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"Fu Yao, get the hell out here for me."

The next day at noon, Fu Chun Hua punctually arrived at Fu Yao's doorstep and shouted at the top of her lungs. She was afraid that the entire village wouldn't hear her, but she didn't dare to go up and open the door. She still remembered the pain of being thrown out by Fu Yao yesterday.

~ Why, she called for so many people, to prevent Fu Yao from using martial arts, with her weak and weak body, she cannot win against me.

He remembered how Fu Yao was crying like the Fujimori, weak like the wind, like a cauliflower. How come she was so irritable that she dared to hit someone?

"Sis, why don't I go with you?" Fu Feng anxiously pulled Fu Yao, listening to the noises outside, he feared that a lot of people had come.

Deep down, he was afraid that his sister would be at a disadvantage.

"Feng Er, don't worry. This sister will definitely take care of that fat woman." Fu Yao rubbed his head and laughed, then moved her fingers. It was time to teach her a lesson.

Fu Chun Hua first tarnished Fu Yao's reputation and then ruined her family. These 10 taels of silver were still quite owed and were quite related to each other, causing others to gnash their teeth in anger.

He remembered that five years ago, Fu Yao's house had a leak in the roof, and before Mei Yu came, he wanted to look for the best bricklayer in the village to fix it. He never expected that Fu Chun Hua would know about it and force his man, who was also Fu Yao's eldest uncle, Li Dazhu, to do it.

Li Dazhu was also a bricklayer, but his work was slow and lazy, and no one in the village wanted to hire him. When Fu Chun Hua found out that Fu Chunhai wanted to build a house, but didn't look for Li Dazhu, Fu Chun Hua wailed, beat him up, and scolded him.

It was one thing to pay him fifty gold coins a day, but he spent a whole month on that little chore. He spent a tael of silver and ate well for the two of them every day, yet he was unable to hurry them up.

At that time Fu Feng was still young, how could he possibly have been drenched in the rain? In the end, he had no choice but to ask Li Dazhu for help, since Fu Chunhai was anxious and could only go up to fix it himself.

He fell down from the roof at night, his legs were broken, he couldn't work, he even asked for a doctor to tell him he couldn't do anything. The river was too big, and every person who dared to venture here risked their lives.

After Fu Chunhai died, Fu Chun Hua still shamelessly asked for money, how could Fujimori take it out? This debt went from one to two silvers ? to ten silvers ?.

Fu Yao opened the door and saw that it was densely packed with people, some of them even thought that they were going to fight, but Fu Chun Hua had called for them to come and fight.

"You always came out. I thought you were not coming out. Hurry up and return the 10 taels of silver. Otherwise, I will sell you and your sister today." A large group of people stood behind Fu Chun Hua, and she was the only one in the entire Fu Yao family.

A bunch of people trampled her to death.

Fu Yao opened her mouth to speak, but instead saw that Fu Chun Hua's face had turned green and purple. There was an extremely deep palm mark on the right side of her face, and her face, which was round enough, was even rounder.

She couldn't have been raped by Li Dazhu's family, right? But it didn't seem like it either. Her uncle Li Dazhu was cowardly standing beside her. Like a blade of grass, it was possible that he had been slapped in the face by Fu Chun Hua.

"What's wrong, mute? You actually dared to throw me away last night. Today, I'll let you leave with no end in sight." Fu Chun Hua accompanied Hua Huo, and her expression was extremely sinister.

Yesterday, she had a bad luck and didn't get a good night's sleep, but she still came on time. After all, it was 10 taels of silver, even a ghost wouldn't be able to stop her from making a fortune.

"Is that so? I shall see just how you will make me suffer today! " Fu Yao laughed disdainfully, "Fu Chun Hua, do you still want face? You stole my land, and every month my mother would give you eight hundred gold. You still have the nerve to ask for ten taels of silver, and how did you get that money?

