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"Doctor, how is my mother?" Fu Yao stood at the side and waited on her respectfully. In the era that was far behind in terms of medical treatment, Fu Yao finally understood how important the profession of a doctor was.

These few days, Fujimori's body was better than how it was at the start, but Fu Yao was still not sure, so she went to find a doctor for Fujimori to have a look. Fujimori knew that she did not want to, but Fu Yao said whatever she wanted before she agreed to see a doctor.

It was a pity that her medical skills weren't very good. Even if she became a doctor, she would only be able to treat colds.

Every industry requires talent.

The doctor stroked his beard, looked at Fujimori carefully, and said: "Your mother's condition is better now, but it's actually not that bad. Your mother became depressed because of the illness, so I'll give you a prescription to eat on time so that you can relax and recuperate well for half a month."

"Thank you, Doctor." Fu Yao gave the doctor half a cent and respectfully sent him out the door.

Only then did Fu Yao's hanging heart loosen. Nothing serious was the best news. Now that she had 100 taels of silver, as soon as Fujimori's condition improved, she would immediately go and fix the house. Every day, she would worry about whether the house beams would fall down and smash her to death.

"Mother, rest in peace and recuperate. Auntie has returned the land to us. In the future, our lives will definitely be better." Fu Yao was filled with anticipation for the future.

The joy of getting back to work, and the prospect for the future.

She wanted a brick house with endless food in the kitchen, wine in the cellar, and an endless cow. That was the perfect life.

"Sigh, I know." When the Fujimori heard the doctor say that she was alright, she became happy. Her gloomy face finally lit up with light.

Now that his daughter was back, his days were much easier.

Fu Yao had been running around the back mountains everyday these past few days, bringing along her prey to the town. Every time she was lucky, there would be people buying her prey the moment she arrived at the entrance of the town.

Actually Fu Yao had thought about it, why not just stay in the city, it would be convenient for him to leave quickly, but she had no money in her pockets, so she might as well stay in the Apricot Village.

Fu Yao came today to catch up with the market, where the streets were crowded with people selling eggs one after another, it was extremely lively. When she looked at the eggs on the roadside and thought of how Fu Feng was weak and lacked in protein, she had to make up for it.

After buying a big hen that could lay eggs, he held it in his hand and grabbed a small wolf and puppy. He hadn't felt any heartache at all after losing a large stack of Red Braised Meat last time.

At that time, he thought he must buy a wolfdog to guard the house and prevent those thieves who stole things from coming in again.

"Get out of the way! The horse is shocked!"

A horse carriage charged forward violently. The horse was frightened and ran recklessly, knocking over several stalls in succession.

Fu Yao turned her body, and immediately dodged away. She hated horses the most, she kept her legs crossed while hiding at the back of the crowd, suddenly seeing a lady in the middle in front of him who was trembling in fear, he just didn't run, and waited to hit the porcelain instead. Don't you want to die?

She looked carefully, wasn't this Wu Zhen Niang? With a scared look, she quickly stuffed the chicken into the hands of the person beside her, asking them to take care of it.

Really, the Aunt Wang family was already in a miserable state. If Zhen Niang was destroyed, then the Aunt Wang would probably not even be able to live.

"Get out of the way! Get out of the way!" The person on the horse carriage was pulling the reins, but he couldn't control the horse and was about to run into it.

Fu Yao increased her speed and rushed over, throwing Zhen Niang onto the ground. She hugged her tightly in her embrace, hiding from the horses' hooves.

But she didn't want to go back.

Hallelujah, Buddha, Jade Emperor, Jesus, save me.

"Phew." At this moment, another man wearing a long moon-white robe was standing on the carriage, covering the horse's eyes and stroking its neck.

The horse fell silent and took a small step back.

Before the expected pain could arrive, Fu Yao suddenly raised her head and saw Wang Yu Lang raising his hat against the light, as if he was an immortal that had descended to the mortal world, and had a halo around him.

Yuchang, Yuchang was as warm as jade, it was hard to look at.

"Are you alright?"

It was only when Wang Yu Lang reached out his hand to pull her that she realized that the handsome guy had saved her. The moment he reached out her hand, he was pulled up by someone else.

"Why are you here, hugging my chicken?" Fu Yao looked depressed, and almost pulled Wang Yu Lang's hand, the romantic aura was completely destroyed by Ren Yun Xing.

"I'm just strolling around on the streets. Why can't I stay here? Why did you come out alone today? Where's your husband?" Ren Yun Xing glanced at her, "Have you forgotten to put the chicken in my hand?"

He patted his clothes in disdain. There was the smell of chicken poop.

"My husband is home, why are you so concerned about him?" Fu Yao snatched the chicken away and ruined her romance.

Where did she get such a husband!?

"Thank you for saving us, young master." Zhen Niang lowered his head and whispered.

"It's no big deal. It's good that you're fine." Wang Yuan Lang was still polite, distant, yet he gave off a very gentle feeling, without the slightest discomfort.

Fu Yao immediately walked in front of Zhen Niang, touched him from head to toe, and then pressed on her chest a few times. Crap, although she was skinny, she was good at materials.

After's face turned completely red, he stopped his assault and made sure that he was unharmed. He immediately turned his face to the side and said, "Are you stupid? If anything were to happen to you, will Aunt Wang still be able to live? "

"I'm sorry, I was too scared to remember." Zhen Niang said with fear still lingering in her heart. Even now, she still had some lingering fear, because if not for Fu Yao and Wang Yu Lang, she would really have become a spirit under the horse's hooves.

"It's good that you're fine. You can't be like this next time." Fu Yao saw that she had suffered greatly and could not bear to say anything to her.

The coachman also got off the carriage with lingering fear as he apologized, "I'm sorry for disturbing you all. This is my master's money. If you have nothing else, we'll be leaving first."

Fu Yao originally wanted to call her master down to chat, even if it was an extremely important matter, she had to put safety first. However, after seeing the symbol on the carriage, she immediately hid behind Ren Yun Xing.

Don't let him see it.

The carriage driver gave the silver bag to Zhen Niang and quickly drove away. Fu Yao's heart skipped a beat when she saw that it was indeed him, but why would he come to this kind of crappy little place?

Ren Yun Xing squinted his eyes. That carriage was very familiar, with the word Xiao written on it. If he remembered correctly, the person inside should be the second son of the Prime Minister of the capital, Xiao Ming Yuan.

Could it be that he was entrusted with coming here to find Fu Yao? No, he had to speed up his plan. Since he had met her, then this woman should forget about falling into someone else's hands ?

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