C7 Old Acquaintance

"Su Shiao, I'll give you one last chance. Are you going to get in my car or not?"

Su Shiao said carefully, "Jingshen, I have a client appointment …"

Xiao Jingshen immediately hung up.

After that, Su Shiao saw the black Maybach car leaving in a cloud of dust.

Su Shiao couldn't help but to laugh bitterly. She seemed to have pissed Xiao Jingshen off quite a bit today …

However … But she was also very innocent!

It wasn't like she got Chen Heng to confess, she did have an appointment with a customer.

"You're narrow-minded." Su Shiao grumbled. She found the coffee shop and sat down to wait for the customer.

Maybach was galloping along the road.

Suddenly, the car pulled to the side of the road.

A hint of anger flashed across Xiao Jingshen's eyes.

This damned woman.

He didn't even bother to look at how many women were crying and yelling about getting into their cars.

Now, he took the initiative to invite her in, but she actually dared to refuse?

Hehe, see the customer!

Should he feel gratified that his employees are so dedicated?

Forget it, I'll do whatever Su Shiao wants! What does it have to do with him!?

What kind of woman does he want for a phone call?

Xiao Jingshen made a phone call without any expression: "Where are you? I'll pick you up. "

"Director Xiao?" The voice on the other end was overjoyed. "Why did you want to find me?"

"Not happy?"

"No, no, I'm so happy that I'm about to faint. Director Xiao, I'm here …"

Xiao Jingshen hung up the phone and slightly raised his eyebrows.

Listen, listen, that was the right response.

Su Shiao, how irreplaceable do you think you are? Without you, I would be even more dashing.

Xiao Jingshen drove away quickly.

In the coffee shop.

Su Shiao kept looking at her watch.

It was six o'clock, now half past six, and the client was still missing.

Just as she was about to send an email to confirm with her customer, a soft voice rang out. "Miss Su, you've been waiting for a long time, right?"

Su Shiao raised her head and instantly set her gaze on the man beside her. A look of disbelief flashed through her eyes.

It was actually him!

How could it be him!

"Miss Su, it's not polite to be staring at my fiance like that." The woman giggled and then raised her head to act coquettishly to the man beside her. "Darling, you are too charming. Even the designer lady is enchanted by you?"

The man doted on her and smiled, "Stop messing around."

He then turned to Su Shiao and said, "Miss Su, Mann is more mischievous. Don't bother with her."

Gentle words, a tone of alienation.

That love, that tolerance had once belonged to her, but now, they were all given to another woman.

This man was Lu Qing.

It was a man who had sworn an oath to the sea and the mountains with her.

Under the table, Su Shiao's hands were tightly clenched.

Not only Lu Qing, even Chen Mann was an acquaintance now.

Chen Mann had always liked Lu Qing. Back then, when she was with Lu Qing, Chen Mann had relied on her family's background to torment her.

At that time, Lu Qing always stood by her side without hesitation to protect her and protect her.

But now he looked at her as if she were a stranger. The way he looked at Chen Mann was filled with gentleness.

With an incomparable pain in her heart, Su Shiao forced out a smile. "No, I won't. "Miss Chen is very cute."

"See, Miss Su is praising me for being cute. Only a piece of wood like you will only despise me. " Chen Mann was acting coquettishly toward Lu Qing.

Lu Qing just smiled at her.

His smile was so familiar, yet so unfamiliar.

Su Shiao could feel her heart twitching in pain.

"Miss Su, it's like this. Lu Qing and I are getting married. The design that I asked you to make is also the design of our new house. You know, every girl wants to have a perfect wedding, a new house, and I have to do the best I can. "That's why I asked you to change it again and again. I'm not trying to make things difficult for you, I'm just …" Chen Mann started talking endlessly.

Su Shiao, however, couldn't hear what she said clearly. She couldn't help but look at Lu Qing. Countless emotions welled up from the bottom of her heart.

He seemed to have lost some weight.

But in good spirits.

From the looks of it, he had recovered quite well.

"Miss Su." Lu Qing slightly frowned: "Is there any dirt on my face?"

"Nope." Su Shiao lowered her head in panic.

Lu Qing looked directly at Chen Mann: "Mann, do we need to change designers?"

Chen Mann smiled. Her charming voice said, "No need. Miss Su's business ability is very strong. I want her to design it. "Darling, please step aside for a moment. Miss Su and I will talk in private."

"Alright." Lu Qing stood up and gave a warning look to Su Shiao before he left.

At this moment, Su Shiao couldn't describe how she was feeling.

She clearly knew that Lu Qing had completely forgotten about her, but before she actually saw him, there was still a tiny bit of hope left in her heart.

But now, the cruel reality didn't allow her to escape.

In Lu Qing's heart, there was not a single trace of her.

"Miss Su, is it painful?" Suddenly, a mocking voice sounded.

Su Shiao couldn't help but look at Chen Mann.

At this moment, she stopped her innocent smile in front of Lu Qing and extended her fangs fiercely.

"You did it on purpose. "You purposefully assigned me to design your new house, invited me out to meet you, and purposely made Lu Qing come with you …" Su Shiao gritted her teeth.

Chen Mann laughed, her eyes flashed with a trace of unconcealable malice, "Of course I did it on purpose! Su Shiao! Previously, I relied on Lu Qing to pamper you, and you had an arrogant look in front of me. But you didn't think of that, did you? Rebirth of the world, a car accident, Lu Qing actually forgot about you, and completely forgot about it. Why did he forget you? For those whom he can forget, they are probably not that important. "

Those who can forget, are probably not that important …

Su Shiao's heart ached slightly. She wanted to retort, but couldn't find a word to say.

Because what Chen Mann said wasn't wrong.

If it wasn't that it wasn't important, why did he have to forget about her …

Seeing Su Shiao's pained expression, a sliver of happiness flashed across Chen Mann's eyes. "He was in a car accident and couldn't move in his bed. It was me who took care of him, back and forth." Where were you then? Therefore, Su Shiao, the treatment right now is something that I deserve. "

Where is she?

Su Shiao was slightly dazed.

Lu Qing was in a car accident and she was anxious to see him.

However, she was stopped by Lu Qing's parents.

Su Shiao still remembered Mrs. Lu's sarcastic words.

"Woman, didn't you stay with Lu Qing just for the money from Lu Family? I tell you, my son has forgotten about you now. Get out of here right now. "

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