The Offside Of Love/C5 Chapter 5
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The Offside Of Love/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

Savannah's POV

" Let me in."

" No, do you think that you fucking own this house?"

" Get out on my way!"

" I saw her coming with you. What are you two hiding, jerk?"

Various voices began to buzz inside my head as I groggily shifted on the other side. But the noises kept raising, taking away the mood of my sleep. Despite the heaviness of my eyelids, I finally managed to snap open my eyes.

A barely familiar ceiling but it wasn't my house! Where was I?

Pulling back those annoying voices behind my brain, I spent while to study the surrounding. This took a while to take me back to reality and I sat up straight in swift jump.

Aria's room!!

It had been a long time since I last visited Aria's room. Especially after I started dating Finn, I ignored this house like plague. It was all because Finn and Ares shared a rival battle and in no way, I was going to upset my boyfriend after visiting this house countless times like in the past.

An extreme headache took away all my attention from the staffs around. Another painful low growl passed through my lips as I wrapped my fingers around my forehead.


Another noise came past my attention before I had the chance to memorize how or what I was doing in my besty's room. My eyes pulled up to glide on the doorway, finding a familiar back but there was another shadow of person, standing on the other end of his side.


My heart instantly did a flip-flop as blurry memories began to invade my visions. Ares chasing after me, crying in front of Ares, everything jolted through my brain in shot. I swallowed thickly, embarrassment took over my soul when I heard another familiar voice, coming across the door.

" Fuck, Ares! Do you think that you can stop me?"


Bitter realization kept knocking my brain as I scooted down from the bed, discreetly pacing at the doorway. Despite the vulnerability that I was feeling yesterday, my anger had doubled today and I was pretty sure that my mouth wouldn't put a restrain when I had to face Finn, the imposer.

" What are you arguing about?", my voice came out colder than my expectation. Instantly, Ares and Finn both turned their focus on me.

Before I had the chance of reading Ares's expression, Finn's dark eyes caught my attention. His jaw clenched, surprise flickered through his dark eyelashes as he kept eyeing over me suspiciously.

Then he strode over me, nudging at my arms to question me in an infuriating tone,

" What are you doing in Ares's house, Sav? You know how I worried about you. I kept searching for you all this morning until I checked your status on CCTV footage."

My stomach lurched in disgust when I heard him feigning over my sudden dissaparing. God give me some strength to tolerate this man's acting!

I would have considered it sweet if I didn't accidentally discover his other side. Finn's eyes pulled back to lay on Ares whose mouth was tugging into a knowing smirk as if he was having a good show same like me.

Finn & his saint acting of being perfect boyfriend!

Finn's nostrils flared up instantly, a stern expression crossed over his features as he questioned in a voice of accusation,

" What is he doing in your room, Savannah?"

I didn't even know!

Still I made a brief conclusion to assume that Ares might have taken me back into his house after that unexpected meeting. Following my owm assumptions, I retorted folding my arms over my stomach,

" Why do you even ask, Finn? Do you think that I fucked Ares like other girls?"

Ares's dirty chuckle passed through his lips. I ignored burying my mind on Finn whose expression hardened after my remark. My response might be sounding blatant but honestly, I didn't regret.

What did he expect me to do after cheating on me with my so called best friend?

Finn shook his head disbelieving, anger clouded his vision. Suddenly, he was pointing his finger at me, shooting glare like I was some sort of whore in his eyes,

" I can't believe that you are speaking with me after this. You and him together in this room. Tell me Savannah, did you really fuck him? Did you really fuck the boy who changes girl everyday? Well, I shouldn't even ask you seems you are already carrying the proof."

Finn's eyes turned bloody red in anger. His eyes dialeted, pointing down at the clothes that I had on my body. I took a brief look of my clothing. In truth, I was surprised more than him. The dark-blue printed T-shirt that Ares often wore was now covering the half part of my body.

I hid the surprise behind my statement as I looked back at Finn furiously, emphasizing each words coldly,

" I don't think that you are qualified enough to ask me since you fucked a whore last night."

Surprise flickered from his eyes for a brief moment but hardness took over his features as I blurted out nervously,

" What...what do you mean?"

His words sutured, unsure about what was coming on his way. A moment afterwards, I could no longer maintain my stern face anymore. Tears threatened to roll down through my cheeks. I hated the fact that I had a habit of crying in sensitive moment.

Pushing back the cries and gutteral sob behind my throat, I managed to squeeze out few words breathlessly,

" I saw.. you and Kelly last night.."

Finn stumbled one step back, horror spanned across his features as he stared at me unblinking. I didn't put my self restrain around this time. Pushing my feet on his way, I continued letting the tears rolling down,

" I saw what Kelly and you have done last night, Finn.At least, I am not an imposer like you who hide their true face under false impression. Not only me even Ares is far better than you. At least, he doesn't try to conceal the fact that he is a playboy unlike you."

Finn's expression deadpanned and I was one thousand percent sure that his brain was having hard time with processing everything that just happened. His eyes dropped on his feet numbly. His shoulders stiffened and he responded only after swallowing thickly,

" Savannah..I..I can explain.. actually.."

His hands streched trying to get my arms but I moved back swiftly. Thinking that how he might have fucked my best friend with those fingers, it disgusted me. My anger had finally crossed its boundaries. Sniffing and regaining my cold voice, I continued gritting my teeth together,

" What is there to explain, Finn? You want to tell me that you guys had one night stand but guess what, I heard your entire conversation. You guys kept fucking behind my back while I put a blind eye on your intention. Why did you do this to me? You could have simply asked me to leave. I have enough pride to go away from someone who doesn't want me back. Then why did you do this, Finn and with my best friend? How could you..."

" Yes, yes, I did it, Savannah because I always wanted a stylish girl who can get everyone's attention. I wanted someone as my girlfriend who can walk beside me with pride. That's why, I fucked her and It was a mistake but we..we kept hanging around.", Finn's voice broke through the room as he admitted openly, breaking my heart for the second time.

I closed my eyes shut to absorb the pain of betrayal that I felt at that moment. Ares had been quiet all this time and I truly appreciated that. We both needed to sort out everything after this drama ended.

When I reopened my eyes, there was no emotions left for Finn anymore. Hatred filled my soul, knowing that he did everything delibaretly. I pointed at the doorway, voicing in a cold, magnetic voice,

" Get out of my sight now!"

Finn's lips parted to rebuke but another voice travelled inside, dropping the temperature with intimidation,

" Didn't you hear her, huh? The door is right next to you, dude."

Finn's features lost the gleam that he had earlier. His expression replaced with hurt, ego as he proceeded through the door awkwardly. I blurted my final words at the very last minute before his back took the turn to take the final stairs,

" We are over, Finn. Do not come to look for me anymore."

Finn didn't turn eye but I noticed the way his fist clenched before his steps became visibly fast as he dissapared behind the stairs. Swallowing hard, I looked back at smirking Ares who looked happy over my breakup before barking out,

" Now, come to our business, Ares. What are we doing in this room?"

He grinned, standing straight to stare at me with intensity,

" Fucking!"

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