The Newcomer/C4 Chapter 3
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The Newcomer/C4 Chapter 3
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C4 Chapter 3

At Jessy's House, 10.15 am

Everyone is looking curiously at the laptop screen, which is loading for the past few minutes and at last, Jessy's results are displayed on the screen.

Jessy and her friends belong to the Computer Science major. In their 12th grade, they studied language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science.

Jessy's total score is 497 out of 500 is displayed on the screen. She secured perfect scores in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics. In Chemistry, she secured 99 and in language 98.

Seeing the score on the screen, Jessy couldn't control her emotions. Joseph hugged her daughter and congratulated her. Jessy smiled happily even there were happy tears in her eyes.

Jessy hugged back her dad and said,"Thank you Dad".

"Not bad sis", said John and patted her shoulder.

"Acting like a man eh? Thank you, John", said Jessy and messed up his hair with her slender hands.

"Don't touch my hair, sis", said John and he started combing his hair using his hand.

Jessy messed up his hair again and then took her mobile to ask about the results of her friends. She skimmed through the messages in her group chat.

Darlingzzzz ❤️😍

Jene: I got 442 friends 😁 what about ur result @Jessy @Sindy @Annie

Sindy: 467. Congrats Jene

Annie: It's still loading for me 😭😭😭

Sindy: Haha suit yourself 😜

Annie: Shut up 😠 what to do now 😭

Sindy: 434 idiot

Annie: what??? Is it true ??????

Sindy: 😄

Annie: ????????

Annie: ????

Sindy: yes 😌

Annie: Thanks @Sindy 😘

Sindy: 😣

Annie: what about Jessy ?

Jessy: 497 friends. Congrats all🎊🎉

Annie: Wow, awesome Jessy. You are rocking 🎉 Congrats

Jene: Congrats Jessy

Sindy: Congrats 🎉

Jessy chatted with her friends happily. Seeing this Joseph said to Jessy with a smile, "We can celebrate with pizza, invite all your friends."

Jessy smiled at her dad and then invited her friends to her home in the group chat

Within a few minutes, everyone gathered at Jessy's House. They ordered pizza and chatted with each other happily since everyone is satisfied with their results.

Suddenly Jene shouted, "Wow!!!! Jessy, you are the second rank holder in our country".

"What ???" Jessy asked with a surprised face.

She approached Jene and started reading the article about their results on Jene's mobile. Jessy secured the second rank in the 12th-grade exam of country X. The first rank is a boy from X city who got 468.

Jessy ran to her dad and shown the article to her dad with a surprised face.

"Am proud of you, my child's. Am sure your mom will be very happy. Congrats again, my dear" said Joseph and hugged her.

"Thank you, Dad", Jessy smiled and hugged back.

Everyone congratulated Jessy for her achievement and the living room was vivacious with all the girls chatting with one another.

The delivery man delivered the ordered pizza and they started to eat happily.

"Tomorrow we can go to X engineering college to get the application form" said Jene.

Everyone agreed with her. At that time, Joseph called Jessy and whispered, "can you come to my study room now, Jessy?,

"I will be back friends, eat well; make yourselves at home", said Jeffy and walked upstairs with her dad.


At Annie's House ,10.10 am

"Daddy!!!!!!!! The modem is not working" shouted Annie with a panicked face.

She was really anxious to know her result and her modem stopped working so she couldn't view her results. She tried to troubleshoot it but she couldn't do it.

She browsed the result page through her phone, but she couldn't do it with her slow mobile data and the server was busy.

In a panicked state, she sent a message in her group chat.

After seeing Sindy's message, she was delighted and doubtful at the same time and she messaged her to check whether it's true or not.

She called Sindy and she was pleased since that's her actual result. Then she shared the happy news with her family.

Chapter 3 ends.

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