C9 My Woman

Lu Qing looked at Su Shiao coldly. In his eyes, there was even a hint of disgust.

Su Shiao felt as if she had been thrown into icy water, and her heart turned cold.

She knew that Lu Qing had forgotten about her, so he treated her like this.

However, her heartache at this moment was real.

She wanted to cry, but Su Shiao resisted the urge to. She stubbornly looked at Lu Qing: "What if I refuse to apologize?"

Lu Qing sneered: "I advise you to be obedient, otherwise, our Lu Family …"

"How is your Lu Family? "Director Lu, you sure have a big mouth."

A cold voice suddenly cut in.

Lu Qing turned his head in surprise and saw Xiao Jingshen standing behind him with a cold expression.

"Xiao Jingshen?" Lu Qing was slightly surprised.

Xiao Jingshen ignored him and quickly walked to Su Shiao's side.

He looked at her miserable appearance, and a fire seemed to be burning in the depths of his eyes.

"Stupid woman, can't you hide when others are throwing a tantrum?" Xiao Jingshen roared.

Su Shiao jumped in fright. After a long while, she weakly said, "I didn't manage to dodge in time …"

"You didn't dodge in time, so you won't retaliate?" Xiao Jingshen sneered. He suddenly picked up the coffee cup in front of Su Shiao and poured it on Chen Mann without hesitation.

No one expected Xiao Jingshen to suddenly make such a move. Chen Mann was firmly drenched in water.

She stared blankly for a moment before suddenly shouting out loudly.

"My hard-earned hair, my bag, my clothes …" Chen Mann picked up a napkin and wiped her clothes crazily.

"Did you see that, just like that!" Xiao Jingshen looked at Su Shiao.

Xiao Jingshen still looked angry, but Su Shiao realized that she was no longer afraid of him.

She giggled and even laughed. "Yes, I know!"

"Stupid woman, if you dare to let yourself suffer any more losses in the future, I'll kill you." Seeing her smile, Xiao Jingshen's expression became better, but he still pulled her up with a smelly face.

"Wait, Xiao Jingshen, what do you mean?" Lu Qing didn't pay attention to Chen Mann who was making a fuss over nothing. He stared at Xiao Jingshen holding Su Shiao's hand and felt a trace of unexplainable dissatisfaction in his heart.

"What do you mean?" Xiao Jingshen sneered: "After bullying my woman, you still don't allow me to fight back?"

With that, he took Su Shiao and pulled her to the side, full of possessive desire.

In the past, when he suddenly made such intimate moves, Su Shiao would subconsciously resist.

This time, she only quietly leaned against his chest.

Lu Qing suddenly felt that this scene was incredibly dazzling.

He clenched his fist: "Even if you are Xiao Jingshen, you still can't act recklessly like this."

Xiao Jingshen snorted and said arrogantly, "I like it, what can you do about it?"

His unreasonable and unreasonable attitude made Lu Qing and Chen Mann extremely angry.

Su Shiaoqing said indifferently, "I'm afraid it was just a misunderstanding. As you can see, I already have a boyfriend. Therefore, there is no such thing as coveting Mr. Lu. As for why Miss Chen Mann would suddenly slander me, I'm also very curious. "

"My family's Shiao covets Lu Qing?" Xiao Jingshen said sarcastically: "What kind of international joke is this? I, Xiao Jingshen, can't even compare to a pretty boy?"

Lu Qing's expression turned ugly as he subconsciously looked at Chen Mann.

Chen Mann was somewhat panicked as she avoided his sight.

Lu Qing's eyes instantly squinted.

"I'm telling you, if you touch my woman, you'll have to bear the consequences …"

"Jingshen, let's go." Su Shiao gently pulled Xiao Jingshen's arm.

Xiao Jingshen snorted coldly. Then, he left with Su Shiao.

In the coffee shop.

Lu Qing looked down at Chen Mann condescendingly with a trace of measuring light in his eyes.

For the first time, he began to wonder if Chen Mann was really as innocent and innocent as she appeared.

Sensing Lu Qing's suspicious gaze, Chen Mann started to panic. Her face paled, "Qing, that woman, she … she really said that. I …"

Lu Qing looked at her and suddenly revealed a gentle smile: "Don't worry, of course I believe in you."

Looking at Lu Qing's gentle gaze, Chen Mann let out a sigh of relief. She said in a tender voice, "Qing, that Xiao Jingshen, he is too unreasonable."

"It's not good for us to fall out with the Xiao Family over such a small matter. Let's first go back and change." Lu Qing said softly.

"Right." Chen Mann held his hand with a blissful expression.

Today, she specially brought Lu Qing to meet Su Shiao.

She just wanted to see if Lu Qing had really forgotten about Su Shiao.

She was very satisfied with the results of the test.

Lu Qing, indeed, only belonged to her.

Looking at Chen Mann's happy expression, a deep smile flashed in Lu Qing's eyes.

Who exactly was Su Shiao?

Why, when he saw her sad appearance, was there a complicated emotion in his heart that he could not understand himself?

Perhaps, he should investigate if there was some secret behind this.

With a dark expression, Xiao Jingshen pushed Su Shiao into the car.

Then, he started the car.

Su Shiao secretly glanced at him: "Jingshen, didn't you leave earlier? Why are you back? "

Xiao Jingshen's face turned dark all of a sudden.

How could he know why he'd given up the soft, sweet night and come looking for this stupid woman?

He was clearly about to pick her up when he foolishly returned to the coffee shop.

This way, of course he wouldn't tell Su Shiao, so Xiao Jingshen raised his eyebrows: "Where do I want to go, do I need to report this to you? "You don't think that you're being sentimental, thinking that I've come specifically to find you?"

Su Shiao immediately shook her head. "No, I don't think so. I just, just wanted to thank you. "

"There's no need to thank me. Just stop embarrassing me in the future." Xiao Jingshen said coldly.

"Oh." Su Shiao answered obediently. After a while, she looked at the speeding car and asked, "Jingshen, where are we going now?"

"Go home! You want to make a name for yourself with this coffee? " Xiao Jingshen said coldly.

"I …" Su Shiao pursed her lips and asked cautiously, "Jingshen, are you angry?"

"Angry?" Xiao Jingshen sneered: "What am I angry about?" Should I be angry because you secretly saw your old flame? Or should I be angry because you're so stupid that you can't avoid coffee being spilled? Su Shiao! You don't deserve me to be angry for you. "

Xiao Jingshen's face was as cold as frost, and his words were a bit unpleasant to listen to.

If it was the past, Su Shiao would definitely lower her head in embarrassment and not say a word.

But today, she suddenly felt that Xiao Jingshen might not be as cold as he appeared to be.

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