The Origin Of The Light Kingdom/C8 Horrifying Creature
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The Origin Of The Light Kingdom/C8 Horrifying Creature
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C8 Horrifying Creature


After another short confrontation, Drew and Jack separated decisively.


Drew, who had used up a lot of energy, could not help taking a deep breath. His body's instincts were agitated. That was the instinct of a lion. They wanted to transform into Giant of Light's form and completely defeat him.

However, Drew's remaining rationality suppressed this instinct because he knew that he had not fully controlled that kind of power. The previous rampage had already explained everything.

"Let's go back!"

Jack looked at the man who was about to completely turn into a wild beast, but did not know about it. He could not help but advise again.

"Go back while you are still rational!"

As long as Drew cooperated with the researchers in all kinds of inspections, he would definitely change to the gentle Drew from before. Jack, who had met him a few times before, firmly believed this.

"Go back? Ask a lion to listen to the words of a group of rats? This is ridiculous! "

Jack sneered in disdain. Drew, who felt that his physical strength had recovered, launched another attack. Jack had no choice but to accept the challenge.

However, neither side of the battle noticed that a mysterious hypha was spreading inside the base.

A new crisis had unknowingly descended.

"The first to complete the 'super evolution' is actually the hypha?"

Previously... The Baltan-seijin that had previously communicated with Gorian was strolling in the base. This fellow that was released by his peers seemed to be even more powerful than he had imagined.

"As expected, group willpower is easier to complete the 'super evolution' than an individual's existence?"

Although each of these hypha could not compare to 'Giant of Light', when such a large number was gathered together, it had surpassed the degree of Gorian's evolution.

"Or is it that only fungi between plants and animals have the possibility of such evolution?"

He couldn't help but stroke the hypha on the wall. Then, the wisp of hypha invaded the Baltan-seijin's arm at a speed visible to the naked eye and wanted to use it as nutrients to create a completely different biological structure.


Just like all the arthropods that encountered danger, the Baltan-seijin had indeed abandoned its arm and allowed it to fall to the ground.

"What a dangerous and interesting species. Unfortunately, we don't intend to become your host."

Seemingly sensing the danger of the Baltan-seijin, the hypha did not continue to spread after devouring the arm on the ground. Instead, it started digesting the gene fragments contained within.

"Is it really because of the species?"

Quietly looking at the hypha that changed after devouring his own gene, the Baltan-seijin's tone did not change at all.

As a race that had advanced to the peak of science and technology, the Baltan-seijin's "path of evolution" had long reached its end. Therefore, they were always envious of the species that still had unlimited possibilities of evolving.

Whether good or evil, beauty or ugliness, evolution was always intoxicating, because that was the most beautiful scene in this universe.

"I hope your existence can provide us with sufficient data."

Silently turning around, he walked deeper into the ground. This time, the Baltan-seijin not only wanted to obtain all the experimental data of Giant of Light, but also wanted to witness the potential of this "new species."

As for whether or not he would interfere with the process of "super evolution" of the hypha in the future, that would depend on the results of his observation.

Tap, tap, tap.

On the other hand, as the Baltan-seijin's footsteps gradually faded away, the hypha that had calmed down in the surroundings began to move again.

After obtaining the Baltan-seijin's gene, the hypha that covered the entire base had successfully transformed from a plant-type to a plant-type creature.

Combined with the various data obtained from the hacking computer, the greedy hypha finally evolved from its previous quantity to a qualitative change.

Regardless of whether it was the network or reality, whether it was flesh or steel, as long as the hypha could invade, it would turn into its ovaries and begin to breed new species.

And the first thing these creatures did when they were born was to provide sufficient nutrition and genes for their parent body.

"This kind of abnormal evolution speed... What exactly happened just now?"

In the main control center of the base, Caine looked at the hypha that had broken through all the defense lines of the system in an instant in disbelief.

"Did you obtain a new gene fragment?"

Jack suddenly said, "I have been fighting against the hypha all this time."

"I think that thing must have obtained a new gene from some new creature."

As fungus between plants and animals, the hypha that was "evolving" had the ability to obtain genes from these two life forms at the same time. It could even evolve into a new life form.

"It should be an animal, and a very aggressive species."

After Jack's reminder, Caine immediately thought of the Baltan-seijin. Because in this special base, other than the Ultraman Clan, The only ones that could provide it with new genes were those arrogant aliens.

"This is going to be a big problem."

Although he had already guessed the actions of those Baltan-seijin a long time ago, being sure of this point still gave Caine a huge headache.

"Don't tell me this thing doesn't have any weaknesses?"

Perhaps Caine would be dissatisfied with his brother's arrogant attitude, but he absolutely believed in Jack's talent in scientific research.

"Even just a little bit is fine!"

After confirming that the hypha was evolving at an unprecedented speed, Caine decisively turned his head to look at his brother.

"There might have been some before, but it's gone now."

Jack smiled helplessly. In his previous experiments, he had never allowed the hypha to absorb the genes of animals, which was to gradually transform it into a plant and maintain the plant's attributes.

But now, what kind of form would the hypha, which possessed both the genes of animals and plants, evolve into? This was not something Jack could predict.


A furious punch landed on the control panel. Caine could feel that his emotions were gradually becoming anxious, and the force that had been hiding in his body seemed to be "awakening."

"That's more like it."

Jack could not help muttering to himself when he realized this, and his eyes were filled with excitement once again.

"You shouldn't be afraid of this power. That is a gift from the heavens."

Upon hearing this, Caine couldn't help but glare at Jack. If it wasn't for the fact that this was his elder brother, he would have given this arrogant man a good beating a long time ago.

"Shut up! Who do you think is the reason behind everything that has happened?!"

As Caine's emotions became more and more violent, the light particle in his body began to stir.

"I have to stop the hypha from spreading before it touches that thing."

Speaking up to this point, Caine could not help but pause for a moment. A trace of resolution and resolution flashed across his eyes, and then he continued to speak with decisiveness that could sever nails and chop iron.

"For this, we will not hesitate to sacrifice this base."

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