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Fu Yao carried a bag and stood at the door of the dilapidated little farmer's house. She had left for eight years, so this place was much more run-down than she remembered.

She came back this time to take revenge for Fu Yao!

In order to escape being a soldier, Uncle Fu Yao Fu Chunming threw her name, who was about to be married, into the army to help him join the army.

At that time, Fu Yao knew that she had committed suicide, and a ghost from another world had invaded her body after she died. Fu Yao did not want to come back, so she decided to stay in the army camp for eight years.

After being in the army for eight years, she had experienced many battles and finally came back alive.

After wasting so much time, she was already twenty-five years old. In the ancient times, she was already seven or eight years old, but to her, this was a woman's most glorious time.

Fu Chunming, before I die, my wish is to chop you into mincemeat. My aunt has come to help her fulfill her wish.

Before he could open the door, he heard shouts coming from the side.

Seven or eight children surrounded a child in the middle and said disdainfully, "You little lunatic, stay away from us. My mother told me not to play with you, lest I get infected by your family's strange illness."

"It's over, it's over. We're talking to him. He shouldn't have caught a strange disease, right?"

"Hurry up and run." As soon as they finished shouting, the children immediately ran far away, afraid that the one behind them would catch some sort of strange disease.

Seeing the sad and pitiful look on her child's face, Fu Yao's maternal love exploded. She squatted in front of him and gently said: "Those people are speaking nonsense, don't take them to heart."

"I'm not sick. I'm healthy. I just want to play with them." The child had a wrinkled bun face and wore a torn set of patched clothes. Tears hung from his long eyelashes, making him look pitiful.

"You're not sick, they're not good enough to play with you." Fu Yao's heart was about to melt. She liked cute children the most, especially this kind of obedient child.

The little man twisted his fingers and asked timidly: "Then are you willing to play with me?"

"Of course I'm willing. What's your name?" Fu Yao took out a piece of candy from his pocket and gave it to him, while massaging his head.

"My name is Fu Feng, this is my home."

The child carefully took the candy and pointed at the broken house she was standing in. His face was bright red, as if he was happy to have made his first friend.

Fu Yao retracted her hand. Fu Feng? In this village, only her surname was Su and she didn't have much impression of Fu Feng.

"Feng Er, where did you go? "Come back quickly, cough cough cough." A woman was crying weakly, coughing continuously as if she wanted to cough out her lungs.

"Mother called me. I have to go home." Fu Feng ran home with his legs crossed.

When Fu Yao saw that he did not even wear a pair of shoes and her feet were riddled with scars, she could not help but feel her heart ache. She stood up and followed Fu Feng into the courtyard. The courtyard was much more dilapidated than before, and there wasn't even a decent piece of furniture.

It was summer, and everything was lively, but the old locust tree in the middle of the yard was bare, as if it were dusk.

Seeing this, Fu Yao's heart was filled with emotions.

He walked into the room and saw that Fu Feng was sitting on the bed, feeding water to the skinny girl on the bed. The girl's face was yellow and her eyes were sunken in, looking haggard.

Fu Yao's bag fell to the ground, her nose turned sour as she rushed over and knelt down while shouting, "Mother, how can you be so skinny?"

By the time Fu Yao had reacted, she was already kneeling on the ground. This noble one was simply too emotional, she could not control herself, but looking at her, it would be fake if she did not feel sorry for her.

"Yao'er? "Are you Yao'er?" The woman was stunned for a moment. Then, with trembling hands, she placed them on her cheeks, as if she couldn't believe the truth before her.

"It's me. It's me, Yao'er. I'm back." Fu Yao's nose soured as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"It's good that you're back, it's good that you're back. Mom thought I'd never see you again in this lifetime." Fujimori was so excited that she did not know what to do. She slapped her hands and cried, "All these years, where have you been?

"Mom, it's my fault. It's my fault." Fu Yao bit her lips. In these eight years, she had never written a letter home.

She only came back this time because her original body had told her to come back every day or else she wouldn't have come back to this place.

Feng Er, go borrow an egg from the Aunt Wang and cook an egg for your sister. Seeing that you have lost weight and you have drawn a lot, don't tell me you have suffered a lot, my pitiful Yao Er. "

Fu Feng was also extremely excited. This sister who gave him candy was his very own sister, the one his mother would throw away every day.

She was back! He had a big sister, so excited that he ran outside and almost fell down to the ground.

Fujimori had a thousand things she wanted to say, but she didn't know where to start. Seeing Fu Yao filled with joy, she grabbed her hand, afraid that this was just a dream.

Fu Yao's heart was also filled with emotion. Fujimori's motherly love for this sovereign had really made her a little envious. Fu Yao was a lonely soul from the modern era, who had grown up in an orphanage and had never experienced kinship.

This kind of Fujimori made her feel guilty, but she also wanted to get closer ?

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