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C9 Nanomites

The speed at which the hypha spread was faster than Caine and Jack had imagined. Before they could confirm whether the hypha was absorbing the new genes, the hypha had already spread to the few rooms at the outermost area of the base.

Fortunately, Jack had sealed off the entrance of the base before this, so that the hypha would not spread to the outside world and cause a greater impact.

However, it was also because of this that the hypha, which had developed initial intelligence, were unwilling to be bound here. Hence, a brand new change occurred.

"What the hell is that thing? That huge fungus type derivative?"

Witnessing his companions being devoured by the hypha, the researcher behind Caine felt like he was going crazy.

"Is this what Jack meant by 'a little risk'?"

He merely touched the spreading hypha out of curiosity. In the end, his companions were all devoured by the hypha that had suddenly expanded.

"I don't think this is a problem of 'risk' anymore, right?"

He decisively turned around and ran in the direction of Gorian, who was behind him. At this moment, the researchers only hated themselves for not having two legs when they were born.


As he cried for help, he ran away. The researcher had shown the benefits of training more often. Compared to his weak and shocked companions, his reaction and observation ability were simply too fast.

"I was just sent here at the last minute!"

He did not need to run faster than the spreading speed of the hypha. He only needed to run faster than his companions because the researchers discovered that every time the hypha devoured a creature, it would stop "digesting" it.

"Why did they encounter something that only happens in a virtual game like this!?"

As he roared and stimulated his potential, he ran forward with all his might. At this moment, the researchers had completely released the nature that they had suppressed for a long time. A faint light was emitting from his body.

A new Giant of Light was "awakening."

On the other hand...


When Gorian opened his eyes again, those crazy hypha had already invaded the repair room he was in. They even began to corrode the petri dish he was in.

[Is this a part of the thing underground? ]

Those hypha were like bulging and pulsating arteries, rapidly spreading in all directions as they swallowed and exhaled objects.

[This kind of thing is only available in movies from my previous life, or in this life's virtual reality game, right? ]

After the sun disappeared, Gorian had come into contact with the "virtual reality device" in the science fiction movies in his previous life. It was the military type, but he was sure that there were no disgusting creatures like hypha in those movies.

It was clearly a plant structure, but it was moving like an animal. It even kept dripping some disgusting corrosive saliva.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The hypha's senses were even more sensitive than Gorian had imagined. Just because he accidentally spat out a bubble, the hypha had already started crazily smashing into the petri dish's outer shell.

Looks like the habits are similar to what I imagined. ]

There was no panic on his face, and he was just quietly observing the habits of the fungus, especially the greedy desire to devour it.


Then there was the sound of glass shattering. The high-strength glass of the petri dish began to crack, and the nutrient solution that was originally soaked in it also gradually spilled out of the petri dish.

"I hate greedy monsters."

As Gorian slowly stretched his body, silver threads extended out of his body. It was the nano worm that Gorian injected into his body in order to adapt to the environment without the sun.

From a microscopic point of view, this was a silvery-white mechanical creation similar to "insects." Although they were only the size of nanometers, But it had a complete structure and form, just like the 'creatures' that existed in nature.


With the help of the remaining nutrient solution, the "nano worm" actually covered the entire petri dish at a speed even faster than the hypha. Then, it began to follow part of the hypha's tissue and began to "devour" the other party.


The 'nano worm' that surged out of Gorian's body crazily duplicated themselves. It was as if they had lost control and split into countless of their own kind. Finally, they forcefully squeezed the hypha out of the petri dish.


A punch shattered the petri dish that was on the verge of collapsing. Therefore, Gorian stood naked in the middle of the repair room.

"Is this also 'super evolution'?"

Looking at the "silver wave" that was trying to drive the hypha out of the repair room, Gorian knew that they were following his will.

Like Drew and Jack, Gorian, who was one of the experimental subjects, also participated in an experiment to continue the race. During that time, he was injected with a kind of melted nano worm.

The specially made "nano worm" did not have any other use. It only helped the host strengthen the various functions of the body so that it could adapt to all kinds of harsh environments.

The strength of a superhuman, the speed of a superhuman, the physique of a superhuman, and the self-healing ability of a superhuman...

It could be said that before obtaining the power of "Giant of Light," Gorian relied on these "nano worm," to survive in this world without the sun.

"Or is this just the effect of the light particle?"

But the 'nano worm' that surged out of Gorian's body was clearly different from before. Now, it not only gave the host a stronger physical strength. It even gave the host a stronger physical strength. The self-splitting and self-duplicating functions, which were only theoretically possible, had been realized.

Gorian was not very clear about the difficulty of this, but what he understood was the integration of data analysis, material decomposition, artificial intelligence, material restructuring, and many other top technologies.

"Come back!"

Thinking of this, Gorian suddenly muttered, and then those expanding nano worm actually stopped moving.

Immediately after, under the double effect of Gorian's will and psychokinesis, the silver threads that filled the sky began to shrink and reorganize. In an instant, they rushed to his host from all sides of the repair room.

Disintegrate, reorganize, combine, weave...

Countless details that Gorian could not imagine happened in the microscopic world. These "small insects" that were only the size of nanomachines formed a huge computing network and achieved the host's wish with an intelligence beyond imagination.

"It's quite convenient."

Gorian lowered his head and looked at the silver-white tight suit he was wearing. He could not feel the bindings of normal clothes on him, because it was a special combat suit made of nanomachine structure.

"Unfortunately, I don't like tight clothes."

Before he finished speaking, the combat suit on Gorian's body began to ripple. It only took one-thousandth of a second for it to become a casual suit that he liked very much in his previous life.

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