The Origin Of The Light Kingdom/C6 The Intentions of the Bartan People
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The Origin Of The Light Kingdom/C6 The Intentions of the Bartan People
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C6 The Intentions of the Bartan People

"Hohohohoho... as expected of the highest degree of 'super evolution'."

Along with that familiar laughter, a gentlemanly Baltan-seijin gradually appeared in Gorian's field of vision.

"He can also discover us."

Gorian noticed a noun on the other side of the Baltan-seijin. Even if there was only one individual left, the other side still used the word "us."

"You guys... are not only here to expose your existence, right?"

Obviously, they had been hiding on this planet for countless years, but this time, they exposed themselves for no reason. Gorian was not naive enough to think that the other party was only here to "steal data."

"Is it because of me? Or is it the thing below?"

To be able to make the Baltan-seijin take the risk of being exposed and reveal themselves, it was nothing more than that they already had the strength that they did not need to hide anymore - compared to their so-called "super evolution."

" It was originally because of you, but now we feel that the thing below might be more useful. "

Hearing this, Gorian, who was in the petri dish, could not help but raise his eyebrows, because he had already understood what the other party meant.

"Then can I think that your previous plan was to use Drew to lure Caine away and then take the opportunity to plot against me?"

He looked at Gorian in surprise. The Baltan-seijin obviously didn't expect that the other party would see through his plan so quickly. Or rather, Gorian shouldn't have such a keen sense of smell in the information they had gathered.

"You are different from what was described in the information. You do not seem to lack intelligence."

Gorian grinned and did not directly answer the Baltan-seijin's question.

"What else is recorded in your information?"

Just like an old friend whom he had not seen for a long time, the two fellows who clearly belonged to the enemy camp started to chat in a strange manner.

"Mm, it also records that you seem to have an aversion to the world."

Speaking up to this point, the Baltan-seijin couldn't help but pause, as if it felt that the words he used this time weren't very appropriate.

"Or to be more precise, you don't seem to have any sense of belonging to your race."

In the petri dish, Gorian revealed a smile for the first time, because in the records of the Baltan-seijin, there was indeed a part that was reliable, such as his sense of belonging to the Ultraman Clan.

"So, this is the reason why you have the confidence to rebel against me?"

Because he was reborn into this world, Gorian did not have much sense of belonging to this unfamiliar society and race, but it did not mean that he would betray his own race for no reason.

"That's right. No matter what you need, we can provide you with our noble Baltan-seijin."

As a race that had been ahead of this planet in terms of technology and civilization for countless years, even if it was only an exile fleet now, the Baltan-seijin still had its own pride as a high level civilization.

"Even if you want to become the ruler of this planet, we can help you fulfil this wish."

However, facing the temptation of the Baltan-seijin, Gorian appeared to be dismissive, because ruling this planet was meaningless to him.

"I have no interest in this."

Speaking of this, Gorian hesitated for a rare moment, because he thought of his past life, and his warm home.

"Although I am not interested in your recruitment, if you can help me break through the boundary of this universe, I do not mind helping you."

This was the first time Gorian revealed his thoughts to others. Although they were not humans and did not understand what his obsession was, Gorian felt relaxed for a long time.

"Breaking through the boundary of this universe?"

The Baltan-seijin looked at Gorian, who was in the petri dish, puzzled, because the other party's request was really out of his expectations.

"You want to go to another universe?"

Gorian nodded. He did not need to hide this from him. As long as the Baltan-seijin could really help him go home, he did not mind changing the "future" of this world.

"This has already exceeded the limits of our technology. Perhaps only the subBo people who are proficient in dimensional technology can do this."

Hearing this, Gorian silently spat out a few bubbles. This should be the first time he felt such a real "hope" of returning home - finding the legendary Abyssals.


The records of the Abyssinian people unconsciously flashed in his mind, but unfortunately, Gorian, who was not particularly fascinated in his previous life, did not recall any useful information.

Therefore, Gorian's gaze once again locked onto the Baltan-seijin, an alien existence who was thinking of something unknown.

"Why are you telling me this?"

Conspiracy or goodwill? Gorian did not mind using the worst possible way to guess a person's heart, even if the other party had already shown enough goodwill.

"We just feel that perhaps we can become friends with you."

When saying this, the Baltan-seijin seemed to have deliberately stretched out its right hand in order to express its desire and spread it open.

Although it was full of the characteristics of an arthropod, it was not the large pincers of the Baltan-seijin in 200,000 years. Instead, it was a genuine human palm with five fingers.


Gorian looked at the Baltan-seijin in silence. At this moment, his eyes were filled with doubt.


Although he did not know what special meaning Baltan's current actions had in their culture and customs, according to Gorian's guess, It only meant 'peace' and 'friends, "just like the handshake ceremony in his previous life.

" Are you sure you are not joking? "

Gorian slowly blew out bubbles. He thought for a long time and still did not understand what the other party meant.

"A 'carnivorous' is trying to become friends with its' prey '?"

Compared to the Baltan-seijin that was far more advanced than civilization, the current Ultraman Clan was indeed just a' prey '.

"But what if one of these 'prey' is transforming into a new 'carnivorous creature'?"

Completely ignoring the rejection in Gorian's words, the Baltan-seijin slowly withdrew its right hand.

"And you have this potential right now, the potential to become a 'carnivore'."

The corner of Gorian's mouth twitched slightly. This was the first time someone had called Gorian a 'carnivorous'. He believed that this would be the last time.

"I am a pacifist. Violence is never my way to solve problems."

This time, it was Baltan-seijin's turn to twitch his mouth. Based on the information they had, this "super evolution" individual in front of them could not be considered a pacifist.

In fact, from past experiences, not only was Gorian not a pacifist, he even had some "violent tendencies." It was perfectly normal for him to fight at any moment.

"Peace? Actually, our Baltan-seijin also advocates peace."

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