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Fu Yao laughed, this child was too adorable. On her way to the Su Clan's residence, she met a butcher selling large chunks of meat. After buying four catties of meat, she decided to make Red Braised Meat.

He was drooling at the thought.

He quickly cut it and tidied it up. The fragrance of the Red Braised Meat wafted outside. Quite a few villagers stretched their necks over, wondering which family's food was so delicious.

"Mother, it's time to eat." She first carried the remaining bowl of chicken soup to Fujimori. The wild chicken meat was very good, the stew was very good. She saw that the Fujimori was not seriously ill, but rather hungry and hardworking.

The more you make up for it, the more relaxed you become.

"Sigh." Everyone was happy, but Fujimori knew that Fu Yao was rich, and seeing that she was still so obedient, she felt much less depressed.

He also had a chance to live on.

"I made some Red Braised Meat today. Drink some soup first, then I'll bring it to you." Fu Yao carefully carried the chicken soup.

Fujimori nodded her head repeatedly and sat up from the bed. After drinking a mouthful, her eyes immediately opened wide.

"I added some spice and stewed it in the jar for a while."

Fu Yao went to the kitchen to bring more rice and Red Braised Meat, "Mother, you're weak, you have to take care of yourself, tomorrow I'll make you a fish soup to supplement your health."

"Ai ai ai ai." Fujimori nodded her head and looked at the big piece of rice and the Red Braised Meat.

He couldn't help but feel that his future days would get better and better.

After Fu Feng returned home, he placed the dishes on the table. The color was red and alluring, then he looked at the rice, since his sister had returned, he ate candy and chicken.

This big white rice and Red Braised Meat wouldn't even dare to think about it.

"Feng Er, hurry and go eat. Your sister's Red Braised Meat is so delicious."

"Yes." He nodded solemnly, smiled, and returned to the kitchen to eat big chunks.

"Eat slower, be careful not to choke." Fu Yao sat at the dining table and patted his head, signalling him to slow down.

Only then did Fu Feng's actions fill up, but he actually wanted to stuff everything into his mouth.

"That's right. You have to eat slowly. You can digest everything and won't accumulate food." As Fu Yao spoke, she quickly ate half of the Red Braised Meat.

"Sis, aren't we going to eat slowly?" Fu Feng bit his chopsticks as he ate. Fu Yao's speed was much faster than his.

"I forgot." Fu Yao suddenly remembered that this was not an army camp, so he didn't rush to eat.

This habit had to be changed.

Thus, the two of them finished their meal slowly. Fu Feng burped in satisfaction.

Seeing that there was still a big pot of vegetables left on the table, Fu Yao made enough for three adults, one small and one weak, to eat as much as they could.

"Feng Er, big sis bought something for you and placed it on your bed. See if it fits."

Hearing that, Fu Feng immediately ran towards his room. His sister had given him something, and only saw the shoes on the table: "Sis, where did you get these shoes from?"

Weren't these shoes made by mother a few days ago while staying up late? He had always wanted a pair, but he also knew that his family didn't have that much money to make him a pair of shoes.

"I bought it from a shoe store. Try it." Fu Yao smiled. It was easy for children to be satisfied.

Fu Feng lowered his head and saw that Fu Yao was wearing a pair of embroidered shoes, and could not help but be startled, "You bought them from the Lu family's shoe store?"

"How do you know?"

"Mom always sells shoes there." Fu Feng explained.

Fu Yao suddenly realised, when Mother Lu said that the poor family was talking about them, it was her family.

When the Fujimori found out that she had unintentionally bought these few pairs of shoes, she did not say much and only told her that she had to wear these shoes in the future and that it would be fine if she did it.

Fu Feng also happily wore his shoes and ran around.

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