C5 Proposal of Marriage

"What?" Chu Yua raised her head, a trace of shock flashing past her eyes.

She no longer needed to participate in the commercial recording anymore?

It took her a long time to get the chance to make an advertisement!

"Jingshen, I …" Chu Yua's heart had always been strong. She quickly said, "I know I was wrong, this advertisement …"

"You can go now." Xiao Jingshen said coldly without listening to her nonsense.

"I …" Chu Yua still didn't want to give up.

She did not understand what she had done wrong to end up like this.

"Do you want me to say it again?" Xiao Jingshen's eyes were full of warning.

Chu Yua gritted her teeth. She didn't dare say anything else, so she took her bag and left.

Xiao Jingshen looked at Su Shiao with a complicated expression. Then she went over. "Do you feel pain?"

Su Shiao shook her head and looked at Xiao Jingshen blankly. "Why did you …"

Su Shiao and Chu Yua couldn't understand why Xiao Jingshen had been so angry.

For her?

Su Shiao didn't dare to be so narcissistic.

After seeing through Su Shiao's doubt, Xiao Jingshen sneered: "What? Do you think I'm angry because of you? "

"I don't think so." Su Shiao's expression was calm.

Xiao Jingshen felt bitter in his heart, but his words were even colder: "You're right. As far as women were concerned, they had to avoid thinking too much about themselves. I just punished Chu Yua because she crossed the line!

After all, you are my wife and the mistress of Xiao Family. She has no right to hit you or insult you. So, I am only defending Xiao Family's dignity and face. Do you understand? "

"I know." Su Shiao nodded obediently.

However, she still couldn't help but silently criticize him in her heart. In the past, when she massaged Chu Yua, why didn't he uphold the dignity of Xiao Family?

However, Xiao Jingshen's personality was complicated. She had better not ask questions so as not to annoy him.

Although Su Shiao obediently complied, the anger in Xiao Jingshen's heart became even stronger.

He took a few deep breaths.

He was right to choose not to go home, or his life would be shortened by a few years.

Xiao Jingshen snorted: "I don't want to talk to you anymore. It's late in the night, sleep! "

"Alright." Su Shiao quickly answered, "Jingshen, you sleep in the master bedroom. I'll go to the guest room."

"Rooms?" Xiao Jingshen held her back and then said with a smile, "We are husband and wife, so we should live in the same room, right? Weren't you very proactive before? And now you're pretending to be a virgin. It's too late. "

"I …" Su Shiao gritted her teeth and lowered her head. "I understand."

As expected, Su Shiaoyi gave in.

Xiao Jingshen regretted his decision very quickly.

The woman was curled up like a kitten in the corner of her dress. In the moonlight, her face was incredibly beautiful.

Su Shiao was obviously very nervous. Her chest heaved and her breathing quickened.

If he wanted to make love, Xiao Jingshen thought, she wouldn't refuse.

However, Xiao Jingshen lost all interest when he thought of Su Shi Ao, who was lying underneath him with a pale face.

He had longed for this woman for so long that he found it hard to believe.

But when he thought about it, there was another man in her heart.

Xiao Jingshen's pride did not allow him to do anything.

Deep in the night, Su Shiao was probably tired. Even though she was nervous, she slowly fell asleep.

Xiao Jingshen turned around and looked at her with a complicated expression.

He reached out to touch her face.

Suddenly, Su Shiao groaned. Xiao Jingshen quickly retracted his hand.

He did not like to suffer a loss in his feelings.

He loved her, but she loved another man.

In that case, it would always be a secret that he loved her.

Su Shiao, even though you don't love me, I still don't want to let you go.

It's good that we've been torturing each other like this.

The next day.

Construction of Lanyu.

Just as Su Shiao sat down in her office, a huge bouquet of flowers suddenly appeared in front of her.

"Wow." The office suddenly burst into an uproar.

Before Su Shiao could react, a handsome man appeared before her eyes.

This man was Chen Heng, a colleague of the company.

"Shiao, I like you. Can you be my girlfriend? " Chen Heng looked at her affectionately.

Was this a confession?

Su Shiao was stunned.

This was the first time someone had confessed to her!

Previously, she was crazily chasing after Lu Qing.

Later on, she also took the initiative to pursue Xiao Jingshen.

At this moment, Su Shiao was actually a little touched when she heard the simple "I like you".

But unfortunately, she had to refuse.

Su Shiao smiled and said, "I'm sorry, I said I'm already married."

"Shiao, do you think I would believe such an excuse?" Chen Heng said confidently, "Shiao, if you're really married, why haven't you ever worn a ring?"

"Because I'm not used to it."

"Well, I'll take that as your explanation. So, you've been working here for over a year. Why hasn't your husband come? The company organized a few tours, and you actually didn't bring your family to play? " Chen Heng had obviously come prepared.

"He's introverted and doesn't like to see people." Su Shiao made up a reason.

Chen Heng smiled. "Shiao, you don't need to make up any more excuses. Even if you do have a husband, I promise I'll love you more than he does! In today's society, anyone can get married and divorced, so I want you to think about me! "

Chen Heng felt that Su Shiao's so-called husband was definitely a fake.

He was not bad looking and his family background was not bad, so the success rate of chasing after Su Shiao should be very high.

"Sorry, I really …" When Su Shiao was about to refuse again, her pupils suddenly shrank and she didn't know what to say.

Su Shiao suddenly stopped talking. Chen Heng couldn't help but laugh: "Shiao, are you unable to find a reason to reject? "In that case, you can accept me …"

"It's been so lively here since early morning."

A cold voice suddenly sounded.

Chen Heng was stupefied for a moment. He turned around and saw Xiao Jingshen standing there expressionlessly.

"What are you talking about? Say it out loud and let me hear it too. " Xiao Jingshen said.

Wu thinks pursuing Su Shiao is not a shameful thing. Therefore, he smiled and said, "Director Xiao, I'm chasing after Shiao! Shiao said she was married. But she had been at the company for more than a year, and her husband had never appeared. I think her husband may not exist at all. Or maybe, he was a coward. "Director Xiao, please help me persuade Shiao …"

Chen Heng did not notice Xiao Jingshen's unhappy expression and kept talking.

Su Shiao couldn't bear to listen any longer and stopped Chen Heng.

"Shiao, why are you pulling me? Are you going to promise me that? " Chen Heng looked at Su Shiao in surprise.

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