The Origin Of The Light Kingdom/C3 Humanity of Cicadas
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The Origin Of The Light Kingdom/C3 Humanity of Cicadas
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C3 Humanity of Cicadas

"Is your actions all so violent?"

On the other side, Gorian, who was sitting in his spaceplane, naturally saw the battle between the two "Giant of Light," but he did not know who the giant fighting with Flare was.

Was it Zoffy, who had not become a "hero" yet? Or was it the first generation of Ultraman that was born? Or was it to gang up on Wang Jack?

"That should be an accident."

He looked at the two Giant of Light who were fighting with slight concern, but Caine, who was piloting the aircraft, did not doubt Zoffy's combat strength.

After all, Flare was just a giant who had not yet mastered his own strength. Compared to Zoffy who could transform freely, he was still far from enough.

"Have you mastered how to transform?"

According to the sequence and timing of the appearance of these two Giant of Light, Gorian naturally saw through the profoundness of their transformation.

"Not really, but I have some understanding of it."

Although it was a bit exaggerated to develop a tool to aid "transformation" in just a day's time, this was still a super modern society developed by technology, so Gorian was not too surprised about it.

"Using the same 'ore' that has been corroded by the light particle to transform, not only is Giant of Light's strength easier to grasp, it is also not easy for his body to collapse."

Hearing this, Gorian nodded his head in understanding. After all, this was only the beginning of the radiation of the 'artificial sun'.

Perhaps only when this planet completely turned into the Light Kingdom would Giant of Light's form be completely stabilized and complete the true 'super evolution'.

At that time, Giant of Light's form should be able to remain the same as the current human form and become the so-called 'Ultraman'.

"Is it the 'ore' that has been eroded by the light particle?"

This was the first time Gorian had understood the origin of the "body transformation device" of the Ultraman. It was different from the situation in the special camera series where it was purely designed to be a "prop." Since the Ultraman Clan had not abandoned this device for hundreds of thousands of years, there must be a reason.

"That's right. This' ore 'can not only' guide you to transform into Giant of Light, but it can also supplement some of your energy. "

Hearing this, Gorian narrowed his eyes because he remembered the "transformation device" that could be used as a weapon.

Obviously, when the Light Kingdom was truly established, the 'body transformation device' could no longer be used to 'guide' the body transformation. It could even be used to save one's life, fight, and transform.

After all, the Ultraman Clan at that time was already "Giant of Light." There was no need to "guide" the transformation.

Unless one transformed into a human or transformed back into an Ultraman from a human form.

Gorian felt that the ability to switch between a creature and an Ultraman should not be something that an ordinary "Giant of Light" could complete. It was more like a supplementary "body transformation device."

In other words, at that time, the body transformation device might only be made to make it easier for the Ultraman to blend into other planets. That was why it was specially made to switch and transform.

"In short, there will be specialized personnel to explain some of the specific situations to you when the time comes."

Caine did not realize that Gorian was distracted. He fully played his role as a "commentator" to calm Gorian down.

After all, the Giant of Light that Gorian had transformed into was different from Flare. His opponent's energy level was higher than Flare's by more than one level.

According to Caine's calculations, only Zoffy, who had unleashed his full power, could achieve such a level of energy.

Half a day passed very quickly, especially for Gorian who had already become "Giant of Light." He didn't even have the slightest fluctuation of emotion.

It was as if this half a day was only a second for him. A normal human wouldn't have emotional fluctuation because of wasting a second.

"It is indeed the same as Master Zoffy and the others. Even his soul has begun to evolve."

Looking at Gorian lying quietly in the petri dish, a researcher beside Caine looked at the experiment data in his hand in surprise. Compared to the previous giants, the value of this experiment was too high.

"I just want to know if he will lose control and go berserk."

Caine interrupted the researcher's thoughts with a displeased look. His expression was very serious because he had seen a "Giant of Light" who could not accept this "super evolution" and went berserk.

"Theoretically, it should not be. His mind is even stronger than Master Zoffy's."

The researcher also glanced at Caine unhappily. If it was not for the fact that Caine was his direct superior, He was already cursing because ___ was obviously doubting his professionalism as a scientist.

Although he had made an exception to enter this research institute, this researcher, who seemed to have just become an adult, had knowledge that did not match his age.

"Compared to the other giants that are still undergoing 'super evolution', the Experimentals in front of me not only have a stable personality, but their evolution speed is also faster than the other giants."

Hearing this, Caine could not help but look at Gorian in the petri dish again. Although he had noticed something unusual about Gorian earlier, he was still a little surprised that he was sure of it.

"Give me the data of the previous comparison. I need more detailed parameters."

Caine snatched the experimental report from the young researcher. He turned to the young researcher and instructed him because he needed more detailed data to make comparisons.

At this moment...


Following a sinister laughter, a member of the Guard behind Caine suddenly revealed a malicious smile.

"Sorry, we have already taken the data away in advance."

Just as Caine had no idea what had happened, an alarm suddenly sounded in the entire base. It was the highest alert that would only be issued when the base was invaded.

"Hohohohoho... If we did not follow you, we might not have been able to find this hidden place."

Other than the researchers who were also at a loss, the Guard members who followed Caine into the base all took off their disguises and revealed their original appearances.

"The power of 'super evolution', we won't hesitate to take it away!"

This was an intelligent life form that had obviously evolved from cicada insects, although it had a humanoid shape. However, whether it was the eyes, the straw, or the pair of cicada wings on its back, they all showed that it was not a native life form that had been nurtured by this planet - it was a cicada human from another planet.

"An alien life form?"

Although Ultraman Clan already had the foundation to carry out interstellar travel, because of various reasons, they did not actually carry out planetary-level space travel.

Therefore, this was also Caine's first time coming into contact with intelligent lifeforms from outer space, especially these lifeforms that had obviously been lurking on this planet for a long time.

"Alien life forms? This is not a polite way of addressing me."

These alien lifeforms refuted some of Caine's words at the same time. Then, they spoke in a very proud tone.

"We are the intelligent Voyager. Of course, you can also call us Baltan-seijin."

Before they finished speaking, a loud noise suddenly came from the depths of the base - it was from the direction of the "Giant of Light" who had gone berserk.

"What... did you do?"

Caine looked at the alien life forms who called themselves "Baltan-seijin" in shock and anger. This time, they were obviously not here to steal information.

"We just want to see the power of 'super evolution'."

All the Baltan-seijin murmured in a low voice as if they were one entity. Then, they all disappeared in front of Caine.

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