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When Fu Yao and Fu Feng came to the ancestral hall, they compared to the Li family members, the weaker ones were nothing. But Fu Chun Hua's people had all been chased back.

Even if the population was huge, it would not be a problem here.

Fu Chun Hua glared at Fu Feng fiercely and rubbed his old waist. From last night to now, he had been like a ghost, often falling without reason. Otherwise, if he were to get hit by something, he would really die from bad luck.

"Little Fu Yao, if there's anything you want to say, just say it." Although Second Master Li knew that Fu Yao would return to the village eight years later and was not married yet, with the village's many gossip, although they were not happy, they would not be prejudiced against her because of that.

He did not help his relatives, so his prestige in the village was extremely high.

"Second Master Li, actually, is not a big deal. I just want to ask you to be my witness, I will definitely pay this silver, but you know what kind of person my aunt is, if there is no witness, I am afraid she will go back on her words." Fu Yao took out ten silver and placed it on the table.

Seeing that, Fu Chun Hua's eyes were filled with stars, she was unhappy to hear this, "Fu Yao, how can you say that, am I that kind of person?"

"It's not your turn to speak." The Second Master Li slapped the table, causing Fu Chun Hua to obediently lower her head, she did not dare say anything, and could only sneakily stare at the silver, afraid to fly away.

"With this kind of thing, I thought that something was wrong. Feng Zi anxiously called me over, don't worry, with me as a witness, Fu Chun Hua will not dare to deny it." Second Master Li stroked his beard. Fu Chun Hua could indeed do this kind of thing.

"Then I'll have to trouble Second Master Li. However, there is one more thing I must say. I will return the silver, but I will have to get Aunt to repay the silver that she owes me in advance."

"What?" "Since when do I owe you money? I'll pay you back the silver. Have you woken up from your dream yet?" When Fu Chun Hua heard the word 'silver', she immediately blew up. Fishing for money from her pocket was just wishful thinking.

Furthermore, she never owed Fu Yao money, so where did she get the word back?

Aunt, what you're saying is very cruel. You've already occupied ten acres of land in my family for five years, and not to mention renting it, you haven't even given me any rice. Even if I rented out these ten acres of land to someone else, I would have at least a dozen silver taels.

Fu Chun Hua's heart thumped, she never thought that Fu Yao would use such a land to talk about matters. "Bullshit, all of these lands were paid for by your mother, and I used them to pay off my debts. Your mother willingly."

I didn't want my aunt to know that when my father fell and died, he never saw you helping him. When my father died, he came to take my land, and my mother only tolerated it because you were my relative, but now you want to sell my brother to the palace. I say, aunt, you are my aunt, not my enemy.

"Bullsh * t. Everyone knows that you owe me money all these years. Now you're going to talk about this matter. You just don't want to pay me back the silver, do you?" Fu Chun Hua had a savage expression on her face. It was reasonable even if she wanted to sell the two of them.

"Still not going? The silver that my mother earned all day and all night was eight hundred gold coins a month. He took advantage of my mother's weakness and continuously bullied her, threatening her to sell my brother to my mother. Let me tell you, with the one day that I, Fu Yao, am here, if you dare bully my family members, I will be the first to chop you off. " Fu Yao hammered the table with both hands, his eyes scarlet red with fury.

Even if this fat woman skinned her skin, it would still be difficult to dispel the hatred in her heart.

These words almost made Li De Quan clap his hands in joy. All these years, he had witnessed Fu Chun Hua bullying Fujimori and both publicly and secretly reminded her that as long as there was trouble, he would help her seek justice.

However, the Fujimori was cowardly enough to not mention about this matter, so he could not take the initiative to meddle in this matter.

If the rabbit was anxious, it would bite, but Fu Yao was a little hot-blooded.

"Nonsense, do you have evidence?" Fu Chun Hua crossed her hands on her waist, this Apricot Village was the world of the Li family, she did not believe that there would be anyone else to testify for her.

"I can testify." Li De Quan who did not make a sound, a look of disgust in his turbid eyes: "Fu Chun Hua, all these years you've been bullying Fujimori, everyone has seen it, snatching away other people's land, always finding trouble with Fujimori, in other words, the Fujimori can endure this, wanting you to do whatever you want, and now you want to sell a person with a child for money, how did a venomous woman like you appear in our Old Li Family, don't forget your surname, too."

"Second Uncle, I ? ?" Fu Chun Hua never thought that Li Dajun would be the first one to stand up, all these years he did not care about Fujimori at all.

Second Master Li was her man's home, no matter what, he would take care of them. It was also because of her threats to Fujimori, if she said anything, they would definitely not be able to stay in Apricot Village.

"What did you do? The good things you've done in the past few years, the people in the village won't be able to stand it. Today, I will make the decision. Return the property and don't take the silver. If you continue like this, I will have Dazhu repair you." Second Master Li was furious, every time he heard Fu Chun Hua going to the Fu Clan to cause trouble, he would always want to help, but he had no way of doing so.

It made everyone in the village resent him, saying that he was covering up for his family.

Fu Chun Hua was about to say something when she was glared at by the Second Master Li.

"Then it's decided. Spring Flower, if you dare to cause any more trouble, I'll tell Dazhu to fix you. We, Old Li's, don't need this kind of wicked woman."

Fu Chun Hua gritted her teeth. She never thought that the Second Master Li would help Fu Yao, not only did she not get the 10 taels of silver, she even wanted to return the land back to her.

His heart was bleeding.

"Spring Flower, did you hear that!?" Seeing Fu Chun Hua not saying a word, the Second Master Li said with a calm and unsatisfied tone.


"If you hear it, then go back. Bring the land deed over, and settle the matter today."

Fu Chun Hua stomped her feet in anger, she could only return, Second Master Li had a high prestige in the Li family, she would cultivate whoever she wanted to, and Li Dazhu was weak, so it would not be worth it for her to cultivate him.

"Fu Yao, I'm not done with you."

After Fu Chun Hua left, the Second Master Li was no longer as serious as before. He frowned and waved at Fu Feng: "Feng Er, come over here and let second master see. It's been a while since we last saw each other and you have lost weight, right?"

Fu Feng obediently walked over, sat on Second Master Li's leg, and softly called out. "Greetings, Second Grandfather."

"Sigh, fine, fine." Second Master Li couldn't help but laugh.

Fu Yao stared blankly into space for a while. No wonder the Second Master Li was speaking up for her, she actually liked this cute little Fu Feng, because of this relationship, she needed to waste less of her breath.

Someone was sitting on top of a roof, frowning lightly as he stared at Fu Feng. Fu Feng seemed to find him cute and obedient, but strangely, he felt that this brat had a plan.

He quietly attached himself to the people in the village. This little kid was not simple ?

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