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C19 Why Haven't You Gotten Pregnant yet

"Jingshen, what are you standing at the door for? Hurry up and come in." Mrs. Xiao said.

Xiao Jingshen walked over with Su Shiao.

Lu Qianyu stood on the spot, her face alternating between shades of green and white. She didn't know what to do.

Although she had only dated Xiao Jingshen for a short period of time, she had always felt that she would be different from all of Xiao Jingshen's women.

If there was destined to be a Mrs. Xiao, then why couldn't it be her?

Three years had passed. She had worked hard to cultivate to a better self. She had only come back to capture this man's heart.

She had imagined a thousand different kinds of things, and how they would meet again.

However, there was no such thing.

Xiao Jingshen had already gotten married.

Now, he was standing in front of his wife!

What made Lu Qianyu even more embarrassed was that yesterday, she even went to Su Shiao and showed off her might.

Now that she thought about what she'd said before, Lu Qianyu's face hurt.

She said Su Shiao was a wild woman, but she was already Xiao Jingshen's wife.

She was the wild woman, wasn't she?

Lu Qianyu's expression instantly became even uglier.

If there was a hole in the ground, she would have dived in without hesitation.

"You did well these few days." Mrs. Xiao looked at Su Shiao and said lightly, "I heard that Jingshen has been quite honest these days and didn't mess around outside."

"Yes." Su Shiao immediately straightened her back.

Mrs. Xiao was a very serious person, and it reminded her of the dean of teachers in high school. Facing Mrs. Xiao caused her to involuntarily tense up.

"Why are you so nervous? Can I eat you? " Mrs. Xiao frowned. "Women from small families are not allowed on the stage!"

She had always looked down on Su Shiao.

Forget about family, they were even worse than ordinary families.

She also had an elder brother who was sick, who had a heart attack and a personality disorder. It was unknown if his family had such a inheritance.

If not for the fortune-teller saying that this Su Shiao's octopus was very compatible with Jingshen, it would have helped him fend off disasters.

She would never have wanted daughter-in-law like this.

However, after Su Shiao got married, Jingshen looked a lot more comfortable.

This was also the reason why she could still tolerate Su Shiao.

Su Shiao was already used to Mrs. Xiao's dissatisfaction, so she could only lower her head in a gentle manner.

No matter what, she should thank Mrs. Xiao.

If it wasn't for her, her brother would have already lost his life.

As long as he could save her brother and make her hear something unpleasant, then it would be nothing.

Su Shiao's softness only made Mrs. Xiao more dissatisfied.

She complained to Lu Qianyu, "Qianyu, look at me, Lili. She's always so pitiful, as if I've bullied her. "Tell me, am I that scary?"

Mrs. Xiao's words caused Lu Qianyu's face to regain its color.

It seemed that Mrs. Xiao was very dissatisfied with Su Shiao. Then, she might have a chance!

Lu Qianyu couldn't help but smile. She sat down next to Mrs. Xiao and said with a smile, "Aunt, you're so amiable. Why is it that the word 'terrifying' doesn't apply to you?"

Lu Qianyu spoke with a smile and was calm. Mrs. Xiao had a good impression of her first. She couldn't help but look at Su Shiao and scold her, "Learn to be a bit more natural."

Su Shiao lowered her head and said softly, "Yes."

The atmosphere was a bit awkward. Xiao Jingshen frowned and said, "Mom, don't be in a hurry to teach people a lesson. Where's dinner?"

"Hungry? "Then eat." Mrs. Xiao looked at Lu Qianyu and said, "Qianyu, you stay too. Let's have a quick meal together."

"Isn't this a little bad …" Lu Qianyu secretly looked at Xiao Jingshen and said with difficulty.

"What's wrong with that, unless you dislike the simple and crude food of our Xiao Family." Mrs. Xiao said.

"How could that be?" Lu Qianyu pushed the boat and said, "Then I'll have a meal with Auntie."

Mrs. Xiao's rules were very strict. She had always believed in eating without saying anything, so this meal was very silent.

Su Shiao simply sat up straight and carefully picked up the dishes in front of her. She didn't even dare to look at any of the dishes that were farther away.

While she was eating, a peeled prawn suddenly appeared in the bowl.

Su Shiao subconsciously looked to the side. Xiao Jingshen was continuing to peel the prawns with a serious expression.

Su Shiao opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but remembering Mrs. Xiao's rules, she choked back her words.

When Lu Qianyu saw Xiao Jingshen's actions, a trace of anger flashed past her eyes.

When he was with her, he had never seen Xiao Jingshen be so considerate!

What kind of charm could Su Shiao possess to make Xiao Jingshen treat her like this?

Her hand subconsciously tightened its grip on the chopsticks.

Lu Qianyu couldn't accept it.

If Su Shiao was stronger than her in every aspect, she would have nothing to say.

However, this woman clearly didn't have any outstanding qualities. How could she become Xiao Jingshen's wife?

After the meal, Mrs. Xiao wiped the corner of her lips as a sign that everyone was free to speak.

After the meal, Lu Qianyu tactfully took her leave.

Mrs. Xiao didn't keep her any longer.

Leaving people to eat was a form of etiquette. There was no need for more.

Lu Qianyu looked at Xiao Jingshen deeply and then turned around to leave. Today's development was beyond her expectations, but she also received very useful information.

Xiao Jingshen had already gotten married!

His wife was called Su Shiao.

From the looks of it, she needed to investigate this Su Shiao thoroughly.

"Shiao, how are you this month?" After Lu Qianyu left, Mrs. Xiao said this out of the blue.

Su Shiao, however, understood. She pulled at the corner of her clothes gloomily and said in a low voice, "No."

"No?" Mrs. Xiao's voice was immediately dissatisfied, "You've been married for over a year, why haven't you gotten pregnant yet? "Don't learn from those girls. They don't even want to give birth to children for fear of affecting their figure."

"I …" Su Shiao continued to lower her head.

Xiao Jingshen didn't like her at all. He didn't even touch her, who was she going to have children with?

"Jingshen, you too. Go home more often! " Mrs. Xiao reprimanded him, "It doesn't matter how much you play outside. For people like us, it's more important that we take over the family line as soon as possible."

"Mom, you say that every time, aren't you annoyed?" Xiao Jingshen raised his eyebrows impatiently.

"I've only said a few words, and you're already annoyed with me?" Mrs. Xiao glared at him.

Xiao Jingshen immediately begged for mercy: "I don't dare to."

Mrs. Xiao snorted coldly. "Youngsters these days …"

Mrs. Xiao was in the middle of a long discussion when Xiao Jingshen's cell phone suddenly rang.

The moment Xiao Jingshen answered the phone, his expression became serious.

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