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The next morning, Fu Yao woke up early, went to the kitchen, and prepared to get some food to eat on the mountain. She also picked some grapes to make some wine, but when she opened the pot, the huge plate of Red Braised Meat from yesterday was all gone.

He searched back and forth, but he still didn't find anything.

"Why is the meat gone? Did I finish it last night?" Fu Yao scratched his head. He clearly remembered that he finished eating yesterday.

Could it be that the little guy had eaten it secretly? Why didn't such a big pot of it push him to death?

Fu Yao carried a frame and went up the mountain. The sky was slightly bright and the air was heavy. She walked along a small road in the countryside and was used to fighting and killing.

It was a good morning, and he caught a deer. He also picked some wild grapes, which he had seen the last time he had caught a pheasant.

"Sigh, I don't even have the money to drink anymore."

Fu Yao carried a wooden frame and went back home. After washing the grapes, Fu Feng walked out barefooted and rubbed her eyes as she asked in a drowsy manner, "Sis, why are you up so early?"

When he saw the deer lying in the yard, he didn't even have a chance to sleep. He immediately ran over and pointed at the living creature, "Sis, did you beat this up?"

"Of course, when you go and sell the deer to big sis, buy some clothes for Feng Er." Fu Yao laughed as she spoke, a child was easy to satisfy, and after he was satisfied, he himself was also very satisfied.

"Alright." Fu Feng nodded excitedly, then shook his head dejectedly: "Forget it, big sister will buy some for mother, Feng Er has clothes to wear."

This child truly made her heart ache. She smiled as she rubbed his head. "I'll buy it for you and mother. Is that okay?"

"Alright, then what about sister?"

Fu Yao was startled, Feng Er still thought of her. No wonder she said that the children of poor families should be the bosses early on. Her little brother was too sensible, "Big sister will buy it too."

"Yes, yes." Only then did Fu Feng happily nod his head, everyone has a new set of clothes.

"Be good, Feng Er, sit over here and let big sis teach you how to brew wine." Fu Yao invited him to sit down. In the modern world, Fu Yao always liked to drink his mother's wine and everyone around him liked to drink it.

If she hadn't accidentally transmigrated here, she would have become an outstanding winemaker, a wine taster.

"Can grapes make wine?" Fu Feng rolled his eyes, "Big sister, you're awesome."

"Not bad, he's usually good." Being praised by a child, she felt embarrassed, "Wine is the easiest, but the requirements are also the most stringent. The quality of wine depends on the quantity, and ?"

Fu Yao chattered non-stop the entire way, and only then did she realize that Fu Feng was too young, and didn't understand what she was saying at all.

After washing the grapes, the crushed grapes in the pot, wild grapes skin thick seeds, but fresh flesh, wine in the best.

One catty of grapes required three to three pieces of white sugar. In ancient times, white sugar was an extremely expensive item. Since no wine had been brewed in a long time, he could only give it a try.

After Fu Yao had mixed the grapes with the sugar, she poured it into a clean and tiled jar, sealed it well, and fermented it.

"Feng Er, guard the house well and prevent outsiders from entering." Fu Yao carried the deer, she was still brooding over the disappearance of last night's Red Braised Meat.

Her family was so poor, and there was even someone who came to steal meat. It must have been done by her shameless aunt, and others wouldn't be willing to do such a thing.

Just as Fu Yao walked out of the door, she met the Aunt Wang next door.

"Aunt, where are you going?"

"It's that distant girl. That pair of jobs in my house fell off. I have to go take a look now." "I already said that I won't let you, Wu, go to the county, but he insisted on going to work. Now that's great, he fell down and doesn't know the situation anymore. Aiyo, what about my life, why is it so bitter?"

"Don't be anxious Aunt Wang, I'll go with you and take a look. Don't be anxious, the Wu has a blessed person and will definitely be fine." Fu Yao hurriedly entangled the Aunt Wang to leave ?

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