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C4 A Lion-like Man


The explosion in the depths of the base was still ongoing. Obviously, the "Giant of Light" who was locked up earlier had completely broken free and was breaking out of the encirclement towards the outside world.

"Don't go any further!"

The security guards holding Gaussian weapons roared at him in fear. It was the same even if the other party had not transformed into Giant of Light.

"Get lost!"

However, the light from the artificial sun magnified the manic side of Giant of Light's heart, to the point that the other party did not care about the terrified eyes of the security guard at all.

In fact, if it were not for the limited 'reservation' of intelligent life that prevented him from going on a rampage and killing people, this giant would have been like a crazy beast.

"Drew, calm down!"

At this moment, one of the security guards seemed to recognize the identity of this giant, so he nervously retreated while shouting the name of the giant.

"Have you forgotten why you are here? You have to calm down!"

"Why? Of course I know why!"

The corner of his mouth unconsciously drew a sinister arc as the lion-like berserk man roared in a low voice.

"But this doesn't mean that you have the qualifications to imprison me!"


He directly punched the head of the security guard. The helmet made of special alloy instantly deformed, and the creature inside directly fainted.

"I will repeat myself, get out of here!"

Like a lion patrolling its territory, the irritable Drew looked at the trembling security guards with contempt. He knew that these cowardly fellows were not qualified to threaten him. Even if they had the latest Gaussian gun in their hands.

"Your weapons are useless against me."

Compared to the Gaussian cannons that directly fired plasma, this Gaussian gun that used magnetic shrapnel as its bullet could not hit Drew. This was because he had ten thousand ways to predict the trajectory of the bullets before the security guards fired.

"Shut up! You monster!"

A security guard who seemed to be finally unable to withstand this kind of psychological pressure suddenly shouted hysterically before decisively pulling the trigger in his hand.


The Gaussian bullet shot towards Drew with an ear-piercing explosion and the burnt smell of burnt air. Although it was not as powerful as a laser weapon, it was enough to kill Drew, who had a mortal body.


However, Drew only cursed in a low voice. He suddenly appeared behind the security guard and knocked his head against the wall.


As expected, the security guard fainted from the violent impact, just like the one who spoke earlier.

"You have completely infuriated me!"

Drew's eyes were now fixed on the other security guards around him. Like a lion that would never let go of its prey, a one-sided "hunt" began.


A moment ago, he was still in his line of sight, but the next moment, Drew appeared somewhere else. This kind of strange footwork and movement technique had already exceeded the scope of the security guards' imagination.

Bang! Bang!

Following the sound of the helmets hitting the wall one after another, the remaining security guards could no longer hold back their fear and started to run away.

Bang! Bang!

However, Drew's actions would only reveal more of their weaknesses, and they would be defeated one by one.

If it wasn't for Drew's remaining rationality, which made him understand that he couldn't kill them, these security guards wouldn't have just fainted.

"As expected of a group of trash."

After confirming that there were no "prey" in the surroundings, Drew revealed a satisfied and ferocious smile.

"I am free again!"

The real "lion" could not be imprisoned. The more suppressed the cage was, the more furious it would be. Until the moment when the volcano erupted, the ferocious beast would devour all the creatures standing in front of him.


Through a series of monitoring devices in the base, Caine finally locked onto the male who was as arrogant and fierce as a lion.

"Underground combat expert, he once fought with military mechas."

Caine unconsciously recalled all the information about this Experimental. His face gradually darkened. Obviously, the Baltan-seijin also knew about Drew's experience. That was why it deliberately let him out.

"After the sun disappeared, in order to pursue the limits of the physical body, he took the initiative to join an excellent individual in the 'lion-type genetic experiment'."

Even without the power of Giant of Light, Drew was still a very dangerous existence, let alone the fact that he already had the power of a giant.

Do you need my help? ]

At this moment, Gorian slowly opened his eyes in the petri dish, and his voice rang in Caine's heart once again.

"It really wasn't an illusion."

Caine turned around with a surprised expression, then looked at the proud and aloof Gorian with a serious face.

"Is this also the power of the giant transformation?"

A few bubbles unconsciously came out of his mouth. The high concentration of nutritional fluid instantly flowed through Gorian's entire body, causing some changes to his body.

This is actually just a derivative use of the light particle. As long as you have this concept, you can easily do it. ]

In Gorian's opinion, this special psychokinesis, which had been named 'Ultra psychokinesis' in his previous life, was actually just that. It was far from worth spending his time and energy on researching it.

"Is that really the case?" ___ asked.

He looked at Gorian doubtfully. Obviously, Caine did not believe that things would be so simple.

I have no intention of explaining anything to you, but Drew will be here soon. ]

Through his psychokinesis scan, Gorian could feel the "hot" will rushing towards him. Judging from the violent temperament of the other party, it was obvious that he was not here to chat.

"Don't worry about that. Someone will stop him."

Hearing this, Gorian, who was soaking in the petri dish, showed a surprised expression for the first time, because at this moment, he felt a deep and steady will.

It seems you are prepared. ]

After confirming that Caine had a backup plan, Gorian closed his eyes again and slowly absorbed the nutritional fluid in the surroundings to recover the internal injuries that he had suffered when he transformed into a giant.

"Aren't you curious about those fellows who called themselves' Baltan-seijin '?"

He frowned and looked at Gorian. Caine really did not understand how Gorian had developed such a proud and aloof character. It was obvious that such an exaggerated thing had happened just now.

Even "Giant of Light" had appeared. Was it strange for another group of aliens to appear? ]

In fact, after he reincarnated into this world, Gorian did not think that there was anything else in this world that could surprise him.

Even when he transformed into "Giant of Light," Gorian was only able to calmly accept this fact after his initial excitement.

I think that those guys who called themselves' Baltan-seijin 'might know the truth of' super evolution '. Even the extinguishing of the sun and the birth of giants have an inseparable relationship with them. ]

Gorian did not lie about this. In his previous life's special camera setting, this cannon fodder race was causing trouble everywhere. They were one of the most typical villains in the Ultraman series.

Although the current Baltan-seijin was just some "insect people" that had yet to evolve, this characteristic of causing trouble should not change.

Therefore, if the birth of "Giant of Light" was related to them, Gorian did not find it strange.

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