The Offside Of Love/C2 Chapter 2
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The Offside Of Love/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

Savannah's POV

My birthday party was in a full swing mood. The birthday cake from my favorite pastry shop had just arrived at the door. Kelly and two others were decorating the cake with candles and extra hot chocolate. This firm house has always been my favorite. My uncle who was in the army allowed me to celebrate my birthday each year in this firm house. Most of the time, my parents came to attend us but this time, they had a pre-planned vacation outside of the country. Though they insisted on joining, I urged them to go enjoy and not worry about my birthday party. They barely took their own time to enjoy themselves and I couldn't be so selfish to hold them in this adult party. Besides Finn, my best companion would be here with me all the time.

I strode through the stairs, coming down to scan across the room. Aria didn't come yet which was making me uncomfortable. Though I believed that she wouldn't be so cruel to spoil my mood on my birthday party, concern gripped my heart subconsciously.

Wouldn't she really come because of her brother?

As if the heaven had heard my silent prayer, the front door brust open, appearing a wide smiling Aria with a red bag in her hands. Her smile broadened once our eyes connected. I couldn't wait to pull her into hug, her squealing voice laced out in happiness,

" Happy Birthday, Bitch!"

I grinned, overwhelmed by the fact that she had valued our friendship more than our enmity. My eyes followed the back door, that overjoyed smile quickly dissapared because Ares was on my opposite, grinning like a professional seducer. I held back my grimace in presence of Aria.

Aria switched a concerned look between us. She sutured, probably embarrassed by the fact that how his brother forcefully took my invitation card,

" Sav..Urgg..He insisted on coming..I hope, you don't mind, don't you?"

Of course, I would because Finn would be here and definitely wouldn't appreciate his presence in this party!

But above all, there was something called humanity. I couldn't just drive away the guest from my party especially when he was my best friend's brother. I had opened my mouth to say something but Ares interrupted me, coming over to slide an arm around Aria's waist,

" Of course, she wouldn't. We are childhood sweetheart, aren't we princess?"

Ares was being Ares usual. Flashing back to our memory, I once told him that we could be lover rather than just friends in my childhood. He was hot, always drawing attention of girls from neighborhood. I couldn't blame my childhood fantasy. Hence I exhaled, deciding to put an end of this baseless argument,

" Cut it off, Ares! Since you are here, behave for God Sake. I don't mind because this house is big enough to have your butt."

Ares flashed me grin, turned around and dissapared into the bunch of girls that Kelly brought with her.


The crowd was singing my birthday song. I was at the center of attention, shuffled my feet awkwardly. It was hard to smile since I was a grown up woman and not a toddler anymore. So it was getting odd for me but I smiled enthusiastically when Finn squeezed on my palms lightly.

I glanced up, finding Finn smiling at me encouragingly. All my nervousness dissapared through the open window and I bent down, cutting the cake under everyone's watchful eyes.

After a while of cake sharing with others, Finn appeared on my side. His one hand slided down to pull me closer as he whispered, irritation evident in his voice,

" What is Ares doing here? You know, I don't like him."

I sighed out helplessly. Looking over, I found him at the center of few girls. His hands rubbed on their bodies casually as if it was natural for him to do. I mumbled, dropping my eyes apologizing,

" I am sorry..You know, I had to call him for Aria."

Finn didn't seem happy though but he squeezed past a smile at me, assuring me with a soft voice,

" It's fine. I just can't tolerate his presence!"

Neither do I!

Kelly's excited voice echoed from the hallway. She was seated in front of the glass table, an empty vodka bottle was placed at the middle. Even without exchanging words, I knew what was she upto. This game was a common thing in our adult party.

Truth or Dare!

Everyone from the party had come to join the game. Seating and sprawling across the couches, they were pretty much unaffected by the game. Finn and I were seated together. On the left of our couch, Ares joined with a brunette in his arms.


Kelly was the instructor of our game. Her cheeks blowed in and out when she narrated the rules. If you choose to not complete the task, you have to take a shot of vodka.

The bottle spun around the table, rolling untill it stopped pointing at Ares who had zero attention on the table. Everyone including me shifted our attention on him, wandering who was going to ask him question. Kelly clapped her hands excitedly, showing her enthusiasm,

" I want to ask him. Can I, please?"

Most of us shurgged since most of us here were the loyal supporter of Sunblock. So no one had their interest on Ares. Kelly took our silence as her approval hence she quired humming lowly,

" Truth or Dare, Ares?"

Ares dropped his liquor on the table. His thumb wiped the corner of his drained lips, replying back,

" Dare, of course!"

Kelly looked dissapointment for a while. I bet that she intended to spill out his secrets through this game. Kelly thought for a while after giving it a thought,

" Pick out the hottest girl of this circle and kiss her in front of us."

We all thought that she had given him the most easiest task on earth. Ares was the infamous playboy, the sex God who never fucked a girl twice. In this regard, kissing a girl was nothing to him.

Ares smirked at her words, running his eyes across the couches until they stopped on me. Every limbs of my body had turned numb, unmoving.

He wasn't planning to pick me, did he?

Even Finn shifted beside me uncomfortably. It was obvious that he read his eyes and I was suddenly feeling suffocated. I looked up at Ares, begging silently to spare me from this mess.

As if he understood me, Ares chuckled lightly. Turning his head aside, he placed a quick kiss on the brunette's lipe. Everyone cheered, restarting the game again and the turn came one after another. At the very end, it was my turn when the bottle stopped at my way.

Aria raised her hand, excitement laced out from her tone as she spoke to the crowd,

" Me! Me! I will call the shot for our birthday girl."

Kelly clapped, putting her liquor between her lips,

" Go ahead, Aria! Sup! Sup!"

Aria smirked at me before glancing at Finn beside,

" I dare you to kiss Finn in front of us, Sav."

My jaw dropped as I glared hard at her. I wasn't comfortable in locking our lips in front of so many people. Aria knew that well and she deliberately put me on this tough time.

I stayed numb, embarrassed to take the initiate on my own. Kelly and Aria left no chance of pushing me hard as they yelled urging at me,

" Come on, Savannah! It's your boyfriend. If you can't handle, take the shot, baby."

I was still contemplating in my thoughts when Finn shifted beside me, his hand reached out to grab my chin. Before I registered my mind, Finn claimed my lips passionately. Cheers rang around us as I quickly separated ourselves, moving aside shyly. Everyone was admiring us couple except Ares who looked less excited about us.

But I didn't care! Who was he after all?

Next turn, the bottle spun again and this time, it was stopped pointing at Kelly who was half drunk already. Though Aria and I were eager to give her a tough time, Kelly's friend Myra shared her opinion first. Myra giggled screaming loudly,

" Wait! Wait..I know Kelly's secret the most. Let me do the honor guys! I bet that she will have a tough time."

Indeed Kelly had embarrassed us enough in front of them. Hence we were looking forward to Myra who promised to give her a tough time. I didn't like Myra personally. She was that kind of girl who enjoyed making someone embarrassed seriously and never had any remorse for that. I known her through Kelly and I had no idea how did they get along so well with such different personality.Myra licked the corner of her lips, asking after letting out a mysterious grin,

" Kelly, I dare you to make out with your secret crush, Finn tonight."

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