The Passionate Partner./C4 CAUGHT IN THE ACT GINNY'S POV
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The Passionate Partner./C4 CAUGHT IN THE ACT GINNY'S POV
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I started to roll around uncomfortably. My stomach was twisting up and making me feel abnormal. I started to sweat profusely just in a bid to conceal my horniness.That was what usually happened to me when I tried fighting against my nympho nature. My doctor had once told me that I could die if I didn't have sex when I was having such signs.The page was clear to me now. I was already having stomach ache which was one of the last effect which my hormones would give. I needed a dick inside me unless I could die.I started to wish silently that Josh would come and help me out. I didn't want to die yet but I could see death coming forward to take me away. "Josh, come here fast. I am dying and I need you here," I muttered slowly as I felt my stomach twist more. I grabbed my tummy and groaned out.Just then, I heard a knock on the door. I felt a bit relaxed and I quickly called for the person knocking to come in."Come in! The door isn't locked," I called out after releasing a groan.I wished silently that the person at the door shouldn't be no one other than Josh. That was just an impossible prayer and I knew it. Josh would never knock the door before coming in.Anyway, I watched the person at the door come in.It was Willy.Actually, Willy was a very good friend of mine. In actual fact, he was my male best friend. We had been together since childhood and we kept in contact even after we found different mates and led different lifestyles."Ginny, what's wrong with you? Why are you laid down there?" Willy asked as he came near me.I couldn't find myself explaining and so, I just groaned."What's wrong with you? Are you okay?" Willy asked again in concern. He was already sitting near me and holding me."I am not feeling okay at all. I think I am dying," I told Willy carefully as my intestines seemed to twist further. It was just like someone was sitting right in my stomach and twisting my intestines like spaghetti.I couldn't have felt worse."Okay, hold on here," Willy said. "Let me get a doctor for you."Willy started to run out but I knew I had to call him back. Something really bad would have happened to me before he got back and also, the doctor didn't hold any solution to my problem. Willy could help me out instantly."Come back, Willy. Don't get the doctor," I said quickly before Willy disappeared outside.Willy rushed back inside and held me again."Why? Are you feeling good already?" Willy asked hurriedly."No." I replied."Then why are you stopping me? Let me go get the doctor quickly," Willy said convincingly."No. The doctor can't help me but you can," I told Willy carefully."How? What's really wrong with you?" Willy asked as his face portrayed confusion."I am having one of my nympho turns," I finally confessed. I knew I had to confess if I wanted to protect my life. My life was ticking on a clock now and I knew it."You mean this is happening because you haven't had sex in a long time?" Willy asked carefully.I didn't answer."What is the solution now?" Willy asked."I need you." I replied. "You are the only one who can help me right now.""No, I can't. That's too hard. Shall I just go get Josh?" Willy offered with maximized impatience."Both of us know that the worse would have happened before you get back," I told Willy carefully. "You are the only one who can help me.""But what if Josh finds out?" Willy asked. He seemed to be having a hard time making his decision.I had to help him. My mind didn't even bother filtering out to being loyal to my mate at this period. My life was at stake and if I died, Josh would gladly move on and meet with his second chance mate. I would be the only one losing in that case."He won't find out. Help me out if you care about my life," I told Willy carefully as I groaned in pain. I was sweating profusely now.Willy stopped talking now. He held his hand down my skirt and raised it up exposing my pant. Feeling bad, he turned his head away from the gaze of my naked laps."You have no chance but to look, Willy. I am not complaining and you have to save my life," I told Willy slowly.Willy faced me again and fully removed my skirt. Slowly, he removed my pant as well and my naked pussy lay to his glare. Right in my mind, I was feeling so bad that I had to close my eyes in embarrassment.Willy removed his trousers and underwear short and also exposed his dick to me. He was already hard. Willy's dick was way smaller than that of Josh but I didn't care anyway. I was bent on saving my life from death.Willy spread my legs and inserted his dick into my pussy. I moaned hungrily as he pushed in his dick inside me.Just as he pushed his dick deeper inside me, my stomach ache gradually vanished. I was feeling a lot better and I appreciated that feeling.Willy was fucking me faster and he was undoubtedly enjoying it. It was helping me out as well and I felt my stomach ache gradually ceasing. I couldn't specially understand what my stomach had to do with my pussy. The two body parts seemed connected for me.Willy was pushing gradually inside me and things were getting more intense between us. Willy wasn't fucking me anymore because of saving my life. He was now doing it because he enjoyed it. I also didn't stop him since my stomach ache was yet to cease completely.It was very embarrassing to see my best friend having sex with me. I seemed to have blended comfortably and my moans professed that.Just at that moment, the unimaginable happened.The door opened widely and I saw Josh come in. I froze in shock as Josh saw me and Willy having sex.How would I explain?

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