"Stop with your bullshit. Anyway, I came here today to ask for some silver and I won't give it to you. Fine, I will sell you and your sister to repay your debt. The villagers heard about it three days ago and they will all be my witnesses." Fu Chun Hua's eyes lit up, this damned girl just thought she would not return the money after finding out everything about the new year.

"You want silver, right? That's fine. I've already called Li Zheng. Let's settle the score when he comes." Fu Yao pulled over a wooden stool, sat down and stepped on it, blocking the door.

If you want silver taels, you should have your dreams.

"What are you doing inside?" Could it be that he was thinking about the matter of the farmland, making it sound bad, he did not like her from the start, and wanted her to close her eyes in the village only because they were his family, "I'll sue Fu Yao, quickly give me the silver, otherwise don't think about things any further."

"Fu Chun Hua, are you still my aunt? In my opinion, it's more like enemies! " Fu Yao sneered, she did not understand, she was clearly a relative, how could she be so bad.

Fu Chun Hua's expression did not change, she was extremely angry: "Stop trying to cause trouble here, I have done my best to help your family, do you want to go back on your words, fellow brothers."

Fu Yao stood up solemnly, and picked up a stool, "I want to see who dares to come in."

All of the villagers rushed forward. They were all Li Dazhu's family, his brother, brother, sister, a large family. Compared to Fu Yao's insignificant population, they were far too numerous.

However, with this mob, Fu Yao did not put them in her eyes at all.

This time, Fu Chun Hua was smart, she hid behind her and instigated the strong men of the Li Family to attack her, even if they had to hit her, they wouldn't be able to.

The battle situation was on the verge of breaking out. The Li family members had a large population, and they were very united.

"What are all of you doing? Relying on your numbers to block the door of the orphaned children and widows, you want to rebel?" An old man saw it from afar and burst into laughter.

Beside him, Fu Feng had a pitiful face, she was extremely anxious.

The Village Chief really came in time. If only he had arrived a little later, Fu Yao would have used force to settle this matter, threatening his own doorstep.

"Second Uncle, why are you here?" When Fu Chun Hua saw Li De Quan, her fat body trembled. In Apricot Village, the only person she was afraid of was Li De Quan.

She clearly remembered the time when Li Dequan chased after her and beat her up. From then on, she no longer dared to act impudently in front of him.

"Can I not come? If I don't come now, someone's going to die! " Li De Quan glared at Fu Chun Hua fiercely. She was lazy, greedy, and loved to take advantage of others.

He hated Fu Chun Hua.

"How could that be? I'm just here to ask for money. This is all a misunderstanding. Everyone is here to watch the show." Fu Chun Hua said with a trembling fat face.

"Feng Er, what's going on? How did you alert them?" Fu Yao pulled Fu Yao over, didn't she want him to stay in the courtyard? When did they run out to get reinforcements?

"I'm afraid that sister will suffer a loss. In the village, only the Second Master Li can suppress the fat granny, and with him here, no one will dare to hit you." Fu Feng replied, "Previously, Fu Chun Hua bullied us too much, I only bullied her because I wanted Second Master Li to come out and take care of her."

"You're too smart." Fu Yao couldn't help but pinch his little face. She was smart and cute, and just as she was about to hug and kiss him twice, Fu Chun Hua suddenly fell to the ground and cried out miserably, giving everyone a fright.

Small Theatre:

"Was the injury on Fu Chun Hua's face caused by you?" Fu Yao asked someone who was currently madly eating. Fu Chun Hua was acting arrogantly in the village, who would dare to bully her?

A certain someone did not speak, tacitly agreeing.

"Then later on, when Fu Chun Hua mysteriously fell down, was it also you who did it?"

Someone nodded his head in acknowledgement.


Someone lowered his eyes, "I'll tell you if you kiss me."

Fu Yao's fist was blocked by someone, she was suppressing her entire body and could not move, so he was forced to kiss.

"Now you can say it!" Fu Yao was a little embarrassed, but he still wanted to know why.

"Because I don't like you kissing others, not even your own brother." When she was about to kiss Fu Feng, he, who was hiding in the crowd, used violence to prevent things from happening ?

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