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"Village woman, wait for me."

"Young duke Ren, why are you following me?" Fu Yao frowned, she had stabilized her Aunt Wang, and finally managed to free herself. Just as she walked to the door of the palace, the silkpants actually followed her.

"Who said I'm following you? I just want to ask where you got those shoes." Ren Yun Xing said with a stern face, and found a good excuse to interact with her, "You look familiar, and look a little similar to a man I saw yesterday. You can't be her, right?"

"I'm afraid that Young Marquis Ren has recognized the wrong person. I never go out, this is my first time coming to the county today." Fu Yao was panicking a little, he couldn't possibly have recognized him, right?

Although beating up a popinjay was her pleasure, she did not want to cause any trouble. Attacking her from behind was fine, but it was better not to face her head on.

The dragon could not suppress the snake. This was not her territory, so she had no power or influence. She could not act arrogantly.

"Is that so?" Ren Yun Xing sized her up, "I ask, where did you get these shoes from? Yesterday, I went to buy shoes and a man was wearing these shoes. He ran away without giving me any money. It can't be that he's your husband, right? "

Fu Yao's eyes turned. Yesterday, Ren Yun Xing definitely did not know who ambushed him, although he had hurriedly seen him at the shoe store, he was not unhappy, the small pimples in his heart immediately disappeared like smoke in thin air.

Thus, he smiled and said, "That's right, that's right. Yesterday, my man bought me back those shoes. Have you seen them at the Lu family's shoe store?"

"Yeah, yesterday your man personally tested the shoes in order to buy shoes for you, he really loved you very much. "But then again, you and your husband really look alike. Your height is the same, and I almost recognized the wrong person. I thought you were a woman pretending to be a man." Ren Yun Xing ran down along with her.

I want to see how you're going to continue making it up.

"That's right, that's right. They've been married for a long time, so naturally they look like husband and wife. Everyone says that I look similar to my man and often make fun of him. The young duke must have made a mistake."

"Oh, if that's the case, then I must be mistaken."

Seeing that he did not pursue the matter, Fu Yao heaved a sigh of relief.

"Alright then, since that's the case, you should take out the money from your shoes. Yesterday, your man ran away, Mother Lu thought that I was acquainted with your man and had to pay 300 coins from me. I originally did not plan to take it, but I didn't expect to meet him today, so you took out the money." Ren Yun Xing spread out his hands. Yesterday, he was the one who took action, so Mother Lu insisted not to.

However, when a girl he liked bought things, it was only natural for him to pay. How could he take advantage of her, so he took the initiative to pay.

"The young duke is so rich, yet he wants to haggle over three hundred with a woman?" Fu Yao pursed her lips, a majority of the silkpants were rich, why was Ren Yun Xing acting the way he was, asking for 300 gold coins.

How shameless.

"Although my Ren Family is quite large, the silver coins are not from a big wind. Three hundred gold coins are not much, but I am not related to you in any way, so it would be inappropriate to use this money."

"It's appropriate, why wouldn't it be inappropriate? Who doesn't know that the young duke is generous? We'll get to know each other now. If the young duke has any trouble in the future, you can just look for me." Fu Yao said with a big smile.

It didn't matter if he gave him three hundred gold coins, but to be able to buy a piece of cloth, make two pieces of clothes, or buy a lot of meat, he would be able to save money on whatever his family wanted.

A few days later, Fu Yao found out that these 300 words had led the wolf into the room, she had to return it to him no matter what.

Ren Yun Xing did not really plan to take it, he only wanted to see Fu Yao's reaction, and waved her hands: "Alright, since you said it like that, then I will not take the money anymore."

"Yes, yes, yes. You're generous." Fu Yao could not help but despise him, she actually lost her waist for the sake of the five dou rice.

Do you have to live in such a miserable state ?]

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