C12 Always Meet

"Madam. Where are we going? " The driver, Xiao Wang asked respectfully.

"Let's go to the jewelry store first." Su Shiao thought for a moment. "I don't really understand that. Just go straight to the best jewelry store."

"Yes, ma'am."

Soon, the car stopped in front of a well-decorated jewelry store.

The driver waited outside while Su Shiao walked in.

Her demeanor was quite extraordinary, and the shop assistant warmly welcomed her.

Seeing that Su Shiao was a bit conflicted, the clerk took the initiative and asked, "Madam, what kind of jewelry do you need? Do you need my help? "

Su Shiao, who was having a headache, quickly asked, "What are the best jewelry in your shop?"

If she had to buy it herself, she wouldn't even look at the four-figure jewelry. However, thinking of Xiao Jingshen's threat this morning, Su Shiao could only pick the expensive ones with all her might.

"The best?" The shop assistant's eyes lit up, realizing that a big business deal had arrived. "Madam, please wait a moment."

She quickly took out three pieces of jewelry.

First, a sapphire necklace.

"This necklace," said the clerk, "is made of the finest sapphire ever carved by a master of the world. Regardless of whether it was the workmanship or the materials, they were all excellent. The value of the necklace is 1.3 million. "

"One million three hundred thousand!" Su Shiao was instantly struck dumb, a look of disbelief appearing on her face.

Just a small necklace like that was worth 1.3 million yuan.

The smile on the sales clerk's face immediately vanished. Could she have seen wrongly? This woman in front of her didn't have the ability to purchase anything at all?

"What about the next two?" Su Shiao was shocked by the price, but she continued to ask.

"This bracelet is the upper ranked He Tian Yu. It's worth one million nine hundred thousand." This is an entire set of gold, worth one million and five hundred thousand. " The shop assistant thought that Su Shiao was just casually asking and thus replied in a perfunctory manner.

"So it's like that, then …" Su Shiao asked in detail.

The shop assistant said coldly, "Lady, these three pieces of jewelry are for our shop. If you don't want to buy them, I will keep them."

Su Shiao frowned.

She planned to buy these three pieces of jewelry, but she still wanted to ask in detail. However, the attitude of this shop assistant made her a little unhappy.

Su Shiao was about to say something.

Suddenly, a mocking voice could be heard.

"Yo, isn't this Su Shiao? Are you here to look at jewelry too? "

Su Shiao looked over. Chen Mann was holding Lu Qing's arm and looking at her with a mocking expression.

They met again.

Su Shiao's emotions became complicated. This was really a place where they met in life.

"Mr. Lu, Lady Chen." The shop assistant obviously recognized the two, she quickly revealed a fawning smile, "You two are here to buy jewelry for the wedding, right? We just happened to have a new batch of jewelry here.

Chen Mann glanced at the counter. "This sapphire necklace is pretty good."

"Lady Chen really has good eyesight, this necklace …"

"Wait." Su Shiao frowned. "I was the first to ask about this necklace."

Although this shop assistant's attitude was bad, she still wanted to buy jewelry. She was too lazy to go to another store, so she planned to buy all three things.

"You?" Chen Mann looked at Su Shiao with a faint smile. "Can you afford it?"

Then, she suddenly covered her mouth, "Ah, yes, you have Xiao Jingshen. However, Xiao Jingshen's girlfriend, I've heard that each of them never lasted more than a week. Xiao Jingshen is famous for his generosity. You should have received a breakup fee, right? "Tsk tsk, this is your hard-earned money. If you use it a little, then it's a little less. If I were you, I would save a little on spending it."

Chen Mann's sarcastic face was probably a bit ugly. Lu Qing frowned slightly, "Mann, stop it. Since it was someone else who started the conversation, we might as well wait."

Seeing Lu Qing's displeasure, Chen Mann's heart sank. She couldn't help but take Lu Qing's hand in a coquettish way. "Qing, she insulted me before and urged Xiao Jingshen to throw my coffee. I'm angry! "

Her appearance was pretty and innocent. Lu Qing's eyebrows relaxed a little, but he still said: "Don't be too willful."

A hint of gloominess flashed past Chen Mann's eyes. Lu Qing had obviously forgotten about her, why did he still protect her at this time?

Could it be …

No, that's impossible.

Previously in the coffee shop, she had already tested him.

Lu Qing did not remember Su Shiao.

So today, Lu Qing probably felt that she had gone too far.

She had liked Lu Qing for so many years, she couldn't ruin her image in his heart for the sake of Su Shiao, who was no longer a threat to him.

Chen Mann's face bloomed into a smile, "Qing, I just like this sapphire necklace so much. I think this necklace is especially suitable for my wedding dress. You know how important a wedding is to a girl, I... "

Lu Qing sighed and then looked at her lovingly. "Just you wait."

He walked up to Su Shiao and calmly asked, "Miss Su, Mann really likes this blue necklace. I wonder if you can cut it?"

Su Shiao tightly gripped her bag as she looked at Lu Qing. "Your wedding …"

"My wedding with Mann is next month. "It's rare for Mann to come across a necklace that she likes so much. Miss Su, please help me." Lu Qing said politely.

An indescribable feeling arose within Su Shiao's heart.

They had once vowed to stay together for the rest of their lives.

But now, standing in front of her, he told her that he was going to be married, that the bride was not her.

At this moment, Su Shiao was no longer in the mood to care about her jewelry.

"Miss Su?" Lu Qing shouted again.

Su Shiao pursed her lips and said in a low voice, "I don't want the necklace. "Lu Qing, I wish you happiness."

Su Shiao's straightforwardness surprised Lu Qing a little. He nodded: "Thank you."

Lu Qing bought the necklace and handed it to Chen Mann.

"My dear, you are very kind." Chen Mann smiled and kissed Lu Qing on the cheek.

Lu Qing was stunned for a moment by such a sudden intimate action.

Subconsciously, he glanced in Su Shiao's direction.

Su Shiao lowered her head, her expression unclear. However, her slim figure appeared to be extremely weak.

Lu Qing's heart suddenly throbbed.

He didn't know why he subconsciously glanced at Su Shiao, nor did he know why his heart suddenly hurt.

"Young lady, then these two are left …" The employee looked at Su Shiao.

Su Shiao wasn't in the mood to buy anything now. She just wanted to escape from Lu Qing's place as soon as possible.

"Nope." She turned and left in a hurry.

The sales clerk revealed a mocking smile and whispered, "Pauper."

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