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Chapter 003: The Days of Water and Fire Chapter 003: The Days of Water and Water

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Ever since Li Xiangyun became a famous tiger-girl in the same village, she had thought that no one would ever marry her again. Who knew that there was actually such a person who fell in love with her?

Li Shunshui was ranked second in their family, with his brother Li Shunfeng and younger brother Li Shunyu. He didn't know if it was because parents didn't like their second son, but Li Shunshui was a person who couldn't stand the treatment of two elders in their family. After finding out that Li Shunshui had to marry Li Xiangyun, they actually took back their house on the second day of marriage and gave the dilapidated pig house to them.

At this point, Li Shunshui and Li Xiangyun's family had completely lived their miserable lives.

Later, they had a daughter, Li Ying. Three years later, he had his son, Li Hu.

If one were to say that the name 'Li Hu' was given by an old man of his family, who wouldn't be able to tell that this was a mockery of Li Xiangyun?

They'd never been her daughter-in-law, never!

After having two children, their family life became even more difficult. Their parents were mean, their sister-in-law was amazing, and even their eldest uncle and brother-in-law often thought of ways to take advantage of their family. Forced to earn a living, Li Shunshui had no choice but to abandon his wife and children, and lead the money of a local moneymaker to arrange for others.

This year, just after the Spring Festival, there was bad news.

When Li Shunshui died, the Li family blamed Li Shunshui's death on Li Xiangyun. Every day, they would beat him or scold him.

Now, Li Shunshui was dead, and Li Xiangyun was dead as well. Especially in their home, they really wanted to kick out all of the tiger girl's children. They were so much older, but the younger ones were the same.

Yesterday, the black-hearted Zhong family actually wanted to sell Li Ying to the village next door to be a foolish child's daughter-in-law. Li Ying naturally didn't want to do that, and Li Hu also cried and shouted that he wouldn't let them take his sister away. After a few more attempts, Li Ying bit Li Zhong and was pushed back by Lee Zhong, causing Li Ying's head to hit the wall and pass out.

Someone had gone to request for the village chief to come. Only then did they manage to protect Li Ying.

At this moment, the person on the bed had already opened her eyes. After receiving the original owner's memories, she couldn't help but exclaim, "This is too tragic! 'These people, what kind of life have they lived all these years?! '

Before she could sigh with emotion, Tang Xin realized that this terrible life was about to become hers.

Please, she's the number one mercenary in City X, okay? Even in the entire country, her reputation as a 'wasp' was well-known. Especially the flying daggers in her hands; they were played to perfection by her. The number of fugitives that had died under her daggers in the past few years was simply uncountable.

Before this accident, she was still pursuing international wanted criminals. She was a notorious cultural relics dealer, and did a lot of digging up ancestral graves when she was young. After she had some capital, she started to work on selling cultural relics.

If it was just a simple artifact dealer, she wouldn't have needed to do anything. However, this fellow was their mercenary number one blacklist. His methods were cruel, and his family didn't recognize him, so his martial arts were exceptionally high. Tang Xin usually wouldn't touch someone as tough as him. The main reason she accepted this quest was because of the high price.

After a few fierce battles, the two of them could be considered to be evenly matched. Both of them were severely injured to varying degrees, and they were even heavily exhausted. Under such circumstances, no one would have thought that there was still a yellow sparrow behind them.

Tang Xin recognized him as the second in command of the artifact dealer. It seemed like he wanted to usurp power and usurp power? Apparently, it had been premeditated.

At the beginning, Tang Xin could still forcefully endure it, but at this critical moment, she used up all of her throwing knives and was eventually killed without any weapons on her body. Before Tang Xin could take her last breath, she could vaguely see the jade pendant around the neck of the artifact dealer who fell earlier emitting a green light.

Thinking up to here, Tang Xin also understood that her current experience that didn't match up to her scientific reasoning was most likely caused by the final ray of light.

Wait a minute, could it be that she was really going to fall from being an extraordinary mercenary to a weak little village girl?

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