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Seeing how his expression changed so quickly, Fu Yao suddenly felt like someone had dug a hole for him, but he couldn't find anything wrong. Could this guy be playing a love card?

Feng Er could only look up and down, leaving him behind for a small part of the reason. Feng Er had reached the age where she should go to the private school. Fu Feng had never received enlightenment, so of course she would have a hard time passing.

was even more powerless to help her teach Fu Feng a few of these scriptures. She could only remember the very beginning of a person's life, when a person's character was inherently evil and when a dog's cry was non-existent, the most familiar plan was, "Thirty-six stratagems".

The three views were not righteous, and it was a grave mistake on the part of the children.

"Why do you want that look?" It made Ren Yun Xing a little scared, as he felt that Fu Yao had to find something for him to do again.

"Nothing, good boy, tonight I will make you a big plate of Xinjiang chicken to eat." Fu Yao solemnly patted his shoulder. Although his reputation had been tarnished, the matter of Fu Feng learning and enlightening had been settled.

It could also be considered a merit.

In any case, she wasn't someone who cared about her reputation. She didn't care what those people did, she would live a good life, and she would have to deal with whatever came her way.

"What's Xinjiang's Big Plate Chicken? What is Xinjiang? No, is there something you need me for? "

"Ren Shao ?" Cousin A Niu, you are too smart, in two months time, it will be Elementary Scholar Liu's Entrance Examination. You have to help me and teach Feng Er. Fu Yao said in an amiable tone, "Even though you are a popinjay and a rich family after all, your studies will definitely be much better than others."

Although Mr. Liu was only an Elementary Scholar, he had some prestige in the Apricot Village. Three years ago, a top student had appeared in the children that he had taught, and no one could match him in his position in the Apricot Village.

Even the families in the county had to send them to the Apricot Village in order to take advantage of the Immortal Qi of the top scholar. Although she didn't understand much about studying, understanding a good learning environment was extremely important for children.

If not, then what was the purpose of these three moves?

Was she praising him or insulting him?

Ren Yun Xing was speechless. Was he happy or not? When did a good youth like him, a sprout in the red skies, become a popinjay?

"You want me to teach him how to read?"

"Is there a problem?" If it wasn't for Fu Yao who was unfamiliar with the words here, would he even be able to write it?

He had five thousand years of ink in his stomach. No matter what, he was still considered to be rich.

"No problem, no problem. Tell me clearly, what do I think it is?" Ren Yun Xing squinted his eyes and laughed, thinking back to the words that the secret guard had sent, ugly and unsightly.

"What are you laughing at? I saw that you had nothing better to do, so I arranged your work. It's not that I don't want to teach you, do you understand?" For some reason, Fu Yao felt that he was mocking her for her words.

"I understand, I understand. Of course I understand. "You are busy. Your brother is so obedient. I will definitely teach him a lesson and pass it without a hitch." Ren Yun Xing's hearing was also good, of course he could hear the people outside. Although he was secretly happy, it did not have any lasting meaning.

If Fu Yao really wanted to kick him out, there was nothing she could do. If she taught Fu Feng how to learn, then the chances of him staying were 100%.

"As long as I want you to teach me well, I can give you up." Fu Yao rolled his eyes and thought that it was necessary to compensate her for the loss of her reputation.

He quickly ran to Fujimori's room and explained everything to her. Then he called Fu Feng over and pointed at Ren Gong as he said in a serious tone, "Feng Er, Big Sis has found a teacher for you, you should learn from your cousin A Niu properly. When the time comes, you should go to the private school and become a high ranking official."

"Why didn't Sister teach me?" Fu Feng hugged Fu Yao's arm as he looked at Ren Yun Xing with his small eyes. This man was not to be trifled with.

And fierce.

Fu Yao's face was full of embarrassment. If she could, she would have done so a long time ago, but she was very upset with the complex handwriting.

"Big Sis is very busy. If you want to earn money, you don't have time. If there's an air stewardess teaching you, then you can do it." Fu Yao was embarrassed, it was not that she did not want to teach him, but she could not.

"Mm, alright then." Fu Feng knew that he was powerless to change, and could only obediently agree.

He always felt that cousin A Niu disliked him, and never did anything as he looked at him with hostility in his eyes.

"Ren Yun Xing, I will leave my brother to you. I only want you to teach him how to learn, and not to teach him how to be a popinjay. If I find out, it doesn't matter if your grandmother is forcing the marriage, you can't keep him here."

"Got it."

A popinjay's aura was not something that just anyone could learn, it required talent. Fu Feng was a good boy, it would be difficult for big sister to cultivate a popinjay to become a popinjay.

All the children in the village were proud to study at Liu Xiuxiu's place, but of course, he also wanted to go. In the past, his family was poor, and he didn't have the opportunity. But now that he had the chance to learn, he had to work even harder.

"You guys learn, I'll make you guys a big plate of chicken."

It left behind a pair of large eyes staring at each other.

"Kid, come here." After Fu Yao left, Ren Yun Xing tore apart his mask of hypocrisy, but he actually didn't like children at all.

The second reason was that the person making a ruckus was stupid.

Fu Feng obediently stepped forward, "Cousin A Niu."

"You're not allowed to call me A Niu." Ren Yun Xing was immediately annoyed when he heard the name A Niu.

"Then what should I call you?"

"Call me brother-in-law." Ren Yun Xing rubbed his head, he was extremely affable, even though he hated children, he did not hate Fu Feng.

The only thing he was unhappy about was that Fu Feng was always so close to him. He hugged Fu Yao and acted like a spoiled child.

"What?" Brother-in-law? You're married to your sister? " Fu Feng opened his big and bright eyes wide, obviously not believing him. He said that her mother ran away to escape the marriage, but the last time she asked, she said that she was not married.

If you still call him Cousin A Niu now, that shouldn't be the case. Don't think that just because he's a kid he doesn't know anything.

"Shh, for the time being, I'm not married to your sister, but soon. Your sister took my keepsake." Ren Yun Xing could not hide his glee. Since Fu Yao had accepted that jade pendant, it should be his, "We will get married soon, you better not tell your sister, understand? Even your mother can't do it! "

The fox smiled sinisterly. Capture the thief and seize the king first. Attack first to gain the upper hand...

Small Theatre:

"I don't care." A certain Feng gritted his teeth and looked at the other side. He was truly a fool to be sold for money.

"Even if you don't care, you still have to. Those are your people, it has nothing to do with me." Someone raised his eyebrows and looked at the crowd of people gathered outside the door, smiling craftily.

"It has nothing to do with me. You gave this to me at Longsong Stronghold." Fu Feng was so angry that he threw the ring at him. If he knew that this was going to be troublesome, he wouldn't have taken it even if he had to beg for it.

"Haha, then you can take it. Ling Sha and the others heed my orders, from today onwards, Fu Feng is your pavilion master, I will relinquish my position to you." After Ren Yun Xing finished speaking, he disappeared in a flash, just like the three years he had disappeared without a trace.

"Hello." Fu Feng gritted his teeth and ran, the thousands of people chased after him in a formidable array.

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