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Fu Yao looked at the wine passionately, and turned her head ruthlessly, thinking that she would be fine after waiting for half a month, she just needed to bear with it.

He had a lot of money on him, so he became a lot more unyielding. He turned around and went next door to the rice shop. Under the waiter's contemptuous gaze, he bought fifty catties of new rice and successfully changed his attitude.

No matter what era it was, the rich ones would always be the big boss. The waiter was very courteous as he escorted her out of the rice shop.

She could not help but sigh. No wonder everyone wanted money.

After buying oil, salt, vinegar, pots and pans, and other necessities, he finally felt at ease.

Fu Yao didn't have much demand for a place to stay, but she couldn't lose her tongue just because she wanted to eat.

When she passed the shoe store, she thought of Fu Feng's barefoot, and walked in. Her hands were rough, she couldn't do any fine work, and she didn't dare to think about things that could be mended and mended.

Fujimori was also sickly and weak, even if she had a heart of stone, she would not let her waste time and energy on things like this.

"What do you need? We have everything here! " The shopkeeper was a woman. She was thin and frail. She carried rice on her shoulders, and she even carried things full of it. She had a relaxed look on her face. She could not help but sigh with emotion.

Her husband was also so thin, but when the wind blew, he would fall. Look at him.

"I want a pair of shoes. No, two pairs." Fu Yao thought about it, it seemed that the Fujimori's shoes were also in tatters.

"Put the items down and slowly pick them." The female owner couldn't help but worry if such a heavy object would collapse her thin and weak body.

Fu Yao nodded and placed the thing on the ground.

On one side of the store were men's boots and on the other a woman's embroidered shoes.

"I want something that a pair of seven-year-old kids will wear. Something that will be more sturdy."

"These shoes are all very sturdy. They won't rot after a long time, and they won't grind their feet." The shopkeeper said enthusiastically. Seeing that the things Fu Yao bought were worth four or five dollars, she should be a rich master.

"Then this pair." She had chosen a pair of black shoes. If she didn't know how to make shoes, it would be troublesome, so she really hoped that Fujimori would hurry up and get better.

She saw the embroidered shoes on the side, they were so beautiful that Fu Yao could not let go.

All these years she had been wearing military boots, and there was no time to love beauty. Now these shoes hooked up with her most feminine side.

"So beautiful."

The shopkeeper welcomed him with a smile. "Brave warrior, you have good eyesight. These are the latest floral shoes that we, the embroidery lady, have made. You should be buying them for your wife. Your wife is so blessed."

Brave warrior?

Fu Yao's face turned black. She doesn't seem like a woman? She turned to the shopkeeper and said unhappily, "I don't have a wife."

The female owner was stunned. "Buying it for your mother isn't bad either."

"Can't I buy it for myself?" Fu Yao wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

The shopkeeper looked at Fu Yao carefully, a pair of slender, phoenix eyes, extremely delicate and pretty, with a long and slender figure, it looked like she had the appearance of a woman. Although she was wearing men's clothing, with a heroic look, she was indeed a woman, and apologized profusely, "Sorry miss, I was wrong."

Actually, the shopkeeper couldn't be blamed for admitting to it. Which girl would be able to effortlessly carry so many things?

"I'm fine." Fu Yao sighed, he had been hurt by these words of the warrior. In the future, he would definitely go out and only wear female attire, in case someone called for warriors next time.

After walking around, he selected a pair of shoes for Fujimori and said, "I'll take these three pairs. How much is it?"

"A child's shoes are fifty pieces of paper. The embroidered shoes you saw just now were a bit more expensive. A pair of three hundred pieces of paper."

"Three hundred coins?" So cheap? Fu Yao was astonished. If she could get it to the capital by hand, it would at least cost him one or two taels of silver.

Back then, she had been running all over the place, so she could be considered to know what was good for her.

"That's right, I'm selling it for someone else, it's an excellent workmanship, at least 500 coins in other places. If it wasn't for the weak body of that woman, a seven-year-old child, and a sister-in-law who compels money every day, being forced to make embroidery shoes day and night, it would have been sold for so little?" The female owner thought that she thought it was too expensive and explained, "It's such a pity, I rarely see a woman with such good handicraft, it's just that her fate is not that good. "

Fu Yao nodded, her heart aching, she realized that this situation was very similar to her home.

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