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When Fu Yao returned home, the sky was slightly dark. Seeing a small person stretching his neck in the distance, his heart warmed and he quickened his steps.

"Big sister is back, mother. Big sister is back." Fu Feng screamed anxiously, running towards Fu Yao and almost falling, "Sis, why are you so late, I thought ?"

You ran away again.

The last sentence stuck in his throat, causing his face to turn red.

"Be careful." Fu Yao's heart jumped in fear, afraid that his cute smile would rub on the ground. Seeing that he was fine, she calmed down and said: "I'm back, why do I have to do this? "Hurry, hurry, help me catch them. I'm not tired of so many things."

Fu Feng's face flushed red, he immediately nodded and stepped forward to help.

"Feng Er is so obedient, when the time comes, elder sister will make you something nice to eat." Fu Yao walked in and placed the rice on the ground. She rubbed her shoulders;

Fu Feng saw that she was carrying some food on his back, as well as a lot of salt, vinegar, and plates.

He knew that his master was lying to him, claiming that Fu Yao could not even pay back the 10 taels of silver, and ran away, just like how she ran away when she broke the engagement for no reason.

was so angry that he threw rocks at them when he returned.

Her sister wasn't like that!

Fu Feng helped Fu Yao carry the food to the kitchen. With this much rice, they would be able to eat for a long time.

It's good that my sister is back.

"Yao'er is back?" Fujimori staggered out, holding on to the wall and gasping for breath. Fu Yao had left this morning and still did not come back in the afternoon.

She also thought that Fu Yao had left.

"Mom, why did you get up? Hurry up and lie down on the bed. The wind outside is strong, so blowing on it won't be good." Fu Yao frowned, the Fujimori's body was weak, and she liked to worry about her.

"Hey hey hey, I'm going back now." Fujimori was so excited that tears appeared, she sniffed and laid back down on the bed, the dark clouds in her heart finally dispersed.

She hoped that Fu Yao would not be burdened with a debt, but even more so, hoped that she would stay by her side and help her.

These five years had been too hard for her. It was also good to have a daughter to rely on.

"Sis, where did you buy so many things?" Fu Feng stood behind Fu Yao, feeling happy in his heart, but when he thought about the money he still owed his aunt, all the happiness in his heart disappeared.

Buying so many things should cost quite a bit of silver.

Fu Yao turned her head and saw the worry on his face and couldn't help but laugh, "How did my brother become a little old man? "Don't worry, I already have Aunt's silver. I won't let that fat woman sell my cute little brother."

"Really?" Fu Feng blushed a little. How could his sister guess his thoughts? He had already made up his mind.

"Of course."

However, Fu Feng still did not believe his, it was hard to earn silver. His mother was so full of anxiety that she could only earn one tael of silver every month, and even gave 800 points to her aunt, the rest of the food and medicine, it was simply not enough for her family.

This child was as mature as an adult. If he didn't show this child to him, he definitely wouldn't believe it.

Fu Yao took out the remaining silver, "Other than the money for my aunt, I still have over 80 gold, big sister can be considered a rich lady."

For convenience's sake, she asked for a piece of 50 taels of silver, and a piece of 50 taels of silver. She only spent 30 taels of silver and had learnt from Fu Chun Hua that she had to keep a fixed deposit in the future.

Fu Feng was in a trance, he thought that he was seeing things, and rubbed his eyes, not daring to believe that there was so much silver in front of him.

"Now do you believe." Fu Yao said with a smile on his face.

Fu Feng happily raised his head, her mother's 10 taels of silver that he was helpless against, her sister had gathered all of them in one go, "That's great, our family is rich!"

He had no idea how much eighty taels there was. In any case, it was a lot more than eight hundred taels of gold. That meant he did not need to be sold!

"Yes, our family is rich now. We'll be richer in the future." Fu Feng could not wait and ran to Fujimori's room to tell her the good news.

Seeing Fu Feng being so happy, Fu Yao was also happy, but actually, it was not that bad. His cute little brother, his loving mother, everything seemed warm and harmonious.

All of this was heard by Ren Yun Xing who was by the wall.

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