The Offside Of Love/C7 Chapter 7
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The Offside Of Love/C7 Chapter 7
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C7 Chapter 7

Savannah's POV

Finn's voice echoed from the doorway, silencing all of us as he marched inside in a quick rush, boots ticking against the hard floor. He didn't even spare me a glance. He squatted down beside Kelly, shooting her a pair of concerned glances. His voice came out soft and fuzzy,

" Are you okay?"

I allowed the bitterness to quickly grip my heart but it was all for a brief moment as Finn caught my attention. Kelly pursued her lips tightly, trying to play the sympathy card in front of Finn,

" Yeah..I..I am sure that Savannah didn't mean to do it."

She hung her head low to hide her glossy eyes. I stood there, awestruck by her acting once again. Pretty sure that I was way too harsh on her but definitely, I didn't push her hard to fall on the floor. She was practically trying to present that I pushed her to fall back on the ground.

Finn nudged on her forearms lightly as a comfort. When he looked up to face me, his eyes were radiating fire like he would kill me anytime. I had my second heartbreak at that moment. After knowing all this time, did he really believe that I pushed Kelly intentionally?

His lips parted and words began to slip out coldly,

" How can you push Kelly, Savannah? Have you gone fucking insane in jealousy?"

Before I could give my response, one of the shipping girl added wood in fire. She approached forward, trying to justify Kelly's action while shooting me hateful glare,

" Kelly was trying to apologize to her but she threw her away when she approached her, Finn. I can't believe that she can be so harsh on her best friend just because you have begun to like, Kelly."

Others also joined the girl's statement eagerly, trying to fall on Finn's good side. I couldn't believe my own ears that these were the same people who tried to bootlick me the other days. I guess, that's how the world works. No one will be on your side if you are weak, not useful anymore.

In other words, the entire class was trying to prove me as a villainess. Finn's nostrils flared up in rage, anger revoked from his dark eyes. His teeth clenched, taking another step forward to me,

" How can you be so mean?"

All this remarks made my anger worse. I was longer paying attention to other since my anger was reaching out its limit. I stared back into his eyes boldly,

" Listen to me clearly, Finn. I didn't push her on the floor. She insisted on talking with me even though I refused. You can check the CCTV footages if you want but I don't fucking care about you and that wrecker. You can just go and fuck all the girls you want but stop dragging me into your dirty shit. Besides, I don't even care about you. So why would I become jealous on her? There are plenty of boys who are awesome more than you. So stop speaking like I am trying to get between your business."

Finn's was slightly surprised by my words. No wonder since I always had been elegant with my words and behavior. But today, they really got on my nerves. I had to show them where they belonged.

Silence reigned inside the classroom as they all stared at me in disbelief. After a short lingering silence, I continued gritting my teeth together,

" Don't force me to spill out what you two have done behind my back!"

The following words came out a little lowly since I didn't want to showcase in front of whole Sunblock that how jerk these two were. Things would have been leaded to more compliment things if I shouted and informed others that I caught them together on bed during my birthday party.

Finn's eyes sank, showing the inner defeat that he felt after my words. My lips quirked up triumphantly as I shoved my hands down, intending to walk out from this mess. Little did, I knew that Finn wouldn't let me go easily.

He gripped my arms from back, forcing me to halt in my track. A loud gasp slipped past of my tongue as I looked back to meet his furious eyes. He was trembling in rage. Honestly, It gave me a strange source of satisfaction.

Finn blew airs through his nose as he scooted closer, mouthing his words at me,

" What happened to your modesty, Savannah? Did Ares fuck your brain out last night?"

Finn wasn't keeping his voice low like me. Surely, he wanted others to know that and happened exactly what he wanted. Everyone including Kelly heard him as they gasped turning into whisper.

I couldn't help but hating Finn more at that moment. At first, he did something low and now he was trying to drag me into hell just because I accidentally pushed his fuck body. What an asshole!

Few of those girl's gasped out in mutter as they surveyed me with their scornful eyes as if I was some kind of whore in their eyes,

" Omg! She did go for Ares!"

" No wonder! Finn left her! "

" Dude, Seriously, Ares Thatcher? That playboy!"

" But he is hotter than Finn!"

Their words was digging a hole inside my bleeding heart. I could feel their hateful glare on me as they studied my feature cheaply. My eyes landed back on Finn, finding him smirking as if he had enjoyed humiliating my pride in front of others since everyone knew me as a decent girl.

My fist clenched on my sides tightly. When I reopened them, one of them had already lifted upward to land Finn's smirking face.


It was hard and rough. Gasps leaked from my surrounding as I stared hardly at Finn with my eyes moistening.

Please no cries!

All my anger, frustrations turned into a single slap. But it was worthy as my heart relaxed a lot after that palm burning slap. Finn's face had turned sideway, lips parting oddly. Amusement was written all over his expression as if he didn't expect me to do that extreme point.

I gritted out my words hatefully,

" This slap is for your betrayal, Finn. I can't believe that I have spent an year over a jerk like you. So what if Ares has fucked me? You will still be a cheater in my eyes. By the way, don't you dare to poke your nose into my life? Because this time, I will tear off your real face in front of entire Sunblock. Mind my words!"

Tripping on my nervous footsteps, I stepped out of the classrooms, taking the direct root to playground. Tears threatened to slip down and when I was finally out of their sight, I let them rolling down through my cheeks.

It hurts to know that you had envisioned someone completely wrong!

Scorching heat sprawled on my body when I paced through the hallway, desperately trying to find a corner in the playground to sit down and cry my heart out. Middle of my running, I bumped onto a familiar body and nearly tripped on the other side but she caught me on time like usual.

It was none other than my another best friend, Aria whom I had been visiting less after Finn entered into my life!

Aria's face quickly transformed into concern after she surveyed my face for a brief moment,

" Savannah! Are you.. okay?"

Her comforting words made everything worse. I was already feeling guilty for ignoring everyone for the sake of Finn. Now that, Aria had spoken to me with concern like she cared about my emotions, my inner guilt returned with double fold.

I brust into tears, choking on my saliva. Despite our odds, she cared for me. Pulling her into a sudden hug, I buried my face into her neck, sniffing and muttering through my tears,

" I..I am so sorry, Aria..I was mean to you..I.. really.."

She returned the hug after pulling me tightly. I could feel her smiling against my skin. She rubbed on my back, whispering into my words, comforting,

" Would you like to share with me? What happened?argh...Did you really had sex with Ares last night?"

I chuckled at her words through my sobs and tears. Pushing my head up from her shoulders, I twisted my lips sarcastically, asking her back,

" Did that jerk tell you that?"

Aria shook her head negatively. Her eyes worried for me as she sutured blinking her lashes in confusion,

" Not Ares actually.. There are girls who was gossiping about this since morning. I wasn't home last night. When did you go back to your house?"

Another shocking news puzzled my thoughts as I couldn't understand how on earth they knew so much about us. Then I remembered someone else who would be loving to destroy my reputation.

Kelly! Shit!

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