C18 Family Feast

This scoundrel woman!

Xiao Jingshen gritted his teeth.

She didn't feel a thing when he wasn't around?

"Director Xiao, your private jet is ready to take off at any time." The assistant came in.

Xiao Jingshen stood up. "Alright!"

Forget it, he will deal with this woman when he gets home!

Xiao Family.

When Xiao Jingshen arrived, it was already late at night.

Su Shiao had already fallen asleep.

Under the soft moonlight, Xiao Jingshen looked at her sleeping face. The anger that had filled his stomach suddenly vanished.

Xiao Jingshen sat on the edge of the bed with a complicated expression and touched Su Shiao's face.

Shiao, it is only when you are asleep that I dare to stare at you like this.

After so many years, you must be the young man you've long forgotten.

However, I will hide you in my heart and not forget a single moment.

Do you think that our marriage contract is a coincidence, a contract?

What you don't know is that this is something that I've painstakingly schemed for.

But Shiao, if you don't love me, all of this will forever be a secret.

Xiao Jingshen laid down beside Su Shiao.

Seeing that Su Shiao was sleeping soundly, he couldn't help but gently stretch his hand out from under her neck and embrace her with satisfaction.

The next morning.

Su Shiao rubbed her eyes and opened them in a daze.

Soon after, she saw a handsome face that was just in front of her!

"Ah!" Su Shiao screamed subconsciously.

Xiao Jingshen frowned, then opened his eyes in dissatisfaction.

"You … Why are you here? " Su Shiao asked in panic.

"This is my home. I'm not here, where am I? " Xiao Jingshen raised his eyebrows.

"But you said you wouldn't be back until today." Su Shiao's face was full of accusation.

Xiao Jingshen snorted, "If I'm not here, what if you put on a green hat for me? Of course I want to see you! "

Su Shiao said, "Then why am I in your arms?"

"Then I'll have to ask you, why do you shamelessly want to crawl into my embrace?" Xiao Jingshen raised his eyebrows, "I was kind-hearted and even let you sleep on my hand for the whole night. But now, I'm not crying out for pain, but you're screaming instead. "

After saying that, he frowned and rubbed his hands.

Su Shiao looked at the marks on his arm and blushed. "Really?"

"Or what?" Xiao Jingshen looked at her.

"I'm sorry." Su Shiao walked over, a little embarrassed. "I'd rather die than sleep. Wake me up if something like this happens next time."

"Let's talk about the next time." Xiao Jingshen continued to shake his hand: "My hand …"

"Let me massage it for you." Su Shiao walked over like a young wife and gently rubbed Xiao Jingshen's hands.

"Be light, focus. Forget it, stop. Pour me a glass of water. Why don't you massage my shoulders again? " Xiao Jingshen commanded with a face of satisfaction. He suddenly felt that he was really smart.

Su Shiao felt that she was in the wrong and hurried back and forth, not complaining at all.

In the end, it was Director Xiao who found out his own conscience. He waved his hand and said, "It's done. Remember to get off work one hour earlier today.

"Alright." Su Shiao's back stiffened when she heard about the feast.

Compared to Xiao Jingshen, she was actually more afraid of Mrs. Xiao.

Thinking about the times she had met Mrs. Xiao, she really wanted to knock her head against the wall so that she wouldn't have to go.

Forget it.

They would have to meet eventually.

She went to work all day in a daze.

When the time was almost up, Su Shiao asked for a leave of absence in advance.

After leaving the company and walking a thousand meters away, Su Shiao saw Xiao Jingshen's black luxury car.

Xiao Jingshen's cars were all black, but the brand was always changing. A few days ago, when he drove the Mai Bach, today, it was changed to Lamborghini.

"Evil rich people." Su Shiao muttered as she got into the car.

Xiao Family Big House.

Xiao Jingshen got out of the car first and leaned to the side. Su Shiao took his arm.

The two of them walked in intimately.

Just as he walked to the door, Xiao Jingshen stopped and frowned.

At this moment, other than the people from Xiao Family, there was actually an unexpected guest in the hall.

"Auntie, your skin is white. This bracelet is very suitable for your skin color."

"This is a top-quality bird's nest that I specially brought from abroad. It's definitely top-quality goods and it's not easy to buy it at home."

Lu Qianyu sat beside Mrs. Xiao and spoke softly.

She clearly thought about it. Xiao Jingshen's father passed away early. It could be said that it was Mrs. Xiao who brought him up. He and Mrs. Xiao had a deep relationship. As long as he could please Mrs. Xiao, the matter of her marrying Xiao Jingshen would be settled.

"Qianyu, you're being considerate." Mrs. Xiao held her hand with a benevolent smile on her face. "Qianyu, since you're here, why don't you stay for a meal? It just so happens that Jingshen and Shiao are coming back today.

A light flashed in Lu Qianyu's eyes.

After much research, she found out that although Mrs. Xiao lived alone, Xiao Jingshen would come back to eat with her once a week. She had spent a great deal of effort to determine the time and had purposely chosen this time to come.

Right now, even Mrs. Xiao had taken the initiative to keep her, so she didn't believe that she wouldn't be able to see Xiao Jingshen!

However, what did Mrs. Xiao just say?


Who was Shiao?

"Mom, we said it's a family banquet, why did you leave an outsider?" Xiao Jingshen's voice suddenly sounded.

Mrs. Xiao glanced at the door and laughed, "Fuck you, you're here." "Jingshen, you're not allowed to be rude to guests."

Xiao Jingshen! He's here!

Lu Qianyu's body couldn't help but tremble because she was too excited.

It had been three years. She hadn't seen Xiao Jingshen in three years.

In these three years, she had changed so much. She cultivated all of her martial arts in order to keep all of his eyes on her.

Xiao Jingshen, this time, I will make you never leave me.

She revealed a perfect smile and slowly turned around. "Jing …"

Suddenly her smile froze.

Because Xiao Jingshen was not the same person.

Beside him stood a delicate and pretty woman.

The more she looked at that woman, the more familiar she felt she was!

After a long while, Lu Qianyu exclaimed, "You're that servant!"

An awkward smile appeared on Su Shiao's face. "Hello, Miss Lu."

"You!" Lu Qianyutian immediately stood up.

What was going on?

A servant could actually follow Xiao Jingshen to a feast?

No, that's impossible.

The information Chu Yua had given her was actually wrong.

Anger flashed in Lu Qianyu's eyes.

"A servant? Qianyu? You know Shiao? " Mrs. Xiao looked at Lu Qianyu and said, "You must be mistaken. This is me, daughter-in-law. Su Shiao."

If it was Mrs. Xiao's daughter-in-law, then it would be Jingshen's daughter-in-law...


Lu Qianyu suddenly felt dizzy.

Xiao Jingshen actually had a wife!

Moreover, his wife turned out to be the woman she had previously regarded as a servant!

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