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C10 A Familiar Name

When Gorian finally understood how to control the nano worm that he had derived, all the hypha that were participating in the repair room finally gathered together.

Perhaps it was because of the "group intelligence," the more the hypha gathered, the more they looked like living creatures. They even began to fear Gorian, who was standing motionlessly in the middle of the repair room.

The hypha knew that the silver threads that were like the "devil" were controlled by Gorian. Moreover, this dangerous creature seemed to have the strength that was not inferior to their own body.


Information that normal creatures could not observe or understand was quickly communicated among the hypha, just like the brainwaves of living creatures, quickly unifying the minds and thoughts of these hypha.

"It looks like this?"

Thus, when Gorian cast his gaze at the group of gathered hypha, the other party had already completed the evolution and reorganization steps, turning into a huge fungus monster in the form of a Baltan-seijin.

"Gao... Lai... An..."

It was no longer in the most primitive form of the hypha. The fungus monster with the image of a Baltan-seijin furiously roared. Its hands turned from normal five fingers to a pair of huge pincers.

"The Baltan-seijin shouldn't have given you the copyright, right?"

Gorian cursed out of habit. Then, he suddenly threw a punch forward. The terrifying fist wind instantly tore through the air.


Two huge pincers crossed in front of him. The reaction speed of the fungus monster at this moment was definitely faster than a normal Baltan-seijin.

Therefore, even though Gorian's punch had blown up the two pincers on the opponent's arms, it did not cause too much damage to the fungus monster's main body.

" Ao! "

Ignoring the pincers that had exploded, the hypha on the fungus monster's body spread at a speed visible to the naked eye. It was like a wave that wanted to devour Gorian completely.

This was the natural instinct of the hypha. Even if the other party was a dangerous creature that terrified it, it still wanted to devour the other party.


Gorian completely ignored the hypha group that was about to envelop him. He took a deep breath and his muscles suddenly swelled up. The blood in his hands and feet began to boil.


Gorian, who was more than two meters tall, once again swung his fist like a small giant. The terrifying pressure and fist wind fiercely smashed onto the fungus monster's head.


The splashing hypha instantly scattered across the entire repair room. However, Gorian's expression did not change at all, because this was only the beginning for him.

"It's really a simple imitation."

Just like what was recorded in the information of the Baltan-seijin, Gorian had actually been diagnosed by the relevant staff a long time ago with "delusion of harm," "violent tendencies," as well as the initial "antisocial personality disorder."

Therefore, in most cases, if it was not for the lack of experimental subjects or the need to use Gorian, the researchers would not want to have too much contact with this dangerous person.

"Give up this simple imitation and use your real strength to fight me!"

Unfortunately, Gorian himself had never been aware of this, because after reincarnating, he was instinctively wary of this unfamiliar world, even if it was his people in this life.

"I am not the soft shrimp you met before!"

Following Gorian's low roar, the entire body of the fungus monster had been smashed into pieces by him. However, he had no intention of stopping.

"Gao... Lai... An..."

Seeing this situation, the scattered hypha seemed to have realized that their current form wasn't suitable for battle. At least, it wasn't suitable to fight with the current Gorian.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Hence, the remaining hypha gathered once again. However, this time, they did not dare to gather into a pile. Instead, they split into three small groups of hypha.

"That's more like it!"

This time, three small fungus monster appeared in front of Gorian. Although they did not have any sensory organs like eyes, just their petals shaped ferocious mouthparts were enough to make any living creature raise their vigilance.

"No matter how strong the power that you imitate is, it is not suitable for you..."

The corner of Gorian's mouth unconsciously formed a sinister smile. Gorian once again strode forward and swung out his iron fist.

“ Roar!"

The sharper and more agile small fungus monster dodged Gorian's heavy punch. Then, the other two small fungus monster also took the opportunity to bite Gorian's thigh.

Although the small fungus monster had lost its outstanding intelligence in the Baltan-seijin form, due to the instincts of predators, they still adopted the most commonly used triangular formation of predators.

"Help... Ah!"

So when the frightened researchers pushed open the door of the repair room, what they saw was the scene of Gorian's blood spurting out and his muscles bulging as he fought three ferocious fungus monster alone.


Gorian first grabbed the head of one of the small fungus monster, then used his arms to crush the head of the other party. The corrosive hypha instantly splashed a meter away.

Then, Gorian suddenly turned around and kicked the other small fungus monster on the wall.


With a loud sound, the researchers could even clearly see the juice tissue that was left behind along the wall. It was obvious that the small fungus monster had lost its ability to move.

After that... After that was the last fungus monster. Even though it saw the fate of its two companions, this ferocious small fungus monster still bit into Gorian's calf without fear.


With a loud shout from Gorian, the muscles on his calf suddenly bulged. It actually forced his opponent's mouthpart to explode. The last fungus monster also stopped struggling.

"So... powerful..."

It was not until Gorian slowly retracted his leg that the shocked researchers at the door came back to their senses.

"Is this the power of the Experimentals?!"

Hearing this, Gorian turned his head and looked at the researchers at the door. The killing intent and brutality in his eyes almost scared them to death.

"Wait... I am the one who did the examination for you earlier. Do you still remember that?"

Afraid that the berserk Gorian would tear him apart like a fungus monster, the terrified researcher hurriedly shouted.

"So it's you."

There was no emotion in his calm tone. Gorian silently sized up the researcher, then suddenly asked.

"What's your name?"

Seeing this, the researcher finally let out a long sigh of relief, because he knew that his life was finally saved.

"My name is 80, I am the research assistant that was temporarily transferred here not long ago."

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