up

Annie: 😠

Jessy: Sleep early guys. Good night

Sindy: Gn

Jene: Good night everyone

Annie: Hey, wait I can't sleep

Sindy: 😴

Annie: We can chat for few more mins girls @Jene @Jessy

Sindy: Gn

Annie: You said good night ages ago. Why are you not sleeping 😏

Jessy smiled and placed her mobile on the table near her bed. She took the photo frame from the table.

It's a 5-year-old family photo with her mom, dad and brother. She smiled at her mother Maria's pic and said, "Tomorrow I hope I can top my school with good marks as you wish mom"

She placed the photo back on the table and prayed for tomorrow's result. Then she lay down in bed and slept.

The next day at 10 am. Jessy, her dad Joseph and her brother John are sitting on the bed in front of Jessy's laptop to check her results.

Jessy typed her registration number and pressed enter. Everyone with a curious face looked at the laptop screen in which the response page is loading.


Extra: At Annie's House

Annie typed her registration number in the text box of the result page and before pressing enter, she prayed that she should pass all the subjects with good marks.

"I can count 1 to 5, then I can press enter," said Annie with a nervous face.

She thought that counting numbers would help her to relax and so she started counting






Then she pressed enter and closed her eyes. After few seconds, she took a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes to see her results.

"SERVER IS BUSY, TRY AGAIN" message displayed on the response page.

"Ahhhh seriously, I mentally prepared myself just to see this" said Annie with frustration and started trying again.

Sindy: Drama Queen

Annie: Shut up

Chapter 2 end.

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