C1 Cry for Whom

The torrential rain covered the entire night like ink.

A bolt of lightning flashed, illuminating a pale face in the rainy night.

Holding the umbrella, Su Shiao looked into the distance nervously.

Jingshen had promised her that he would come home tonight.

It was now ten o'clock in the evening, but there was still no sign of him.

Could it be that he went back on his word?

Su Shiao tightened her grip on the umbrella. A trace of helplessness flashed across her pitch-black eyes.

Suddenly, there was a flash in the distance, and a limousine that had merged with the night broke through the night.

Jingshen, it's Jingshen's car.

Su Shiao was delighted and hurriedly walked over.

Squeak! The car came to an emergency stop, splashing water everywhere. Su Shiao's clothes instantly became half wet.

Su Shiao was completely oblivious to it. She said with a happy face, "Jingshen, you …"

"Idiot, don't you know how to dodge?" Before she could finish, the man got out of the car in a rage.

The man's facial features were exquisite, and there was an indescribable evilness between his brows.

At that moment, a dangerous light flashed across his black pupils as he stared at Su Shiao's clothes, which were especially close-fitting due to the splashing water.

"I …" Facing the man's sudden anger, Su Shiao started to panic a little.

The man in front of her was Xiao Jingshen, her husband and the ruler of her life.

Looking at Su Shiao's nervous and shivering expression, Xiao Jingshen suppressed his anger and said, "What are you still standing here for? Do you want to embarrass yourself? "

With that, he strode inside.

"Oh." Su Shiao replied in a flurry, "Let me hold the umbrella for you."

"No need. Just take care of yourself. " Xiao Jingshen's voice was slightly mocking.

Hanging up his wet suit jacket, Xiao Jingshen took off his tie and undid two buttons on the shirt's mouth. Then he looked at Su Shiao impatiently: "Say it, why did you call me back?"

"You haven't been home for half a month." Su Shiao whispered, "We're husband and wife, so you should go home."

Xiao Jingshen's gaze froze. He looked at Su Shiao with unspeakable anticipation in his heart.

He raised his eyebrows, "Woman, you can't be thinking about me, right? Are you in love with me? You're not that stupid. "

"No, no." Su Shiao waved her hands repeatedly.

Her marriage with Xiao Jingshen was a business deal from the very beginning.

The word love was too rare for her to even think about.

The denial was really quick! Xiao Jingshen's face immediately darkened.

"Then why did you ask me to come back?" Xiao Jingshen's voice turned cold.

Su Shiao nervously grabbed her clothes and said, "I... "I …"

"If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first." A trace of impatience flashed in Xiao Jingshen's eyes: "I don't want to waste my incomparably rich night life because of you. As for you, you should go change and sleep early. "

This woman's body was weak to begin with, and now that her clothes were this wet, she didn't know how to change.

It was stupid.

Xiao Jingshen turned around and left without any hesitation.

When he reached the door.

A slightly trembling voice came from behind.

"Jingshen, wait a moment."

"What are you going to do now?" Xiao Jingshen turned around impatiently.

Then, his pupils abruptly constricted as a hint of burning desire flashed through the depths of his eyes.

Su Shiao's hands were shakily unbuttoning her blouse.

Xiao Jingshen's breath suddenly became hot.

Su Shiao's fingers trembled as she felt Xiao Jingshen's gaze that seemed like he was going to swallow her down. She wanted to continue unbuttoning her shirt and tried a few more times, but no matter what, she couldn't.

"Woman, do you know what you're doing?" Xiao Jingshen's eyes turned dark all of a sudden.

Su Shiao's voice trembled slightly, "I know. We're husband and wife, we've been married for a year, we should … "

Xiao Jingshen stopped listening. He went forward and carried Su Shiao into the bedroom.

Su Shiao leaned on his shoulder and let out a long sigh of relief.

Luckily, Xiao Jingshen was interested in her.

This way, she should be able to complete her mother-in-law's task, and her brother's medical expenses would also be saved, right?


Su Shiao was thrown onto the bed.

Then, a strong body pressed down on him.

The thick scent of male hormones surrounded Su Shiao.

Xiao Jingshen went close to her ear and said hoarsely, "Su Shiao, you asked for it. I have no reason to reject items that have been delivered to my doorstep. "

Su Shiao didn't reply. She bit her lower lip and slowly closed her eyes.

Xiao Jingshen lowered his head and gently bit her earlobe.

Su Shiao could not help but flinch as she gripped the bedsheet tightly with both of her hands.

She knew exactly what was going to happen next.

She had already prepared for this.

But why …

Her heart was still throbbing.

The man who had once said that he would live forever had a fiancee now.

She already had a husband.

The agreement from before had long since been broken.

Su Shiao took a deep breath.

From start to finish, she was the only one who could not forget that relationship. At this moment, it was time for her to let it go.

However, for some reason, a trace of sadness surfaced in her heart.

Su Shiao's eyes were slightly dry, and she couldn't help but shed a few tears.

At this moment, the male hormone's aura suddenly disappeared, and the oppressive feeling on his body also disappeared.

Su Shiao abruptly opened her eyes.

Xiao Jingshen was looking at her with a cold expression. The fire in his eyes could burn anything.

"Are you crying?" Xiao Jingshen grabbed Su Shiao's collar. "Are you thinking about Lu Qing again?"

"I …" Su Shiao panicked as the name in her heart was suddenly revealed. "I just … just …"

"But what? It's just that the water nature of a flower is lustful and lustful? Or do you not know shame and accept defeat? " Xiao Jingshen's voice was full of ridicule and ridicule, "Don't forget that the Lu Qing that you care about has a fiancee. Moreover, they are soon going to be married!"

"I know!" Su Shiao trembled slightly. "My previous relationship with him is already a thing of the past. I don't want to do anything!"

"Yes." "You don't want to do anything, you're just acting in Mrs Xiao's name and thinking about other people all day." Xiao Jingshen gritted his teeth, "You took the initiative just now, and I thought you were really …"

Su Shiao looked at him with some fear.

Xiao Jingshen suddenly hit the bed heavily. "Su Shiao, I must be crazy to want to get into your mess! Why would I want to get entangled with a slut like you! "

His words were unpleasant to hear, and Su Shiao's face couldn't help but turn pale.

Her lips trembled. She wanted to say something, but in the end, she did not.

When Xiao Jingshen saw how she looked like a frightened little white rabbit, an inexplicable sense of frustration rose up in his heart. He immediately turned around and said, "Forget it, I still have things to do. I..."

"Jingshen." Su Shiao was anxious. She suddenly hugged Xiao Jingshen hard from behind. "Can you stay tonight?"

Her palm was cold, but there was a scorching heat coming from it.

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