The Offside Of Love/C3 Chapter 3
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The Offside Of Love/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

Savannah's POV

Her words brought a dead silence on the table especially when everyone had shifted their eyes on me. As a man with a girlfriend by her side, it was totally embarrassing for me. Needless to say that she was actually trying to match my boyfriend and best friend together.

Kelly's reaction switched between shocked and panicked. Her brows are scrutinized together, scowling at Myra who lost her rational sense probably,

" Enough of your rubbish, Myra! Do you even know what you are talking about?"

Myra's laughter erupted like a devil in hell. Her lips twisted, winking at Kelly knowingly,

" Why..I two.."

Myra's words were interrupted, followed by a slap from Kelly who looked beyond furious. She quickly nudged her elbows, pushing Myra to leave the place,

" Shut up!!! You are talking out of your sense, Myra! Let's take you inside a fucking room!"

After her words, she pushed Myra upstairs, dissaparing from our uncomfortable gazes. The air among us turned stiff when Finn spoke from my side slowly,

" Babe..Are you upset? I really don't know.."

I shot him a stupid look. Why on earth would I believe someone who was half drunk?

Finn gave a relived smile, once again proving how much he cared about my emotions. Damn! I loved this man badly!

When the air between us turned normal again, I felt a pair of hooked eyes on me. Looking over there, I found Ares, watching me intensely as if he had so much to say. I ignored his presence like the plague. First, he was uninvited in this party and second, I preferred to become the most loyal girlfriend in Finn's life.

It was 2 A.M at night when I woke up groggily. Once I was clear headed and looked around, my jaw dropped discovering the mess. We chatted for a long time after the game and ended hours back. Except Ares, Finn and a few of them, everyone was fast asleep, awkwardly sprawling across the carpet and found whatever suitable positions to sleep.

A slight pain of headache hit my brain hard. My muscles felt numb when I stood and snooped around to find Finn across the hallway. Strangely, he wasn't anywhere. I depended on those railings to stride upstairs, landing on the carpet but my track took an abrupt halt when two husky voices came from one of those rooms.

" Kelly, for God's sake, behave yourself!"

" Why? Are you afraid that Savannah will find about us? Don't worry, she is unconscious."

" Myra almost spilled out the truth. Surely, you can't keep your mouth shut."

" Oh come on, Finn! Let's not waste this rare opportunity. Just one round!"

" Kelly, Savannah is downstairs! I can't take this risk."

My stomach clenched into a tight knot. All the thoughts inside my mind began to work blankly. I heard them clearly and for heaven's sake, I hoped that it was all in my hallucinations. Still a part of my brain pushed me to stand beside the door and stole a look of inside. Though I could realize everything, my feet followed the instruction of my mind.

My breath shuddered once I scooted closer and peeked inside. The sight inside of my room was more heartbreaking than I imagined. Kelly was naked from her waist down. Her legs sprawled hanging on both sides on Finn's lap. She was wiggling her hips, trying to figure out a suitable position. Everytime she moved a slight bit, Finn moaned in excitement. Finn's expression wasn't something near an irritation. Instead he was throwing his head, pleasure written all over his expression.

A muffled choke nearly escaped from my lips. I pressed my palms down on my lips, stumbled backwards and finally took a hasty turn to run downstairs. Tears rolled down through my cheeks relentlessly. Stopped by the mini bar that I had set up for my birthday party, I grabbed few bottles and began to devour them one after another. My brain was having its hard time to decipher what just happened.

Someone once told me that betrayal hurts the most because it comes from your closest person not from your enemy. Today, these words made me realizing every inch of it. Finn's moan, Kelly's enthusiasm everything was like a sharp arrow to me. Those images were cutting my heart deeply.

My muffled sobs began to choke out from my throat. Considering the fact that I had other guests around, I grabbed another two bottle of vodka, running outside to vent all my sorrows.

Late night breeze greeted me. The streetlights were getting blurry in my vision as I teared up, dropping on my knees to break down. It was a relief for me to cry so openly after a devasting sight. The pain squeezed my heart hard and I cried until I had no strength to cry any longer.

I stood straight, heading straight for the street but I had no idea where I was going. My mind needed space from this place , away from them where no one could find me.

My feet followed the light of streets, tripping and stumbling on the way. No doubt that I looked like a perfect mess after being so drunk and loosing the love of my love. Finn's betrayal wouldn't hurt me if he wasn't doing it with my own best friend.

My drunkard mind still looked back into memories. Kelly's reaction, Finn's look on her, everything made sense and their words were crystal clear. They were sleeping with each others behind my back. Pain of betrayal once again gripped my heart painfully.

I choked, failing to take another step and almost dropping down on the concreted street. Out of my experience, a warm, slender arms grabbed my body from my back.

My mind worked for a brief moment, assumed that Finn had followed me here but when I turned around, all I could see those blue eyes. It was Ares whose eyes looked shocked, concerned.

He questioned, staring at my swollen eyes in confusion,

" Where are you going, Savannah? I saw you from rooftop. I thought, you are going somewhere but all I could see was your tripping over and over again. You look... quite drunk..How did you become so tipsy?"

I didn't know it was his deep concerned voice or my drunkard mind that I wanted to open up my mind just for tonight. His presence suddenly emitted an aura of relaxation. I hiccuped through my chokes before stammering,

" Finn.. cheated on me...I hate..him..I..I am..sad"

Ares cursed something under his breath. Pulling me closer, he replied without holding back anymore,

" I knew it! You shouldn't have dated her from the beginning, Princess. Let's bring you inside the house."

I retorted, fighting back with my sobs that threatened to leak out,

" I don't want to..go back to that place..Finn fucking her.."

Ares furrowed his brows tightly at my words. He didn't pursue the topic anymore. Instead he changed the subject, offering me in his gentle voice,

" Then how about going back to my house? You can stay in Aria's room and go back to your house tomorrow."

I gave a throaty laughter, rebuked placing my palms over my hips,

" So that you can have sex with me like other girls?"

His experience hardened and I bet that he didn't appreciate it when I spoke those words blatantly. He stepped closer, tugged my limp body closer and muttered in a serious tone,

" You aren't the other girls, Savannah."

I stammered back, pouting at him cutely,

" Then what am..I..."

His eyes froze for a second, expression switched between hesitation and reluctantance but a voice soon laced like a whisper,

" are my princess and Princess aren't worthy of becoming a bed warmer.."

My drunkard brain couldn't decipher the seriousness of his voice. Another round of laughter stimulated from my throat. Eyeing at him blankly, I hit back, holding onto his arms to stay stable on my feet,

" Then what.. are.. they.. worthy for.. Ares.."

His lips quirked up, enjoying the view of my flushed cheeks. He muttered back, caressing the back of my arms lightly,

" They are worthy of being girlfriend or.. wife..Did you know how many players of those teams have crush on you? Finn was never of your taste, Savannah. Stop getting hurt."

Rage and pain both took over my heart together. I declined so many boys for Finn and his loyal love. Suddenly remorse gripping me and Ares's words reminded me off that I could choose much more better boys than Finn.

Was I too easy on him that he dared to fool on me? Or he found me unworthy of becoming his girlfriend?

Thousands of possibilities clouded my mind. I glanced up at Ares thoughtfully. He was looking down at me with concerned eyes. I swallowed hard, asking him in a low, shallow voice,

" mean that I could date anyone.. from those teams.."

Ares chuckled lightly, replying,

" Yes mostly..You are hot, you know that?"

I inhaled a sharp breath into my lungs. Raising my chin to stare into his dark eyes, I asked forgetting how much enmity we both had,

" Why don't you date me then?"

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