The Origin Of The Light Kingdom/C7 Super Evolved Species
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The Origin Of The Light Kingdom/C7 Super Evolved Species
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C7 Super Evolved Species

"May I ask, where did you start lurking on this planet?"

As if he could tell that the Baltan-seijin on the other side was different from his original impression, Gorian decided to ask a few questions in a testing manner. At the same time, he wanted to satisfy the curiosity in his heart.

"It's longer than what you think. Some of your technology was even completed under our guidance."

Hearing the Baltan-seijin's proud reply, Gorian could not help but think about his previous guess.

"Does this also include the 'artificial sun'?"

The source of everything, the artificial sun named 'Plasma Sparkle Tower', if this was also completed under the guidance of the Baltan-seijin, then it was perfectly normal for them to want to play some tricks on it.

"That's right. Compared to your 'man-made sun' with unlimited energy, the 'Plasma Sparkle Tower' with the Devretta Factor is truly qualified to be called the cradle of life!"

When he said this, the Baltan-seijin's tone was filled with pride, because it was they who restarted the 'path of evolution' of the entire universe.

"Any creature that is illuminated by the light of the 'Devretta Factor' will carry out the 'path of evolution' called 'super evolution. It doesn't matter if their race has reached the end of evolution or not."

This universe was free of its rules, any creature that evolved to the limit would lose the ability to evolve, because this was the only way to ensure the existence and order of the universe itself.

However, the current actions of the Baltan-seijin had undoubtedly broken through the limits of the natural evolution of the universe, allowing those races at the end of evolution to have the possibility of evolution again.

"You are seizing the authority of the 'Creator'!"

Gorian, who had understood this point, said in a low voice. As the first beneficiary of this "super evolution," he could not deny the benefits that the Baltan-seijin had brought him.

"Thank you for your appreciation!"

As if he did not hear the sarcasm in Gorian's words, the Baltan-seijin opposite him politely bowed to him and then continued to speak with a smile.

"We will look forward to meeting you next time."

After saying this, the Baltan-seijin disappeared once again. It was unknown whether it had turned invisible or teleported away.

"So, you are only here to stall me?"

Feeling the consciousness that was awakening underground, Gorian closed his eyes again with a confused expression. The nutrient solution in the petri dish began to crazily surge into his body.

In order to repair the aftereffects of the collapse, it also accelerated his body's adaptation to the erosion of the light particle. Gorian absorbed the nutrient solution a hundred times faster than before, and his body was constantly being strengthened during this process.

No matter what kind of transformation Gorian had received before, it had become the cornerstone of his' super evolution 'at this moment. It had even evolved into a special ability that only belonged to' Gorian '.


After running nonstop for more than ten minutes, Caine finally saw the "culprit" of this incident in a tunnel 200 meters underground. At the same time, he was also one of the most outstanding scientists on this planet - Jack.

"Didn't I say that thing can't be left here?!"

Caine looked at his excited older brother with hatred. He could only pray that this matter had not developed to the most dangerous point. Otherwise, all his efforts would have been in vain.

"Caine, you finally came."

However, Jack was used to doing things his own way. He obviously didn't care about his younger brother's feelings. In other words, he was arrogant and overbearing. He had never cared about anyone's feelings. He only did what he wanted to do.

"Where is that thing? I will send it away immediately!"

Caine did not want to waste any more time talking to Jack. He went straight to the point. This time, he planned to personally send away the unstable factor. At the same time, he wanted to deprive Jack of his identity as the person in charge of this matter. He wanted to prevent Jack from crossing the line again.

"But you are late."

Standing in front of the console, a helpless smile appeared on Jack's face.

"That thing... has gone berserk."

Hearing this, Caine's eyes widened. Only now did he realize that Jack did not "voluntarily" stand in front of the console.

"You bastard!"

Without any time to think, Caine rushed to his brother Jack with a stride. Then, he saw a strange hypha "invading" Jack's body.

This was a hypha that was between an animal and a plant. It had a strong erosion and assimilation ability, and the current Jack had obviously been eroded by it.

"Don't get close to me. My body has been eroded."

Blue light was gradually being emitted from Jack's body, but unfortunately, even with the help of this power. Jack could only ensure that he was no longer being devoured. It was still not enough to completely break away from the control of these hypha.

"This is... the energy of light?"

Caine looked at the light emitted by Jack in astonishment. He could sense a familiar feeling from it.

"You are still using yourself as an experiment?"

It was obvious that Jack had other things to hide from his brother other than the big trouble underground.

"Hehe... The two of us are brothers. I will definitely be able to control the power you have."

Jack did not hide his current situation. His tone was filled with arrogance and arrogance. This was the spirit that allowed him to become a top scientist.

In order to research the things he was interested in, he had the resolve to give up everything. He also firmly believed that he could control everything.

En, even if there are some small accidents now, I will find a solution sooner or later.

"You really are an out-and-out bastard."

After muttering softly, Caine turned around and faced the huge control panel behind him. He needed to understand everything that happened here, including how the hypha invaded this master-control room.

As for the other things that Jack had done, he would definitely find out.

"Ding! Du! Ding!..."

At this moment, a red light suddenly flashed on the big screen of master-control room - it was the warning of the system being hacked.

"How could this be?"

Caine immediately eliminated the possibility of the Baltan-seijin hacking into the main computer. After all, this base used a physical isolating method. No matter how high the other party's science and technology was, there was no way to invade this place.

Furthermore, the fact that the Baltan-seijin had used him to sneak into this place indicated this point. The other party could only use force to enter this place.

"Is it that thing?"

Thinking back to the thing he had brought back, Caine already had a definite answer in his heart.

"Is this the power of 'super evolution'?"

It was clearly just a kind of simple fungus before, but after "super evolution," not only did its body size become bigger, even its ability was changing to adapt to the surrounding environment.

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