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"Ren Yun Xing, why did you come to my house? If you want money, I'll sue you for it but you've already lost to me, you can't go back on your words." Wang Yuan Kang took the cricket out and saw Ren Yun Xing at the door. He thought he was blocking him and felt uncomfortable, hence he asked for silver.

Ren Yun Xing snorted, Wang Yuan Kang had no eyes at all, he did not see that he was happily chatting with Fu Yao and the others. However, this was only his thought. Right now, they were still standing at the entrance of the Royal Mansion, the territory of others.

"Zhu San, do you think I'm like you? I can't afford to lose!"

Seeing that the two young masters were fighting, Fu Yao picked up the deer and was about to leave, but she did not know which part of her body was the wrong one, "Village woman, what are you holding in your hand?"

"The deer, the game. I just hunted it on the mountain today. It's fresh." Fu Yao looked at Wang Yuan Kang. She seemed to have seen this kid somewhere before.

Oh, right. The third young master of the Wang family, the one who liked to run, had almost forgotten about this rich man.

Forgive her, Fu Yao's memory was sometimes good and sometimes bad.

"Yi, this archery skill is perfect. It passed through the eyes of the deer and left the fur completely unscathed." Wang Yuan Kang looked at the deer in Fu Yao's hands in surprise, "To be honest, this young master has rarely seen a hunter taking such complete prey. How are they selling this?"

Fu Yao glanced at the two glittering brand names in the Prince's Mansion out of the corner of her eyes. Rich man, fat sheep, she opened her mouth and said: "Five silver."

"Five liang, why don't you just snatch it?" You think this young master is that easy to fool? " Wang Yuan Kang exclaimed.

Who doesn't know that the Wang family has been doing business for generations?

"That is true, but this ?" Fu Yao wanted to continue speaking. The price was indeed a little high, but she could negotiate for a bit.

Just silver.

Ren Yun Xing glanced at Wang Yuan Kang and said disdainfully: "Five taels of silver is so cheap, the Third Young Master of the Wang Clan thinks that it is too expensive, then I will take it, this pure grey leather that is made of cloth is not just worth five taels, to fool an ignorant woman here, is not something a gentleman should do."

His expression was completely filled with contempt towards Wang Yuan Kang. A young master of a wealthy family would not even be afraid of losing face if he sold it for five taels of silver.

Ignorant village woman? If not for helping her speak up, she would not have been able to swallow this attitude.

Wang Yuan Kang hated being watched the most, especially Ren Yun Xing, he really hated him a lot. He was the tyrant of the Yunxian, he didn't even find his path wide enough to walk horizontally.

Now, Ren Yun Xing had come, and was even more unreasonable than him. He would frequently cause trouble for him, causing his reputation in the Yunxian to decline gradually.

If he wanted to buy some prey, he would be pushed aside. How could Wang Yuan Kang swallow his anger? "Young Marquis, this is something I like first, as a person there is always first come first serve. I'll buy it for five taels of silver."

"First come first served, I do not understand. I do understand the higher bidders. Six liang." Ren Yun Xing raised his eyebrows, his eyes expressing that he wanted to fight with Wang Yuan Kang.

"Six taels of one." Wang Yuan Kang was his nemesis. He didn't want to stay in the capital anymore and chose to come here to be the most suitable opponent for him.

"Seven taels."

"Seven taels." Wang Yuan Kang could not swallow his anger, he had to show it to Ren Yun Xing.

? ?.

"Ten taels for one."

"Yuan Kang, father told you to check the bill, what are you doing here?" Suddenly, a man wearing a moon-white robe strolled in, looking at the three people at the door.

"Big brother, why did you come out?" When Wang Yuan Kang heard this, his body froze. Other than his father, what he was most afraid of was his big brother, Wang Yuan Lang. He was not like his father, who could easily beat him up and scold him.

Nothing could be hidden from his eyes at home.

"No, no, no. I'm going to check the bill now."

"Third Young Master Wang, I don't want the ten taels of silver anymore. The deer is yours now." Ren Yun Xing called out to Wang Yuan Kang, who was about to escape.

He placed the deer firmly in front of Wang Yuan Lang, "The Third Young Master of the Wang Clan has made a decision with me. Since the Third Young Master of the Wang Clan wants it that much, I will not take it from you.

Wang Yuan Kang turned around with an expression as if he was about to cry. Right now, he wished he could tear Ren Yun Xing to shreds.

"Yuan Kang, is there such a thing?" Wang Yuan Lang's tone of voice was still calm, and his gentle voice contained neither joy nor anger.

"Big brother, it's not like that. It's him." With a sullen face, Wang Yuan Kang pointed at Ren Yun Xing. However, when he got to know his big brother's gaze, he could not help but to lower his head, "There really is such a thing."

Wang Yuan Lang nodded his head in understanding. He was very clear on who his brother was, even though he liked comparing notes with others, he knew his limits. This was the first time he saw him offer such a high price to buy a deer.

He could not help but look at Ren Yun Xing twice. Although everyone said that Ren Yun Xing was a silkpants, he didn't feel that way, as if he was hiding something.

He was not simple.

"Since the price has been set, then let's buy it. My Wang family is a person who keeps our reputation."

Although Wang Yuan Kang was unwilling, but he still obediently took out ten taels of silver from his bag. It hurt extremely much, but since his big brother had said so, he had no choice but to buy it.

"No need for so much. Five taels is enough." Fu Yao waved his hands, five taels of silver was enough, she would be ashamed to take it.

"Lady, there is no need to decline. My Wang family will do as we say. We will do as we say." Wang Yuan Lang continued to smile gently, his attitude extremely clear.

Regardless, she had to accept these 10 taels of silver.

Fu Yao rejected again and again, but Wang Yuan Lang's attitude was still firm. She took the money and said: "Then I won't be polite."

Wang Yuan Kang's face was full of pain, but his big brother was not in a good position either, he could only go to the shop in silence and check the accounts, while Wang Yuan Lang watched the two people walking away with his hands behind his back.

"Village woman, you have to thank me, right? If it weren't for me, would your deer have been sold so well?" Ren Yun Xing shamelessly followed Fu Yao. He followed her wherever she went.

"Young duke, I thank you very much, but can you stop following me?" Fu Yao said helplessly.

After following him for the entire journey, just what did this fellow want to do?

"Why? This young master is bored, and I'm in a good mood to accompany you for a stroll. It's your greatest fortune."

Screw your blessings, whoever wants it, she doesn't care.

Fu Yao was in a hurry, and she couldn't scold him, so she could only silently accept the sight of the small tail following behind her.

But thanks to Ren Yun Xing's windfall of ten silver taels, people would become sensible. At the very least, he would not hold any face for Ren Yun Xing.

When he thought about it, he realized that he had a hundred and twenty-one dollars in total. His family didn't have much, and neither did they have a lot. However, it was still difficult for him to live a well-off life.

There were many things that could be bought, first, he would buy some cloth, then, he would go find a doctor to treat Mother's illness, and then, he would buy a Three Character Classic.

He had to live a good life. Everything would be better in the future...

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