C8 You Don't Believe Me?

She was really worried about Lu Qing's condition, she even kneeled down and begged Mrs. Lu.

She said that she didn't want the Lu Family's money, she didn't want anything, she just wanted to see Lu Qing and see if he was okay.

Results. All she got was Mrs. Lu's harsh words.

She was thrown out of the hospital in a sorry state, unable to even meet him once.

Just then, her brother was hospitalized with a heart attack.

What's worse, her brother also suffered from schizophrenia during the treatment of his heart disease. The doctor said that whether it was a heart attack or the symptoms of schizophrenia, it proved that her brother was suffering from some kind of intense stimulation.

Her brother was no longer able to talk normally, and she had no way of knowing what was going on. The only thing she could do was find a way to raise medical fees.

When her parents died, her brother was sixteen and she was only ten. With so many relatives, no one was willing to take them in. Her brother dropped out of school, worked all over the place to make money, took care of her life and helped her go to school.

In her memories, the impression she had of her parents was already very vague.

The elder brother played the role of all the parents.

To her, her brother was the only family she had in this world.

As long as she could save her brother, she would be willing to pay any price.

At that time, she forcefully suppressed her yearning towards Lu Qing and desperately tried to find a way to raise money.

She sold the small shack at home. The shack was small and its position wasn't good. In the end, she only got a hundred thousand.

This money was far from enough.

She gave up her dignity and went to find Mrs. Lu.

She would never forget Mrs. Lu's contemptuous gaze, she thought. She seemed to be saying, look, you really did come for the Lu Family's money!

Mrs. Lu threw a hundred thousand dollars on the ground.

Tell her that she can leave with the hundred thousand, but in the future, she is not allowed to contact Lu Qing! She was also not allowed to tell Lu Qing about what happened between the two of them!

She knelt down and picked up the money one by one.

Mrs. Lu's sharp, mocking gaze was fixed on her back.

Her heart was in pain, and her dignity was on the verge of collapse.

But no matter how much pain she suffered or how embarrassing it was, she only knew that she couldn't let anything happen to her brother.

She knelt down and took the one hundred thousand, then left Lu Family, and also left her love.

However, that money was still not enough for her brother to treat his illness. At this time, Mrs. Xiao appeared in front of her. Xiao Jingshen had been through a lot of troubles recently, and the fortune-teller said that he was in a bit of a dangerous situation this year. If he wanted to get over it, he needed to find the right person to marry. That was her.

So, she married Xiao Jingshen and Xiao Family took care of her brother's medical expenses.

After that, she heard that Lu Qing had completely forgotten about her. Then, she heard that Lu Qing had a fiancee.

She thought she could bear the pain.

But at this moment, she saw with her own eyes how Lu Qing doted on Chen Mann and realized that she wasn't that strong.

Even so, she didn't want to show her weakness in front of Chen Mann.

Su Shiao gripped her bag tightly, but her expression was calm. "I wish you all the best."

"Blessing?" Chen Mann glanced at Su Shiao, the corner of her mouth curving slightly. "In order to thank you for your blessings, may I give you a present?"

Before Su Shiao could react, Chen Mann suddenly picked up the coffee cup on the table and poured it on Su Shiao's head.

The coffee dripped down, making Su Shiao unable to open her eyes.

Su Shiao wiped her face and looked at Chen Mann angrily. She was about to say something.

Chen Mann screamed. "You're too much! I can't believe there's such a shameless woman in this world!"

Lu Qing was waiting outside when he heard Chen Mann's voice and came back quickly.

He took a quick glance at Su Shiao and asked Chen Mann nervously, "Mann, what's wrong?"

Chen Mann was so angry that her body was shaking. "Lu Qing... I thought this woman was interested in you. I let you leave just for her face. I didn't expect that after you left, she would shamelessly say that she had taken a fancy to you and wanted to woo you. I told her we were engaged. She told me that getting engaged wasn't the same as getting married. We could get divorced. In a fit of anger, I splashed her with a cup of coffee. Am I bad? "

As she said that, she jumped into Lu Qing's arms and started crying.

"You're not bad, but how could my Mann be bad?" You did well. You have to do this when you're dealing with a woman like that. " Lu Qing patted Chen Mann's back gently and comforted her in a low voice.

Su Shiao sat there, her body in a sorry state. Her heart was filled with sharp pain.

She gritted her teeth and could not help but open her mouth. "You're lying. I've never said anything like that to you before."

"Then you're saying that I wronged you?" Chen Mann came out from Lu Qing's arms with an angry look.

Su Shiao, on the other hand, saw a trace of pride in her eyes.

"In any case, I have never done such a thing." Su Shiao gritted her teeth.

"Lu Qing, she's still not admitting to it!" Chen Mann looked at Lu Qing with a wronged expression.

Lu Qing looked at her crying face and a trace of heartache flashed across his eyes.

He turned his head and stared coldly at Su Shiao.

"Miss Su, I want you to apologize to Mann for your actions."

Su Shiao looked at him absentmindedly.

Without asking anything, he believed Chen Mann's words.

He wanted her to apologize!

A feeling of suffocation spread throughout her body, making Su Shiao feel as though she couldn't breathe.

Su Shiao forced out her last bit of strength, "I didn't say those words!"

"You and I have never known each other. If you didn't say those things, why would I pour coffee on you? Am I that unreasonable? " Chen Mann said.

She looked at Su Shiao triumphantly.

She knew Su Shiao couldn't explain.

Su Shiao promised Mrs. Lu that she would never tell Lu Qing what happened between them after she took the one hundred thousand yuan.

"You …" Su Shiao's face turned pale. She was speechless.

"Miss Su, I'll give you one last chance to apologize to Mann." Lu Qing looked at her coldly.

Looking at his cold expression, Su Shiao suddenly felt that this world was really laughable.

In the past, he had protected her like this as well.

At that time, she was incredibly happy.

But now, he was defending another woman like this.

"Do you really not believe me?" Su Shiao looked fixedly at Lu Qing. There were too many emotions hidden in her eyes.

Those eyes...

Lu Qing was stunned for a moment. He didn't know why, but an indescribable feeling surfaced in his heart.

Su Shiao, had he seen this woman before?

Lu Qing didn't say anything for a long time. Chen Mann became a little anxious. She grabbed Lu Qing's hand in a spoiled manner: "Dearest, what are you daydreaming for?"

Lu Qing came back to his senses. He looked at Chen Mann's beautiful face and let out a faint smile. When he was in a car accident, Chen Mann had been painstakingly taking care of him. She was the woman he had to protect for the rest of his life.

Therefore, Lu Qing looked coldly at Su Shiao: "Would I not believe my fiancee and instead believe you?"

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