The Ninth Rebirth Demon King

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Xin Han slightly shook her head, and said solemnly: "Not suspicious." "Junior Sister Xin, sometimes you cannot trust Junior Brother this much." Chu Zhongqiu frowned and said. "Senior Sister Chu, I don't trust Junior Brother, who do you want me to trust?" Xin Han laughed and asked. Chu Zhongqiu thought for a moment, then said: "Of course we have to trust Junior Brother, but regarding women's iss


Demon Lord Thunderclap, Feng Ting, had a stink of fire on his body. He swept through the world, burning down mountains and rivers until they shattered, the sun and moon lost their radiance. It was also because of the backlash of this fire that caused him to be reborn. In this life, in order to control the raging flames, he abandoned the cultivation of his spirit. The supreme treasure elixir, supreme divine weapon, ancient heavenly art, and mutated demonic beasts were all for his use. He vowed to use his low cultivation to climb to the peak of perfection.


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