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was incomparably shocked. Just three months ago, he had met Fu Yao at the palace and for some reason, she disappeared from everyone's sight.

He had previously checked that Fu Yao was registered at Yunxian, he had only come here to try her luck, he had never thought that he would actually see her here.

The value of a thousand silver was something that even Wang Yuan Kang would feel a bit grateful for.

"Hahaha, I won, I won!" Wang Yuan Kang clapped his hands and laughed, but seeing his disbelief, his laugh became louder.

He was originally the King of cricket s in the Yunxian, but ever since Ren Yun Xing arrived here one month ago, he was continuously defeated and this honor fell upon him.

Aiyo, this is great! The tiger's body trembled.

His honor had finally returned.

Ren Yun Xing curled his lips, looking at the two of them in excitement. If he did not go easy on them, would the two of them win?

Then, looking at how Wang Yuan Kang's claws were still on Fu Yao's shoulders, he couldn't help but want to break them.

"One thousand silver. Hand it over." Wang Yuan Kang simply did not see his anger, and extended his hand towards Ren Yun Xing. Other than the eight hundred that he had lost, he could still earn two hundred gold.

Ren Yun Xing turned his head and stared at the smiling Fu Yao, then looked at the two entangled cricket, and sneered: "You bunch of vile people, use such despicable methods."

"Could it be that young duke Ren wants to renege on the debt?" Fu Yao said.

"Bullshit, I don't want to do that kind of thing. It's just that I didn't expect you two to be so disgusting, you actually took out a female cricket to seduce my great general." The word seduction was extremely heavy.

Wang Yuan Kang was startled, and when he saw the cricket in the jar entangled together, he knew, no matter what method he used, as long as he won, it would be fine.

He had learned since he was young. The process wasn't important, what was important was the result.

"Young Master Wang, is there a rule that a female cricket cannot be used?" Fu Yao acted innocent.

"Of course not." Wang Yuan Kang took a step forward, "Young Marquis, don't spout nonsense. No matter how I look at it, it's your General that must pester me with his cricket. Do you want to use that as an excuse to renege on the debt? And I still haven't asked your general for the betrothal gift money, that's already good enough! "

"The two of you, good, very good." Ren Yun Xing gritted his teeth as he took out a silver note from his bosom. "I didn't bring that much.

"You want to go back on your word?"

"Do you think I'm you!?" Ren Yun Xing swept his gaze across Wang Yuan Kang. Yunxian had the guts to play with the third young master of the Wang Family who didn't have the guts.

Wang Yuan Kang rubbed his nose bitterly, watched as Ren Yun Xing kicked over the jar, even the cricket left without a word.

Everyone sighed, although Wang Yuan Kang's methods were disgraceful, but Young Master Wang had always been like this, and was accustomed to it, so they all left.

"Thank you, for venting my anger." Wang Yuan Kang was all smiles as he picked up the silver notes and folded them before stuffing them into his sleeves.

"I did it for myself. One hundred silver."

"Mhmm, give it to me." Wang Yuan Kang took out a hundred silver and offered it to him. This was the first time he was so straightforward with his money.

Fu Yao accepted the hundred taels of silver. Today, she was lucky to have a hundred and two taels of silver, other than the ten to her aunt and ninety-two taels of silver.

He had to thank the young duke after all.

It had been three days since they last drank, and they were a little greedy now. seemed to be happy even though she had not drunk any alcohol, especially when it came to the best wines. She won a battle once and was bestowed a lot of good wine by the Emperor.

The soldiers in the barracks were drunk and awake and drunk, and she was the only one who seemed all right.

He became famous for his first battle and became known as the 'Wine Altar'.

He had some silver in his pocket. Should he get a tael of silver?

No way, her family was so poor, they had to buy food and fix their houses. Feng Er would need a huge amount of silver to attend school, furthermore, she liked to drink good wine, so normally she would not even bother.

Forget it, just bear with it. Once he had money, he would drink it all?

Suddenly, with a sniff of his nose, he caught a whiff of the fragrance of the wine. His soul was gone, and he headed straight there, stopping at a winery called Fragrance Restaurant.

He could not help but swallow his saliva and was about to step inside when he restrained himself. 'Forget it, I won't have enough to buy all of my silver ?'

I might as well brew it myself...

Small Theatre:

"When did I seduce you?" A certain someone stared at him, seducing him? It had always been someone with eight abs of abs and her strong muscles that seduced her, okay?

"When you were fighting the cricket, you took the female cricket. Those two cricket were entangled with each other on the spot." Ye Xiao said with a serious expression. When he thought about the cricket he was with, he thought of himself. He really wanted to, uh ~

Yao Yao was at a loss. Someone could always use strange cases to explain things.

"My wife, since the cricket is making love, shouldn't we ? ?"

"Get lost, it's not convenient for me to come to Sunflower Dew." Someone kicked him down.

A certain someone innocently got up from the ground and pitifully rubbed his hands together to create heat, "Then let me warm your stomach, it's good for your health this way."

Yao Yao was moved, tears flowed, caring about Little Warm Treasure.

At the very end, someone helped someone to get on the plane while gritting his teeth ?

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