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Fu Yao and Aunt Wang got off the palanquin, and the words "Big" written on the top of her head was written on it. Then, she saw that Ren Yun Xing was also standing at the side, and couldn't help but think in his heart, This playboy is quite warm-hearted!

When the gatekeeper saw that it was him, he quickly bowed and bowed, "It's a shame that our young duke isn't here."

Wang Yuan Kang had ordered, only Ren Yun Xing looked for him, and told him that he was not there.

"Who said that I'm looking for Zhu San. The one I'm looking for today is called Wu Zhong, the one who works at your house and was thrown off." Ren Yun Xing interrupted him impatiently.

"Where is my man? How is he now?" Aunt Wang immediately rushed over and asked while crying. Wu Zhong was her god, how could he fall down so easily?

"You are?" The doorman could not open the Aunt Wang and said.

"I am Wu Zhong's wife, where is he now? How's the situation? Aunt Wang tugged on his arm.

"Ah, it's like this. Come with me. Wu Zhong is a bit weak right now. He fell off the house and broke his arm. The doctor said that his arm ?"

"Afraid of what?" Aunt Wang followed behind him, frightened.

"Hey, come with me first." The doorman didn't know what to say, so he brought them to the backyard.

"Tell me, what happened?" Aunt Wang, who had just stopped crying, began to shed tears again.

"Aunt Wang, don't be anxious. Let's go check on the situation in Wu first." Fu Yao supported Aunt Wang, but her situation was actually not that good either.

There was one girl that he had promised to the village's Third Brother, Zhao. She was an Elementary Scholar, but unfortunately, she was rescinded by her family and still hadn't married out yet. Being reneged on a marriage by one's in-laws in the ancient times, they would never be able to get married, and not everyone was like Fu Yao who was ambitious.

Wu was the only pillar of support for her family. If he were to fall down like this, even she did not dare imagine how the life of her family would be going to be.

They came to a backyard, only to see Wu lying on a bed, unconscious.

"Heavens, my man! How did you become like this?! How are we supposed to live in the future?!" Aunt Wang threw himself onto Wu's body and cried out.

Fu Yao and Ren Yun Xing stood behind her, consoling her with words that were hard to say. Wu's arm was tied to a wooden board, what if it was broken?

In fact, from the moment Fu Yao teleported into the army camp, she had always thought that if she had learned medicine, not so many people would die in front of her. She couldn't do anything about it either, and could only watch Aunt Wang cry.

But unfortunately, everything could only be imagined.

"Are you alright?" Ren Yun Xing patted her shoulder in silent consolation. If he had known earlier, he would only have brought Aunt Wang here.

"I'm fine." Fu Yao took a deep breath. Since things had already come to this, there was no point thinking about it any further.

She turned to the doorman and asked, "Where is your master? Where is he now that such a big thing has happened?"

"My master is in the front hall. He said he would be right over."

Just as Fu Yao was about to curse, she saw a man wearing a moon-white robe standing at the doorstep with one leg. His fair face was filled with a sharp and handsome look, his deep black eyes were suffused with a charming luster, his thick eyebrows, his straight nose, and absolutely beautiful lips were all full of elegance and elegance.

This was their master, and he looked a little too handsome...

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