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Fu Yao rented a carriage to follow the Aunt Wang back to Apricot Village. Seeing the gloomy clouds covering the ground, Wu Zhong's uncle started crying. The backbone of his family had collapsed. Although he had a hundred silver taels, no one was making money. Sooner or later, he would be left empty-handed.

Rural life is difficult, must think of a way to get rich. Actually, Fu Yao was quite confident in his wine. She had brewed it before, so everyone praised it.

However, he still waited for the small jar of wine to be finished before checking the market situation and deciding whether or not to mass produce the wine.

This could also be considered as her doing her old job again. As the "Wine Immortal", she was reincarnated on the spot.

After Fu Yao arranged the Wu, she quietly placed the bought bones on the table in Aunt Wang's house. It was useless for others to say this kind of thing, they could only accept it themselves.

She took the book and returned home with the cloth, but before she even entered the door, she heard the sound of someone hitting something, "My younger brother's wife, it's already the second day. Not only are we not paying back the silver, we still have money to buy rice and salt.

"You are not to touch my things." Fu Feng used a wooden stick to block in front of Fu Chun Hua, her small body was not even as thick as Fu Chun Hua's arm.

Fu Chun Hua was so happy that her teeth could barely be seen. Originally, she wanted to check if Fu Yao had finished preparing the silver, but she found out that she couldn't bear to buy the rice that Fu Yao bought. There was still some oil and salt, and it just so happened that she had used up everything in the house.

"Pei, you little brat, scram to the side. Your mother owes me so much silver, so what's wrong with taking your family's things?" Fu Chun Hua's skin could be called the thickest in Apricot Village.

No one would dare call themselves number one if she said she was number two.

"You, I won't allow you to take it. This is something from my family. If you take it, I'll beat you to death." Fu Feng held the staff tightly, his eyes red, like a little tiger about to go berserk, but his teeth had yet to grow fully, hence he could only intimidate people with his imposing manner without any power.

Just like that, Fu Chun Hua did not even put him in her eyes.

"Before you kill me, I'll sell you to the palace as a young father-in-law." Fu Chun Hua scoffed.

Fu Feng's hand that was holding onto the rod trembled. There were several times where Fu Chun Hua almost bought him, if it wasn't for his mother risking her life to save him, he estimated that ?

When he thought of this, he felt extremely furious. He wanted nothing more than to kill Fu Chun Hua, drown him, and chop him into pieces.

Every time there was something in the house, Fu Chun Hua would come to grab it every time she smelled it, as if she had a dog nose. These things were bought by elder sister, this time she will not back down, even if it means death.

"How is it? Are you scared? Hurry up and get out of the way, or else I'll sell you out right now." Fu Chun Hua laughed sinisterly, in her eyes, Fu Feng was not her nephew, but a piece of gold and silver.

It's worth a lot to sell to the palace.

"Aunt, who are you trying to sell?" Fu Yao pushed the door and entered, seeing Fujimori lying at the door, Fu Feng's face was red from holding her breath.

The house was a mess. It was as if the devil had swept the place clean. This fat woman had come to find fault again.

"Sis, you're back. This fat woman wants to steal something again." Fu Feng immediately stood straight when he saw Fu Yao, as if he wanted to fight to the death with Fu Chun Hua.

Either you die or I die.

This was all because he was forced by Fu Chun Hua to such a state. He was clearly just a relative, but he couldn't bear to see his family's good stuff.

Fu Chun Hua panicked when she saw Fu Yao. She was afraid that Fu Yao's eyes were a hundred times sharper than hers, as if he would tear her to shreds in the next second.

Although Fu Yao's body size was not as big as hers, she still felt guilty, and using her identity as an elder, she said, "Yo, isn't this Fu Yao? "Since you came back from the county, did I come to ask if you have gathered any silver?"

Fu Yao said in a cold voice, "Fu Chun Hua, why are you in such a hurry?

"Fu Yao, I'm your elder, yet you call me by my name. Are you still not cultured enough?" Fu Chun Hua pointed at Fu Yao's nose and cursed.

"You even know that it's my elder? I thought it was a mad dog that came running from that street. No, Mad Pig, it's the one who caught my family and bit them." Fu Yao kept his fingers crossed. He had wanted to calm down for three days and end everything here, but he had actually delivered himself to his doorstep.

Did she feed the dog a silver tael?

When had Fu Chun Hua ever been called a pig? At most, she was a dog, but in Apricot Village, no one dared to call her a pig, and a mad pig at that.

"You uncultured thing. Your mother won't teach you how to respect others. I'll let you understand this principle." She wanted to go up and grab onto Fu Yao's hair, but Fu Yao grabbed onto her wrists. She was too lazy to waste her breath on such a scumbag, so she simply threw it directly at.

Fu Chun Hua at least had two hundred kilograms. Fu Yao directly threw them outside the door, and with a loud bang, the ground caved in by thirty percent.

Fu Chun Hua laid on the ground for a long time without recovering her senses. Her entire body was in so much pain that she was about to cry.

The sound of a pig being butchered filled the sky.

Fu Yao took out her kitchen knife and angrily rushed out. She slashed a centimeter away from Fu Chun Hua's face.

Fu Chun Hua's entire body was in great pain, she couldn't run away, so his throat sounded as if it was stuck in a trap. At this moment, Fu Yao was like a soul reaper from hell, her entire body giving off a fierce aura.

The smell of urine wafted through the air.

"I'm telling you, damn fatty, if you dare take a step into my house, I'll kill you." Fu Yao pulled out his kitchen knife and could not help but despise them. He was so arrogant that he peed his pants.

had gone too far, did she really think she was easy to bully?

"Also, didn't you want 10 taels of silver?" Tomorrow at noon, there are some things we have to settle properly. "

Fu Yao got up and closed the door firmly. She had wanted to return the 10 taels to her in a few days instead of finding fault with her and treat her as if she was a stranger. She had even bullied her into coming to her doorstep today and if he did not teach her a lesson now, she would not be able to live anymore.

She had to get everything she needed back. She also didn't want to give him the 10 taels of silver anymore ?

Fu Chun Hua couldn't even speak and ran away in a sorry state, her face extremely ugly. If people knew that she was scared by Fu Yao to the point that she peed her pants, wouldn't that mean she would die laughing?

"Fu Yao, you actually dare to threaten me. I will definitely make you unable to stay in the Apricot Village."

Fu Chun Hua held onto her crotch and escaped in a hurry. Her legs suddenly gave way and she kneeled on the ground, falling flat on her face. She crawled up and stepped on a rock, causing her to fall down again.

She stood up and sent a flying stone with a kick, and angrily said, "F * ck you, you also want to bully me?!"

The stone that was kicked away suddenly flew towards Fu Chun Hua's sunken face, it was so painful that she was squatting on the ground and crying for her parents.

After falling seven or eight times in a row, his face was covered with dirt and dirt from the fall. She screamed as she ran back. She didn't even have time to cover her crotch. The stench of urine was heavy on the way.

At this time, the head of the man hiding behind the tree finally popped out, and he coldly looked in the direction Fu Chun Hua had left in ?

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