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"Sister Yao, is the embroidery handkerchief being sold for too much?" Zhen Niang felt that the silver in her hands was hot. Five taels of silver, normally she would sell ten of these.

"It's not expensive. The quality of your embroidered handkerchief is excellent. It's about five taels of silver. I still think it's cheap."

"But ?"

"No buts, we've already sold them. Just take the silver and buy some things so we can go home."

When Zhen Niang returned home, she told Aunt Wang everything that had happened. The Aunt Wang sighed and only told her to take it with peace of mind.

Fu Yao hugged the chicken, and happily followed the little milk dog into the room, "Feng Er, quickly come over, see what I've brought back for you?"

Fu Feng, who was originally lying on the Fujimori's bed, immediately crawled up when she heard the noise. She didn't even put on her shoes before running out of the room.

What did he buy today?

Fu Feng ran out of the door, and saw the black little milk dog on the ground. He had wanted to get a dog to look after the house, but his mother said that they couldn't even raise a human, and didn't have any food for the dogs to eat.

Its small body lay on the ground, looking around vigilantly while wailing.

Fu Feng ran over excitedly, "Dog, Sis, you bought a dog?"

That's right, I bought a dog and a hen that laid eggs. When the time comes, I will lay an egg to properly nourish Feng Er's body and grow taller. Fu Yao knew that he would be very happy, it was true.

Fu Feng hugged onto Fu Yao's thigh, "It's so good to have big sis."

"Of course, Feng Er can give it a name."

"Can you? Let me think, black and round, otherwise it would be called a black ball! "

The black ball did match its appearance.

Fu Yao squatted down and rubbed the black ball's head, "Be good, I'll be depending on you to take care of the house from now on.

She didn't buy the dog for anything else. The last time she ate the Red Braised Meat, she was still brooding over it. It was such a big bowl, yet she didn't even leave a little bit of the broth.

Besides, this village was orphans and widowed, and he was raising a fierce dog. In the future, there would be less work to do.

As if he could understand human speech, the black ball roared towards the backyard, "Woof ? "Woof ?"

After Fu Yao made a small nest for the black ball to rest, she took out a bag of lotus seed candy. She had bought this on the way back, so Fu Feng was obedient and wished that she could bring everything back to him.

"I also bought some sugar for you, but you can't eat too much."

"Thank you elder sister."

Even children liked to eat candy, and Fu Feng was no exception. He could not wait and opened the bag. Just as he wanted to give her one, he saw Fu Yao stuffed one into her mouth, "Sister, let's eat together."

"Aiyo, you're good. Sis is liking you more and more. What should I do?" Fu Yao's heart was stuffed full. She would definitely grow up in the future.

Ren Yun Xing who was at the foot of the wall, forcibly broke a corner. If he did not make a move, this child would take all of Fu Yao's favours, but suddenly hearing footsteps, he immediately disappeared.

"Sister Yao, didn't you say you want me to make clothes for you? I'll come over and measure it! " After Zhen Niang returned home, he immediately brought out a ruler's line and followed along with the eggplant, "My mother even told me to bring some eggplants."

"Zhen Niang, come come, come in, come in, come in, come in, bring something with you, thank you." Fu Yao immediately pulled her in and her eyes lit up when he saw that she had been eating all kinds of wild food and lacked vitamins.

"It's nothing. My family has too many vegetable garden breads to eat." Zhen Niang said softly, and glanced at the side of the house from the corner of his eyes.

Just now, he saw someone lying at Fu Yao's place. Why did he disappear all of a sudden? Could it be that his eyes had blurred just now?

"Then I won't be polite with you. I don't know how to make clothes, so I'll have to trouble you." Fu Yao took out the clothes that she bought, they were all blue, mainly for Fu Feng and Fujimori, she had long hated the bandages on her body.

"See if these clothes for my mother and brother are enough. If not, then I'll go to the market to buy some."

"Then this is enough, Sister Yao, do you not want one?" Zhen Niang saw that although Fu Yao's clothes were not patched up, they were very old.

"No need for now. I'll trouble you to cook two eggplants first. How about I leave them for you to eat? I'll make you a braised eggplant."

"No, no. My mom just told me to hurry back and get ready to eat. I'll bring the clothes over for you when I've finished making them." Zhen Niang waved his hand and took the cloth and left.

Fu Yao shrugged her shoulders and brought the eggplant back to the kitchen. Zhen Niang also took a lot of the fresh ones that she had just picked, and quickly started a fire, made some millet porridge, and washed the eggplant clean.

Braised eggplant method is very simple, Baidu can be Baidu.

Black ball was quietly lying in the kitchen, staring at Fu Yao without stop. Fu Feng was also holding onto a small stool as she looked at Fu Yao, and took a deep breath. It was so fragrant, the food that her sister cooked was even more delicious than that of her mother's.

"It's time to eat." Fu Yao carried the food over and sat down on the small stool early in the morning and looked at Fu Yao eagerly.

Fu Yao found it funny. She knocked his head and placed a small bowl of rice in front of him.

The doctor said that she would eat the medicine properly during this period. As long as she was happy, she could take it. Seeing that Fujimori's complexion was getting better, Fu Yao was happy for her.

Someone was lying on the rooftop, clenching his fists together noisily. This was all Fu Feng could do was to enjoy the food while Fu Feng could only lie on the rooftop and smell the food.

When Fu Yao finished her meal and the sky turned a little dark, she looked at the big pot of vegetables and felt a little depressed. Since they were used to cooking in the army camp, they could go home and make a meal for three people, making it sound like there were ten of them.

It was already less than the previous day, yet he still had some left. After he finished collecting his things gloomily, he would only have half of it left in the future...

It was only until the middle of the night that Ren Yun Xing finally got down from the roof and opened the pot. His stomach was already growling from hunger as he took out the red-braised eggplant and stuffed it into his mouth.

It was delicious. Compared to the eggplant he had eaten before, he had to find an opportunity to sit at the table and eat.

What's the point of stealing food?

The black ball seemed to have smelled someone's scent and entered the kitchen to see a black shadow wolfing down its food. Wang Wang cried out twice, but was stared at by Ren Yun Xing and obediently squatted on the ground.

The man and the dog silently looked at each other. Ren Yun Xing could not bear it anymore, so he threw a few dishes to the dog.

On the second day, Fu Yao went to the kitchen to make breakfast as usual and opened the wok. The stewed eggplant she made last night was clean again, leaving only a layer of wok rice.

She turned her head and stared at the black ball on the ground. In front of her was the juice of a roasted eggplant. She was furious. She had bought a dog to prevent people from eating it.

"Black Ball, what have you done!" Fu Yao slapped its head, "Aren't you afraid of dying after eating it all?"

The dogs had become sagacious, and were eating more than humans!

The black ball wailed in pain. It had only eaten a little, how could it eat all of it. Master, you're blaming me ?

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