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unwillingly brought over the land deed. Second Master Li made a contract to bear witness and this matter was concluded like this.

Although Fu Yao did not want to pay them back, it was natural for him to pay them back, wherever she went. Fortunately, she got the land deed, ten acres of land, a huge piece of land.

"Feng Er, I think Second Master Li likes you a lot." Fu Yao pulled on Fu Feng's small hands. It was all thanks to Fu Feng pulling on Second Master Li, otherwise, they wouldn't have known that Second Master Li was acting in his direction.

"Mhmm, I like second master too. He treats me so well, he gives me sweets often." Fu Feng laughed, revealing two lovely dimples.

Fu Yao sighed, "Who wouldn't like such a cute kid like you?"

He didn't like this child. Ever since he followed Fu Yao, his stomach had been growling, but he still wanted to follow him.

Fu Yao must have been possessed and poisoned him.

Truly, there was no helping it, getting close to Fu Yao was a long time and required a lot of planning. If this woman could be easily taken down, that person wouldn't be so drunk that they wouldn't want to face reality.

Therefore, he had to come up with a plan. Take care of this woman, lest someone else snatches her without noticing ?

The first thing Fu Yao did after taking the land deed was to look at the ground. Looking at the desolate desert, she didn't know if she was happy or sad.

They're all pimples, and the grain they grow must be malnourished.

A certain someone squinted his eyes and looked at the desert, then immediately disappeared. That fat old woman really needed some time to clean up, she actually dared to give him a woman like this land. She ate a bear's heart like a leopard, then she definitely didn't fall enough last night.

Fu Yao made a trip to the back mountain and sent a rabbit to Wu. She clearly remembered who treated her well.

Wu was a pillar of support, it must be hard to lose his arm. Since Aunt Wang was old, he could no longer do anything on the ground.

"Little girl Yao, how can you be so embarrassed? Your family isn't rich, quickly take them back." Aunt Wang refused to accept the wild game no matter what, and Fu Yao even left her some bones yesterday.

"Aunt Wang, my mother always told me that if it wasn't for you all, they would have starved to death a long time ago." Aunt Wang, my mother often said to me that if it wasn't for you all, they would have died of hunger long ago. Fu Yao forcefully put down the rabbit and walked back.

Aunt Wang sighed, moved to tears, and immediately shouted: "Zhen Niang, send you off, Big Sister Yao."

At this moment, a frail girl came out from the kitchen. She wore a grey linen robe, and her face was pale. She rubbed her hands together, and was extremely bashful. She said with a mosquito-like voice, "I understand, Mother."

Fu Yao smiled at her. She was Wu's daughter, Wu Zhen Niang, and was a pitiful person, fourteen years old and had not gotten married yet. Although it was not to say that she wanted to end the engagement, but the night before she got married, her husband had already passed away.

In ancient times, people were stupid and stupid. They thought that a woman's palm would break and she would lose her virginity. She would lose her virginity and would lose her virginity. Coincidentally, Zhen Niang was a broken palm, and with the spread of her reputation as the unruly man, people from all over the country went far away.

Now that the Wu had fallen again, the long-tongued women in the village couldn't help but splash water on her.

Zhen Niang lowered her head throughout the journey, and only after sending Fu Yao out of the room, she said softly, "Sister Yao, be careful on the road."

"Don't worry, nothing will happen to you after these few steps. Go back quickly." Fu Yao waved her hand and laughed.

Fu Yao pitied Zhen Niang a lot, she was a modern person, she did not care about whether or not she would get married, and she was not afraid of what people would say to her. However, Zhen Niang was different now, the rumors were even more powerful than a tiger, so she stayed in the house and did not come out.

Sigh, what a good time, is it just living in the house like this?

"Fu Yao had just walked out of the door, when she heard a sharp female shout, it was unique yet unpleasant to the ears," That blind bastard plucked the feathers of my chicken cub, if I were to know that she had to strip your ancestral grave, in these past few years, no one in this village have dared to bully me. If you have the ability to come out, I will beat you f * cking crap out of you.

Fu Chun Hua was so angry that she almost went mad. When she woke up in the afternoon, all the feathers on her own chicken had been ripped off.

The chicken was finally able to lay its eggs, but was scared to death by someone stripping it of its feathers.

Hearing the sounds of scolding, the surrounding people all stretched their necks to look, but no one went over to look. Fu Chun Hua's scolding skills were first class.

When everyone heard that the chickens raised by Fu Chun Hua's family were plucked, they were filled with joy at their misfortune. After all, other than the Li family members, who didn't hate Fu Chun Hua?

This was undoubtedly to relieve the anger of everyone.

Fu Chun Hua stood at the door with her hands on her waist, cursing from the bottom of her heart, she continued to shout: You dare to do such a thing, let me catch you, the whole family will die a horrible death, I spit on you, you are truly shameless, I curse you, are you going to give birth to a son ?

Hiding on the rooftop, his eyes narrowed. This fat woman wanted to curse his future son? She picked up a piece of brick and threw it at Fu Chun Hua, directly hitting him in the mouth.

"Aiyo." Fu Chun Hua painfully covered her mouth as she squatted on the ground, looking at the blood trail between her fingers, she roared even more furiously, "Who is ambushing this old lady? "If you have the ability, get the hell out here."

Just then, another piece of brick smashed onto Fu Chun Hua's head, one after another, Fu Chun Hua did not dare to roar anymore, she anxiously ran back into the house and tightly shut the door.

Who had she offended?

Ren Yun Xing then put down his tile and clapped. This fat old lady actually wanted to curse his son, to give her courage? It was impossible not to take care of him...

Fu Yao perked up her ears, the disturbance in front was so fierce, why was there no movement from it now?

"What is this fat woman doing?" You sound like a lunatic, you're screaming. "

After that, he curled his lips and no longer paid any more attention to her, as he leisurely walked towards his home. Fu Feng lay on the ground, looking at her, "Sis, where did you go?

"I went to see my family's ten acres of land. There are some mulberry fields, and they're all desert. But it's alright. This desert is also a precious land. In the future, it will be a great place to make a fortune."

Although the grains and grapes in the desert were not good, there was plenty of sunshine and the grapes grew out of the ground were very tasty.

The wine that was brewed was the best of the best.

Fu Feng also didn't understand what she said, and nodded as if he did not really understand. Just what kind of wealth could a piece of sand get?

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