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Fu Yao was stunned. The stranger was like jade, the young master was peerless, such a small Yunxian, there was actually such a clean person? Was she dreaming?

"Cough, cough." Ren Yun Xing clenched his fists, and coughed a few times. Didn't this woman have no interest in this type of man?

What did that look mean?

Fu Yao immediately regained her senses. What was going on, to actually stare at a man for so long, she couldn't even blame her, who told that man to be so attractive and seduce her.

"Are you Li Zhong's family members?" Wang Yuan Lang's voice was like flowing water striking a stone, bright and elegant, like the entrance to a clear spring, moist and profound.

couldn't help but look at her a few more times. Her voice was so pleasant to listen to, so how could she let others live?

Ren Yun Xing walked in front of Fu Yao, blocking her line of sight, and said with an unfriendly tone: "Young Master Wang, you're so busy, why are you here?"

Wang Yuan Lang was also known as Wang Yu Lang, the Wang Family's Yu Lang, his talent was exceptional, and was often praised by the people of Beijing. He was a three years old, was able to recite poems, was able to fight at the age of four, and was a rare genius.

Furthermore, with Wang Yuan Lang as a lone wolf, it was only a matter of time before the Royal Family would be able to stabilize their position in the capital. As for the Wang Family, their focus was indeed on the development of the capital city.

"Didn't the young duke Ren look like he was busy?" Wang Yuan Lang glanced at the person behind him from the corner of his eyes. Although he had a hasty glance at the person dressed in cloth, his temperament was extraordinary, and the heroic air around him caused others to be unable to look away.

He had not intended to do it, but Ren Yun Xing blocked him, piqued his interest.

"I'm not busy at all. I'm very free." Ren Yun Xing said with a smile that was not really a smile, "It's just a small matter, how can I trouble Young Master Yulan to step in?

"It is only natural for me to take care of my family matters." Wang Yuan Lang choked on Ren Yun Xing's words indifferently, meaning that he was meddling in other people's business.

"Then young master Yulan, go and take care of it now." Ren Yun Xing glared and shot a glance at a certain infatuation with a burning rage in his heart. Back then, he was also dressed like jade and was an existence that was like an immortal, but she had never stopped to take a look.

However, today, when he saw a man, he couldn't wait to let go with his eyes. The only good impression he had of Wang Yu Lang, disappeared completely.

Fu Yao heard Aunt Wang crying and immediately cried as if her tears were free. Wang Yu Lang stood quietly at the side, not knowing how to comfort her, she went forward and pulled on Aunt Wang and said: "Aunt Wang, don't cry anymore, the Young Noble is here."

Wang Yu Lang gratefully looked at Fu Yao before bowing towards Aunt Wang. "This sister-in-law here is truly sorry, Li Zhong falling from the roof was an accident. The doctor said that Li Zhong's arm was probably ? "It is, but our Wang Family will definitely be responsible for it."

"Oh my god, how are we going to live?" When Aunt Wang heard that her arm was crippled, her eyes rolled back as she fainted ?

When Aunt Wang woke up again, she had already accepted this fact. Wu had broken her left arm, so she wouldn't be able to work anymore in the future.

In the end, Wang Yu Lang said that he would give her a hundred silver as compensation. Just like this, what other reason did the Aunt Wang have to continue making trouble?

Fu Yao saw that the Aunt Wang was more composed, a hundred silver was not a lot in Wang Yu Lang's eyes, but in the hands of a villager, it was already an astronomical amount.

Wu only earned four to five gold coins per year, which was already more than ten years of his wages. Fu Yao was a little sad, but she could not say a thing because if Wang Yu Lang did not give her enough money or had a bad attitude, she could cause a ruckus.

It was a pity that his attitude was really very good, she was truly unable to open her mouth and could only console the Aunt Wang ?

Small Theatre:

One day someone in a moon-white gown, holding a face fan, walked up to a distant place and shook it, but she drank the wine as if she hadn't seen it.

Someone could no longer hold it in, "Fu Yao, how about I put on my clothes today?"

It was definitely not any weaker than Wang Yu Lang, and the noble energy that was flowing through his body, was something that Wang Yu Lang could not even train for ten years. Compared to the noble energy, Wang Yu Lang was still a long way off.

"Not bad." Fu Yao looked at it carefully and gave a fair evaluation.

A certain person was unhappy and threw the fan to the ground. He had meticulously prepared for so long, yet he was able to just give one word? He held back his anger and continued to ask, "Compared to the Wang family's Yulang, what do you think?"

"Who is he?"

Ren Yun Xing slapped himself on the head with his fan. He must be crazy, how could he forget about Fu Yao this guy, who couldn't remember anything, especially people ?

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