The Origin Of The Light Kingdom/C2 The Beginning of Evolution
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The Origin Of The Light Kingdom/C2 The Beginning of Evolution
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C2 The Beginning of Evolution

"I know you'll find me sooner or later."

A day later, Gorian calmly looked at the terrified "staff members" in front of him. He did not show any surprise on his face.


One. A middle-aged man helplessly expressed his apology to Gorian, because what happened just now was too surprising.

"You are called Caine, right?"

He did not make things too difficult for these "staff." After all, if Gorian faced a monster that was equivalent to a natural disaster, he might not be able to do it better than them.

"I have heard of you. You are the head of the artificial sun project, the most powerful creature on this planet."

Facing Gorian's teasing, the middle-aged uncle named "Caine" only smiled bitterly and sighed.

"I know I do not have a good reputation among you, but this is definitely an accident."

As one of the top scientists in the world, Caine had conducted many other experiments before he was in charge of the artificial sun project, and an experimental subject like Gorian was his experimental subject.

However, compared to other crazy scientists, Caine was one of the more restrained ones. At least he rarely killed people.

"I don't think this is an 'accident'."

Slowly reaching out his right hand, a smile appeared on Gorian's cold face.


With a crisp sound of explosion, all the weapons hidden outside Gorian's house exploded. At the same time, the "staff" cried out in alarm.

Of course, their real name was "Planetary Sentinel Team," or, for short, "Guard."

"You should know that you are not the only one with that kind of power, right?"

Caine sighed again. He knew that those guys outside were good at causing trouble, but they were the orthodox defenders of order on this planet.


Just like the rumors said, he was proud and aloof. Caine looked at the young man in front of him, but all kinds of rumors and information about him flashed in his mind.

"We just want to know the truth about 'that kind of power', just like the experiments you have received before."

Gorian knew that this should be the limit that Caine could agree to. After all, Giant of Light's power was too powerful, so powerful that it could make the ruler of this planet feel uneasy.

Gorian knew very well that he was just the pioneer. Giant of Light, who had received the radiation of the artificial sun, would be born one after another, but the other people on this planet obviously did not know about this.

"I promise you."

Gorian glanced at the nervous Guard members around him. He did not say much because he knew that he only had one choice - unless he could "awaken" Giant of Light's power again.

You are also the beneficiary of that power, right? ]

The moment he brushed past Caine, Gorian's voice rang in his mind.


He turned around and looked at the proud and aloof figure in shock. Caine wasn't sure if he had misperception because of his nervousness just now.

"Caine? The father of Orte?"

At the same time, Gorian, who was led out of the house by the "staff member," was also thinking.

Although Gorian was not a fan of special photography, he had not come into contact with the settings and dark history of Ultraman. Due to the craziness in his previous life, he still knew the real name of Orte's father - "Caine."

"This world... seems to be a little different."

If the timeline was correct, the father of Orte should be the first Giant of Light to be born.

Hmm, after excluding the "dark history" Ultraman King, the father of Orte should be the strongest existence among the first batch of giants, right?

"Hey hey hey, what are you guys doing?"

Just as Caine was trying to convince Gorian, on the other side, Flare, who was "awakening" with Gorian, nervously looked at the Guard members who were surrounding his door.

"We don't mean you any harm. We just want to talk to you."

In front of these Guard members was a young man with a resolute face. Although he wasn't tall, he gave off a perfect and delicate feeling.

"Zoffy, don't lie to me. I know what you are here for."

As one of the volunteers of the artificial sun project, Flare had heard of the name "Master Zoffy.

Except for the fact that Zoffy was one of the best among the experimental subjects and had qualities that Gorian might not have.

Compared to the Experimentals who were "forced" to join the experiment for various reasons, Zoffy was one of the few who took the initiative to sacrifice themselves for the race. He was even nicknamed "Holy Mother" by the Experimentals of the same stage.

"You really don't have to be so nervous. We just want to talk to you."

He frowned and looked at the Guard members around him. Zoffy knew that if this continued, Flare would really be in danger.

“ Humph!"

However, Flare only sneered at the members of Guard who were standing beside Zoffy. The disgust and fear in their eyes couldn't be hidden from the sensitive Flare.

Especially after the "awakening," Flare could even see the disgusting thoughts in their hearts.

"But I don't want to talk to you."

The Experimentals were obviously modified in order to save their people, but they were afraid and even rejecting the Experimentals who were gradually showing signs of "mutation."

"All of you should return!"


Before he could finish, a ray of Gaussian light hit the defenseless Flare in Zoffy's frightened eyes.

Then... the light particle went berserk!


Boundless rays of light converged from all directions. A huge figure broke through the shackles of the house and began to gather and reassemble.

The first to appear was the smooth, round blue corset timer that looked like a "work of art," followed by the body that was filled with courage and a sense of beauty.

"This is... Giant of Light."

This was the body of a giant formed from high-strength dense light particle. The muscles on the surface of the body were uniform and perfect, like the most violent machine filled with endless power.

However, the most eye-catching thing was that the opponent's head was full of sharp edges. The three edges that extended from the nose to the back of the head were filled with cold light, making him really different from the Giant of Light that appeared elsewhere.


This time, it was the loud sound of the Gaussian Cannon. Obviously, Flare's transformation into Giant of Light was seen as a provocation by the Guard members, so they launched another attack at Giant of Light.

"These bastards."

Seeing this, Zoffy could only curse in a low voice. Then, he suddenly raised his right arm, which was wearing a strange bracelet.

In an instant, new light began to gather, and this time, the light was clearly stronger than before.


After the light faded, a Giant of Light who was completely different from Flare appeared.

Although he still had a red and silver body, whether it was the engravings on the surface of his body or the horn on his head, they all proved the true identity of this giant.

Zoffy, this was the name of this new giant, and also one of the three giants that appeared on the space station.

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