C6 Difficult Customer

Su Shiao: "…"

Young man, I'm saving you!

Xiao Jingshen saw the interaction between the two of them and his face darkened.

He glanced coldly at Su Shiao and said, "Very good!"

With that, he turned around and left expressionlessly.

"Director Xiao, what does that mean?" Chen Heng was at a loss.

Su Shiao couldn't help but grumble inwardly.

She was probably going to suffer the consequences of Chen Heng's idiocy.

Thinking of this, Su Shiao returned to her seat with a look of helplessness on her face.

"Shiao, you haven't said it yet. Are you going to agree to my request or not?" Chen Heng asked stubbornly.

Su Shiao was about to say something.

Suddenly, everyone's phone started ringing.

Everyone turned on their phones to take a look.

In the company chat, Director Xiao, who had been scuba diving for a thousand years and had barely shown his face, suddenly spoke.

A very short sentence.

"From today onwards, it is forbidden for employees of the company to date each other!"

Su Shiao was instantly speechless.

There was even the wrong word. One could imagine how excited Director Xiao was at this moment!

"From today onwards, it is strictly forbidden for employees of the company to date each other!"

Xiao Jingshen corrected the error and quickly typed again.

"Ah?" Can't we fall in love? "

"So crazy."

The employees were suddenly filled with grief.

Chen Heng was also stunned.

He had a feeling that this rule had something to do with him …

It shouldn't be … He didn't do anything?

Was he afraid that he would affect his work?

Chen Heng was depressed, but Su Shiao had an excuse. She smiled at Chen Heng: "Sorry, I can't agree to that. The company rules state that employees are not allowed to fall in love. "

This reason was simply too powerful. Su Shiao's words were filled with righteousness.

Chen Heng: "..."

After solving Chen Heng's problem, Su Shiao heaved a sigh of relief. She was finally in the mood to study her design.

As an interior designer, she had seen a lot of tough clients.

However, this time, the customer was particularly difficult to deal with.

This customer was about to get married. From the very beginning, she had assigned herself to do the interior design of the new house.

After Su Shiao asked the customer about their needs, she made version after version of the design, but was always overturned by the customer.

Today was the tenth time she had changed her script.

"Shiao, isn't your customer a bit too difficult to deal with?" Her colleague who was beside her came over and could not help but to say.

Su Shiao sighed, "There's no other way. The customer has abused me a thousand times. I treat the customer like my first love."

As she spoke, Su Shiao had already resigned herself to her fate and started to change the design.

According to the suggestion from the customer, Su Shiao did some perfecting and sent the design to them before she got off work.

She packed her things and was about to get off work.

Suddenly, the mail flashed.

She opened it and looked.

It was the client.

"No, you have to redo this design."

Su Shiao frowned.

She sent the design over. Only ten seconds!

Within ten seconds, the customer had already come to the conclusion that they needed to redo the work?

Su Shiao couldn't help but become slightly angry.

After all, changing the script was a very normal thing.

She was also willing to further improve her design in accordance with the needs of her clients.

However, in a mere ten seconds, if the customer could not even read the script once, he would immediately request for the redo.

He was purposely making things difficult for them.

Su Shiao wasn't made of mud, she also had her own temper.

She was about to send out an email to let her client find someone else.

Another email popped up.

"Forget it, your comprehension is too limited. "Now, at six o'clock, come to the cafe near your company, and I'll talk to you!"

Su Shiao thought about it and replied with an email. "Ok."

Since the client had already said so, then let's have an interview. If she continued to change the script so frequently, she definitely could not do this.

It was only half an hour before six.

Su Shiao packed her things and headed downstairs.

"Shiao." At the entrance of the company, Chen Heng seemed to be waiting for her.

"Right." Su Shiao looked at him with a puzzled expression. Was her rejection not obvious enough?

Chen Heng gritted his teeth and said with a serious face, "Shiao, I've thought about it carefully. I really like you! Although it is accepted that Lanyu is the best treatment in the industry, if you are willing to be together with me, I can resign on my own accord! "

Su Shiao couldn't help but be shocked.

She had originally thought that Chen Heng would have given up just because of the rule of not being able to fall in love between the company's employees.

However, she didn't expect Chen Heng to continue pursuing her even if he changed jobs.

He was so serious that it was worth it for her to respond seriously to him.

Su Shiao thought for a moment and said, "Chen Heng. I'm not lying to you. I really already have a husband. "

With Su Shiao's serious expression, Chen Heng couldn't help but be stunned: "Is what you said true?"

"It's true." Su Shiao sincerely said, "I've already been married for a year."

Chen Heng gritted his teeth: "Then, do you love him?"

"Love?" Su Shiao was stunned for a moment before she smiled and said, "This word is too extravagant. However, I am very satisfied with my current life and I do not want to change it. "

The light in Chen Heng's eyes dimmed. After a long while, he asked, "Then if you weren't married, would you consider me?"

He looked at Su Shiao expectantly.

Su Shiao smiled. "Since you're so good, I'll definitely consider you."

Only when Su Shiao replied sincerely did Chen Heng feel slightly better.

"Shiao, I …" Chen Heng had something else to say.

Suddenly, a cold snort sounded.

Then, Director Xiao passed by the two of them with an expressionless face.

Su Shiao: "…"

Why is there such a man everywhere!

She suddenly felt that she wouldn't be able to live past tomorrow!

After saying goodbye to Chen Heng with a bit of heartache, Su Shiao received a call from Xiao Jingshen.

His voice was cold as he said, "A thousand meters ahead, I'll stop by the roadside and wait for you."

Wait for me?

Su Shiao looked into the distance and saw Xiao Jingshen's car.

"Why aren't you coming over? Or are you going to talk to your suitor again? Su Shiao, don't forget, you're a married woman! " Xiao Jingshen's voice carried a hint of anger.

Su Shiao could completely understand Xiao Jingshen's anger.

He didn't like her, but he was her wife after all. Even for the sake of a man's face, he wouldn't want to see her so close to another man.

Su Shiao immediately said, "I haven't forgotten. I've already explained it clearly to Chen Heng. "

Director Xiao snorted coldly. It was hard to tell if he was happy or not.

"But …" Su Shiao braced herself and said, "Today, a client asked me to meet him at a coffee shop nearby. I can't go back with you for the time being! "

"..." Are you rejecting me? "

Su Shiao could practically feel the sound of Director Xiao grinding his teeth on the other side.

She quickly revealed a fawning smile. "No, no. "But, I've already promised my customer …"

Xiao Jingshen was silent for a long time before he spoke coldly.

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