The Passionate Partner./C5 A CATASTROPHE
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The Passionate Partner./C5 A CATASTROPHE
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I couldn't believe what my eyes saw at first. I kept on looking hard and harder as time went by. Right before my eyes, Ginny and Willy were mating.

My mate was mating with her friend!

"What's going on here?" I asked in a fit of anger. I could hear my breath going on harder. It was an unexpected event.

Ginny and Willy jumped off themselves hurriedly. They were looking so lost in the pleasure which they have been having. I was so flabbergasted that I seemed lost for words.

"I can explain," Ginny started to say. She was already shedding tears and her approach was tender.

"Would you stop those crocodile tears before I slap your face?" I asked quickly with my anger reaching its limit. I felt like pouncing on Ginny and tearing her flesh with my teeth.

I gazed at Willy as well. He was looking at me carefully. He was looking so scared. Willy was covering his privates with his hands. The shame was probably overbearing for him.

"They aren't crocodile tears, Josh," Ginny started again with her voice trailing off. She was looking so scared.

"You still have the mind to talk back at me, right?" I asked threateningly. I neared Ginny and Willy with my anger in its intense state. I was truly able to hit both of them right now.

Ginny started to move further back with my movements becoming more threatening. I didn't mind her movement. I followed her until she was by the wall. She had nowhere else to go.

Now, I could do all I liked with Ginny.

Ginny was so terrified at the moment. She was panicking and I watched her panic the more. I felt like hitting her right now but I sincerely felt that I needed to clean up some other things before I descended on Ginny. I should take care of Willy before Ginny.

I looked back and saw Willy still standing by. He had worn his shorts but he was shirtless. He looked so embarrassed.

"Shameless man!" I called him.

Willy didn't answer me. He just kept looking like a dumb fella.

"Shameless Willy!" I called again with my anger surpassing its limit.

Now, he looked up at me and gazed at me with guilt in his eyes. I could understand how he felt. Without listening to the whole story, I could vividly tell that Ginny was the one behind the whole saga. It had to be that Ginny seduced Willy.

Willy was probably just a victim of sexual seduction. Ginny was the real culprit.

But that didn't ease the pressure which I had on myself. To me, Willy was still an irritation.

"Willy," I called his name slowly.

He looked surprised that I didn't add any insulative prefixes or suffixes. But then, he answered.

"Yes," Willy answered.

I let out a sigh. The whole saga was still shocking. However, I knew it was time to let go and make the overturning decision.

"Willy," I started with my breath getting harder. "Go out of this house and never set your feet here again because the day you do, I will make sure I kill you."

Willy didn't prompt anymore. He picked up his shirt from the ground and wore it quickly. He was ready to go.

"Thank you," Willy muttered as he ran out of the house like ten devils were after him. He was running so hard.

Willy was now out of the house. Now, I could deal with my untamed mate, Ginny.

I turned towards Ginny and gazed at her with hot fury in my eyes. She was looking at me as well with her heart beating hard.

"How dare you betray me, Ginny!" I exclaimed in a fit of anger.

"I am sorry, Josh," Ginny broke down and started to cry. She went down and started sobbing hard. Her tears were overflowing. I asked watching her carefully without any pity for her condition.

"Stop that pretense!" I screamed at Ginny. I was so pissed off and her tears were doing more harm than good.

"I am not pretending," Ginny offered again with her tears still overflowing.

Immediately, her words touched my bone marrow and affected my mood instantly. My anger had turned from mild to intense.

Without even knowing it, I grabbed Ginny by the chin and lifted her in anger. I was holding her by the neck now and still, I didn't realize that I was strangling her slowly.

"You are choking me, Josh," Ginny told me slowly as she tried her best to free herself from my grip. She was trying so hard but I didn't give her any chance. I held her neck hard and strangled her the most. I was enjoying myself by hurting her.

Yeah, Ginny had hurt me also by mating with Willy and I was also going to hurt her as well by strangling her. Ginny was going to find out how much it hurt.

"You are hurting me, Josh," Ginny started to say again. She was still in the bid of saving herself. "You promised never to hurt me. You promised, Josh. You promised…"

"Shut it!" I screamed. I slapped Ginny hard across her face and left her neck. Ginny fell haphazardly and gripped her neck. I was choking her before.

I had to make her understand how much it hurt me as well.

"You hurt me first, Ginny," I told Ginny angrily. "You mated with another man while I was still in existence. I wasn't dead yet and you had the mind to bring a man into my house and mate, then?"

"I am sorry, Josh. Just try and understand me," Ginny pleaded. She was still looking so devastated.

"Don't try that with me! Do I look like a joke to you? If you come nearer, I will kick you hard and stamp your face with my feet," I threatened Ginny with anger still floating in my system.

Ginny stopped in her tracks. She didn't try to move closer to me again. She was just looking like a deserted person.

I thought she had lost her voice at first. I would have tried to confirm that but she startled me by talking.

"But I already said I was sorry," Ginny started to say. "Can't you even try to listen to my explanation? The whole thing was out of my bounds."

Now, I was pissed off. I couldn't believe the fact that Ginny was trying to weave her way through her wrongdoings. The whole saga which had been hurting me so deeply continued to hurt me deeper.

Ginny was still trying to brand herself as an innocent person in the whole ordeal when she was the real culprit. The whole thing was quite annoying. I didn't know how it happened again but I held her up and pinned her to the wall again. I spat on her face and got myself ready to deal with her.

"How dare you make such silly excuses! Do you want me to hurt you?" I asked with my anger hitting its limit.

"You haven't even heard my excuses, Josh. Try listening to them before you decide on what you are gonna do with me," Ginny said again with her face carrying the tag 'GUILT' in block letters.

"I am not listening to any of your silly excuses, tramp. You are simply so stupid that I don't know how to deal with you," I shouted at Ginny in anger. I was still holding her by the neck. I was hurting her and I was enjoying it.

Slowly, I saw Ginny push me back in renewed energy. I didn't know where the strength came from for her. She pushed me hard and I fell to the ground with my back on the floor.

Ginny fell herself and got on her knees. She held her neck which was marked with my fingers already. They were red marks covering her neck.

"Just try and understand me, Josh," Ginny cried. She watched me intently.

I started to stand up carefully. Ginny noticed me and she also stood to her feet instantly. I was utterly shocked by Ginny's defensive act.

"You are so crazy, Ginny. I should have known this would happen," I told Ginny slowly while I watched her intently.

"I am not so crazy, Josh," Ginny replied. "You are the one making me this way."

Now, I was more surprised. Why was Ginny so defensive when she was absolutely at fault?

"I made you this way?" I asked. "Is your conscience still in existence? Tell me, Ginny. Are you with a conscience?"

"You are driving me crazy, Josh," Ginny said slowly now. She buried her head in her hands and bent down.

"Okay, do you admit that you are crazy now?" I asked Ginny knowingly.

"Just let me be," Ginny replied. She was sobbing crazily now.

Her tears didn't move me. Instead, her tears hardened my heart.

I moved nearer to Ginny now with my fists ready and my mind prepared in a bid to do nothing else than kill Ginny.

And off I went, in a bid to kill.

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