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"Auntie, you just kicked my leg. I've sprained my ankle, so I can't get up. What should I do?" Fu Yao laid on her broad and broad back, wailing pitifully.

In reality, the shameless fat woman was closing her eyes to rest. Her greed was so great that she wanted to chop her into pieces. It had always been Fu Yao who stole from others, but no one had ever dared to steal from her.

Ren Yun Xing raised his eyebrow, he felt that Fu Yao's actions were too gentle, compared to how she used to beat him up, she had already lost half his life, and now he had actually learnt to be lenient?

However, the people who dared to snatch Fu Yao's things were few. This fatty had guts, Fu Yao's enemy was his enemy.

Ren Yun Xing very politely handed the grape arbour over to Fu Yao.

"Fu Yao, scram. Why are you so heavy, quickly crush me to death." Fu Chun Hua laid on the ground unable to move, her face could not even be turned around. Her old waist seemed to be broken, and her Qi flowed in and out less.

"Alright, alright, alright. I'll get up now." Fu Yao said weakly, his hands clutching onto the frame, as he crashed onto her back again.

This almost made Fu Chun Hua's internal organs fall out.

"Oh my god, save me! My niece has murdered my aunt! Is there no justice in this world?" Fu Chun Hua was not stupid, she knew Fu Yao was doing it on purpose again and again, "You shameless hoof, hurry up and f * ck off, otherwise this old lady will beat you to death."

Fu Yao had pressured her until she couldn't move, and adding that her body was too fat, making it difficult for her to move, she was so angry that she wanted to tear Fu Yao apart.

"Aunt, how can you say something like that? I sprained my leg just to pull Aunt up, and it even became my fault?" Fu Yao was so wronged that she couldn't take it anymore, her tears dripped as she said, "Then I better not pull aunt, to avoid becoming my trouble again."

She passed the frame over to Ren Yun Xing, and then continued to drink heavily. Only after going back and forth several times did she finally stand up leisurely.

Ren Yun Xing carried the frame on his back again, and looked at the man who was walking far away. His eyes turned and he squatted in front of Fu Chun Hua, and laughed like a fox: "Aunt, hello, I am Fu Yao's ?. "Well, you know, come over to the house and have some chicken when you're free."

Giving her an ambiguous look, he happily followed behind Fu Yao.

Fu Chun Hua tried her best to stare at the green eyes as she inhaled deeply. What was the meaning of that man just now? Could it be that Fu Yao had brought her lover back?

This was a big matter.

Fu Chun Hua used up all of her strength to get up, then spat out fiercely towards Fu Yao's safety. "Pui, shameless thing, you actually didn't give me a chicken, and even took ten acres of my land. Just you wait, I'll definitely kill you."

Trembling, he walked towards the village. This was the rule of the Old Li Family, they had to drive Fu Yao out of Apricot Village.

Not long later, Fu Yao's door was filled with people ?

Fu Yao squatted at the door to clean up the wild chicken. Ren Yun Xing had a curious look on his face as he squatted beside her.

She had just picked it up and it became her tail.

Previously, Fu Feng had also followed behindhisr, but he was shocked by his glare and returned back to the house, quickly running to the Fujimori, where the A Niu that her sister brought back was very fierce.

"Will you come in?" Fu Yao said with a sinister look. She was not a monkey after all the work she had done and the attention she had received from so many people.

Moreover, these people were not looking at her, but at a certain man.

"Not good, so this is how chicken feathers are plucked. I've never seen it before." Ren Yun Xing was still squatting on the ground, staring at the live thing in her hands, "It's really fun."

However, with his back facing the door, the spectators mistakenly thought that he was lovingly staring at Fu Yao. That small appearance, it was as deep as one could get.

Fun your head!

"You! Enough! It's done! " Fu Yao did her best to shout these words out from the gaps between her teeth, "I told you to go back, so go back."

He hated being carried around outside and had even taken the initiative to do some work when he came back. What was this popinjay doing now?

"What did I do wrong? Isn't that how it was pulled out? " Ren Yun Xing frowned, this was what he had seen Fu Yao do, it was not wrong.

"You're right everywhere, I was wrong." Fu Yao's entire body was emitting a cold aura. It was her fault, even if Ren Yun Xing had given her a gold and silver mountain, she shouldn't have brought Ren Yun Xing back.

The rest of his life was not going to be peaceful.

"Then I'll continue." Ren Yun Xing snickered, and continued to pluck the feathers seriously.

Just as he thought, that fatty's mouth opened very quickly. In the time it took for an incense stick to burn, everyone knew that Fu Yao had brought back a lover.

He looked at the villagers who were craning their necks to watch from outside the courtyard.

The more people, the better. It would be best if the entire village came to watch. Would that make it easier to declare sovereignty? His love rivals were all looking for Fu Yao, so he had to make the first move. Screw his distant cousin brother, or her A Niu.

"Now get the hell in here." Fu Yao could no longer endure it and threw Ren Yun Xing into the room, and with a bang, she closed the door.

She knew that Ren Yun Xing was going to be trouble, but she didn't expect it to be trouble. In less than an incense's time, the villagers had all gathered to watch.

Before she could introduce Ren Yun Xing to the villagers, he was her distant cousin.

Of course, this was all thanks to her aunt, Fu Chun Hua. She absolutely mustn't meet her, otherwise she would definitely explode and be fed to the dogs.

"I don't believe Spring Flower when she says this, but Fu Yao really brought the pretty boy back home. From the looks of it, he should be a footman from a brothel."

"That's right, no wonder Fu Yao didn't come home for eight years, she was originally this unruly outside, now that's good, she directly brought a man home, if I were her mother, I would have broken her legs already."

Who wouldn't, the reputation of the Fu Clan has been completely destroyed by Fu Yao, it would be better if she doesn't return, and in the future, who knows what our Apricot Village will be like.

"That's right, that little curator is so pure and clean. I don't know how he fell for Fu Yao." The village Widow Sun said sourly, "Since my family is poor, why not follow me?"

"Forget it. A thousand man riding cheap hooves, you know how to seduce men, how can you fancy a man like Fu Yao?" Aunt Li rolled her eyes and cursed, "Shameless bitch."

"Who are you calling a whore? Li Cuihua, I'm telling you not to be so shameless." Widow Sun was enraged, he pointed at his nose and scolded.

"I was just scolding you. You shameless thing, seducing my man. Even an old lady like you would feel disgusted."

Widow Sun was not someone to be trifled with, and immediately fought Aunt Li. The two of them fought at Fu Yao's doorstep until they were unable to decide who was stronger and who was weaker.

The other villagers were excitedly watching them fight. Since they didn't even have time to watch a show after their meal, the two women had a good fight.

"Enough." Fu Yao pulled open the door and shouted, "If you want to fight someone else, go fight them. Don't be in front of my door. "If my mom gets scared by you guys, I'll have to come to your house and ask for medical fees."

Hearing the two words' medical fees', the two stopped fighting. Widow Sun organized his robes: "Pei, little slut, you still want me to raise you? No way."

Aunt Li also glared at her and left.

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