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"Mom, the eggs are back." Fu Feng ran very fast, holding an egg with excitement written all over his face, he ran too fast, and fell down face first.

It was a good thing that Fu Yao quickly hugged him, if not her cute smile would have been ripped apart. She patted his head and said unhappily: "You ran so fast, if you don't look good, why did you get married?"

Fu Feng's first reaction was to look at the egg. He was still holding it in his hand, and couldn't help but smile foolishly, "Hehehe, an egg, your sister is eating an egg."

"Next time, don't run so fast. You might get hurt." That "elder sister" caused Fu Yao's heart to soften. How could there be such a cute little fellow, and she was even her younger brother.

Fu Feng didn't say anything, he only stared at Fu Yao and giggled.

Fujimori lifted up her blanket and was about to get off the bed, but when Fu Yao saw him, she immediately went up to stop him, "Your body is so weak, why are you getting off the bed?"

"I'll make you some chicken egg soup."

"No need, I'll go by myself. You just stay in bed." How would Fu Yao dare let Fujimori get up? She had been lying in bed for a long time, who knew if her condition would worsen.

Fu Yao pressed Fujimori on the bed and lied down, walking to the kitchen. Fu Feng followed behind her like a small tail, wherever she went, Fu Feng would follow, and that cute look of hers made people want to bite him. In the end, Fu Yao carried him in her arms and strolled around the courtyard.

The courtyard was filled with weeds, the vegetables in the garden were all gone, the fruit was not even as big as Fu Feng's fist. The kitchen was more desolate, with a exposed roof and precarious walls that looked ready to fall with the wind.

The bowls on the stove were all missing a mouth, and only two were broken. He opened the jar without any oil, leaving only a tiny bit of salt for the seasoning. The rats were not afraid of being overbearing on the stove.

In conclusion, it was just a word 'poor'. Moreover, it was an extraordinary word.

She remembered that back then, although the Fu Family was not a wealthy family, they were still passable in the village. How did they become like this in these past few years?

"Feng Er, have you eaten it yet?"

"Yes." Fu Feng earnestly nodded, accompanied by the rumbling sounds of his stomach as he looked at her in embarrassment.

Fu Yao patted his head understanding. She felt that she had asked too many questions, the eggs were all borrowed and there wasn't even a single grain of rice in her house. How could Fu Feng possibly have eaten?

She rolled up her sleeves, lit the stove, and washed the dishes. She had been in the army for eight years, and because she was thin and weak, she had stayed in the head army.

Fu Feng scattered the eggs and added a little salt, planning to let this little fellow eat them. Fu Feng was only seven years old and looked like a four or five-year-old kid.

After making the egg drop soup, he brought it to the room in two, and handed a bowl to Fujimori, "Mother, eat some food."

"No, no, no, this is for you. Mom isn't hungry." Fujimori waved her hands, but her stomach made an untimely noise, and her pale face had a trace of a suspicious blush.

She hadn't eaten for days.

"Mom, don't refuse, your body is so weak, you have to eat more." Fu Yao forcefully handed the bowl to her, feeling a little sad. Maybe the parents of this world liked to say that they were not hungry, in fact, it was to let their children eat their fill.

This was the first time she felt motherly love, and she suddenly felt like it wasn't so bad to be back.

Fu Feng sat on the bench outside obediently and kept swallowing his saliva. The chicken egg in front of him looked fresh and refreshing. His stomach was already pounding non-stop. He kept rubbing his clothes and telling himself that this was for his sister, and he couldn't eat it.

When Fu Yao came over, she saw Feng Er sitting beside him, pushing the bowl towards him, "Why isn't Feng Er eating?"

"Feng Er is not hungry, let big sister eat." Fu Feng shook her head and pushed the egg soup towards Fu Yao, licking her lips in an magnanimous manner.

It was no wonder why Fu Feng said that the children of poor families would take charge early. At the age of seven, Fu Feng understood how to pity others and give things to an adult. His mother had been sick for so long, and it was all thanks to Fu Feng that he was able to persevere for so long.

She sighed and let out the frustration in her heart, "I ate a big bowl of wontons when I came back, so I'm not hungry at all. You should eat it quickly. I'll go out and make you something delicious."

Fu Yao was rummaging through the abandoned house. She remembered that her family used to be hunters, and only after searching for a while did she find a set of bows and arrows. She arranged for Fu Feng to guard the house properly while she planned to hunt some prey.

She had observed everything just now, and her family was leaning against a mountain with a stream in front. There must be some small prey on the mountain in the middle of the summer, and Fu Feng had not eaten his fill for a long time, so he had to give him a toothpick tonight.

"Feng Er will be safe at home. Elder sister will be back soon, do you understand?" Fu Yao arranged for Fu Feng to go up the mountain with her bow and arrow ?

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