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"Wait." Fu Yao shouted to the two of them to leave, and everyone thought that she had heard the Widow Sun's words, so the two of them started to fight, and stopped in their tracks, in order to watch another good show.

Who would have thought that Fu Yao would walk to the door and say in a serious tone, "Just now, the man was my cousin who is far away, he was called A Niu, and is not my lover. Don't ruin my reputation, or don't blame me for being rude."

He slammed the door shut and raised a cloud of dust. Aunt Li and Widow Zhao, who were standing at the forefront, were scared stiff and didn't say anything for a long time.

Yo, the little girl from Fu family did despicable things on her own, she has a bad temper.

"Since it's alright, then let's all disperse. Why are you blocking the entrance of someone else's house?" Aunt Wang could not help but sigh as she chased away the bystanders.

How did Fu Yao bring the young duke back? She must not let anything happen to him as she wanted to ask him for more details. In the end, she shook her head and returned home, intending to let Zhen Niang beat the crap out of him.

Who doesn't know that the pretty boy is her lover? And she even said that the footman is her cousin. Do you really think we are idiots? "

"Shameless! Bringing a man back in public, the reputation of our Apricot Village has been tarnished by her."

"You want to build a memorial archway as a whore? Pah!" Widow Sun spat.

Fu Yao's hearing ability was excellent, and she could clearly hear what people were saying outside. She was so angry that she wanted to find someone to vent her anger, and angrily kicked the door open: "Ren Yun Xing, come out for me, I'm going to be killed by you."

A lover, a whore? A memorial archway? Her reputation had been ruined just because she had brought back a popinjay.

Why would that group of people want to do that! It must be Fu Chun Hua's mouth that was spouting nonsense. Ah Xi, you can't even express your anger now, right?

Originally, she wanted to tell Aunt Wang that Ren Yun Xing was her distant relative, and then spread the news in the village that Ren Yun Xing was her cousin, so there wouldn't be any trouble.

If news of her lover spread, how could she continue staying in the Apricot Village? Ren Yun Xing had to immediately scram for her, even if it meant giving her mountains of gold and silver.

Ren Yun Xing pricked up his ears. After listening for a while, after his lover's promise was fulfilled, he was relieved, at least in this village, the villagers had already taken precedence. No matter how Fu Yao explained, he could not do anything.

That fat woman had finally done a good deed.

Hearing Fu Yao's heavy breathing, her eyebrows moved. She saw the little fellow writing on the sand table word by word, asking him to leave immediately was something he could do. He had decided to support his family.

Fu Yao was so angry that her chest hurt, she knew that giving Fu Chun Hua the chicken would be alright, but no, she wouldn't give it to her even if she lost it.

With such a big commotion, Ren Yun Xing immediately ran off.

The moment she entered the door, she saw Ren Yun Xing holding Fu Feng, teaching him how to write with a brush, and an excuse came from her mouth: "Fu Feng, that is your name."

Fu Feng raised his head and said excitedly: "Sis, look, I can write my name now."

There was no brush, ink and paper at home. Fu Feng would often practice writing on the sand table, and this was done by his father before he died.

Fujimori said that her father wanted Fu Feng to study hard and become an official in the future. Unfortunately, she had not used him until now.

"It's written very well." Fu Yao rubbed his little head, thinking of the Three Character Classic that she had long forgotten in the corner, she immediately fished it out, "Big Sis bought it for you."

"Three Character Classic?" Fu Feng gently stroked the cover of the book, "Little Tiger also has one, thank you big sister."

Fu Yao picked Fu Feng up and carried him to Fujimori's room.

When he walked out of the door, he saw Ren Yun Xing sitting on a low chair, gazing into the distance, looking deeply emotional and a little sad.

What the hell?

Ren Yun Xing, I have something to tell you, you saw what happened today, you did not do anything and caused so much trouble, my little temple is not suitable for you, you should find a place to stay again, if not, I will give you silver, you can pay me back when the time comes. Fu Yao had always been a straightforward person, beating around the bush was really too troublesome.

Fu Yao had attracted the attention of the entire village on her first day here, she did not like people watching him every day.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." Ren Yun Xing said with mixed feelings. He was clearly doing this on purpose, purposely making Fu Chun Hua misunderstand. His cousin's love for him went through too many twists and turns.

It was better than having a lover, getting straight to the point.

After all, Fu Chun Hua was the main culprit behind this incident. If not for her blabbering, Ren Yun Xing would not have been called footman by others and had the two village women fight against each other.

The responsibility did not lie with him!

Ren Yun Xing had helped her at least, because he had earned a hundred silver coins. If Ren Yun Xing was stubborn and messed up with her, Fu Yao would definitely kick him out without saying a word, but from the looks of it, he was clearly met with difficulty. Otherwise, he would not leave his with such a broken out house.

Isn't it a little bad to kick him out like this?

"I know what you mean. I'll leave once everyone is gone. I won't disturb your life. I'll just marry a girl I don't love and live a messy life." Ren Yun Xing was so frustrated that his arrogant and domineering attitude completely disappeared, revealing the most helpless side of a man.

Forcing a marriage was indeed very scary, and Fu Yao was also very afraid of it. After all, finding someone she didn't love was a lifetime of misfortune. Perhaps it was because modern civilization was too profound, but even now she still could not accept polygamy.

Perhaps she lived in ancient times and should have taken advantage of the situation to say that it was laughable to have a pair of people living her entire life. However, she would rather live a ridiculous life than live in the quagmire of emotions.

"You don't like the marriage your grandmother arranged for you?"

"Of course not. The words of the matchmaker of the parents are based on family interests. In my entire life, I have only married the girl I love and have never abandoned her. If it wasn't for the girl I love, I would rather be alone and be old. " What Ren Yun Xing said was the truth. If he wasn't with the girl he likes, what use would he have in this life?

It was still a heavy responsibility on his shoulders for that pathetic and intangible right.

This was all he had twenty years ago, but after meeting Fu Yao and understanding her, this was nothing much.

What he wanted to do most in his life was to stay by her side. She was his tribulation, or rather, she pointed him in his direction. She was brighter than anyone, and had already taken away his eyes and his psychological position.

Fu Yao was shocked by his words. In the ancient times, there was actually someone like this. In her eyes, those descendants of officials and aristocratic families were all of superior bloodline. They wanted to live for their families and have the purest children.

That was the last thing she could accept.

This was the first time Fu Yao felt that Ren Yun Xing was this tall and big, "Since that's the case, then I have no other choice. I'll temporarily accept you, it's just temporary."

"Really?" Ren Yun Xing swept a glance of sadness, feeling that this was indeed a good card, but those words were all from the bottom of his heart ?

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