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Fu Yao's family only had three rooms, one for Fujimori and one for Fu Yao. Ren Yun Xing was arranged to live in a miscellaneous room.

Ren Yun Xing didn't want Fu Feng to sleep with him at all. Although they were still siblings, he just didn't agree. Unfortunately, he didn't agree. What's the use?

If it was any other man, he would immediately wipe his neck and dismember his body to apologize.

In the end, Ren Yun Xing still lied down in the sundry room, listening to the cricket at the foot of the wall cry. It had been a long time since he had such a peaceful life, but unfortunately, without a beautiful woman to accompany him, his life was not as beautiful.

But sooner or later the beauty would sleep by his pillow, and now there was no hurry.

It was three years ago that they met Fu Yao, and at that time, the northern barbarian was invading and the two nations were fighting. He was wandering at the border stealing information, and was miserably chased by the son of the northern barbarian, Yale. Her bodyguards were all dead, and he was in danger.

In that moment of crisis, it was Fu Yao who led a small team over to save him. She could vaguely remember her valiant and formidable appearance when she brandished her blade, and only when her helmet fell to the ground did she realize that it was a heroine. She couldn't forget that moment, when she woke up, Fu Yao was already gone from the inn.

The table was covered with lumps of soil, if not for the fact that he accidentally broke it on the ground, he would not have known that there was a chicken wrapped within the lumps of soil. According to the soldiers who left behind at the time, that chicken was Fu Yao's frequent name.

People in the army loved to eat, and the taste was not inferior to that of the palace chefs.

She didn't expect that besides cooking the flower chicken that was very tasty, the other dishes were also very tasty, especially the Red Braised Meat. She even wanted to eat it when she was full.

Since Fu Yao left, she had always been trying to find out her whereabouts. Fu Yao battled in the south, yet when he wandered around northern barbarian pretending to be a popinjay, he would often hear from people who came to report her news. Occasionally, she would go to a place empty of person and leave behind a pile of bones when she found out about her.

They were in a mess and did not see what was up there.

The two of them were very intimate, but from the report of the Dark Guard, it seemed like Lang Youqing did not have the intention. If it wasn't for the chores, he would have taken this woman away a long time ago. It was a pity that he had never thought of owning her.

He sat on the roof and sang along with her as he drank. He was dressed in a snow-white robe which was as bright as jade and had a valiant look. That damnable woman had said that he was a man who didn't like wearing a moon-white gown in his life.

Although he was gentle, elegant, and eye-catching, he was not a good person. People like him always carried too much expectations on their shoulders. The glory of their clan was only for the sake of others.

Such a person could not be married, touched, or loved.

He knew who she was talking about, that person did not know how to cherish, and this was good too, Fu Yao would belong to him in the future.

He was no longer gentle and refined, no longer elegant, no longer elegant, no longer bearing the responsibility of the clan, and no longer wanted to be together with her in this world.

"Maybe the heavens are kind to me." Ren Yun Xing stared out of the window at the full moon, and muttered, "Since you want me to find you first, it shows that we are fated to do so, this time we will definitely not let each other go, the man you said we won't marry like jade, then I will not do it ?"

The next day, before the chickens were crowed and the sky was bright, the summer tail carried a slight chill and a figure could be seen standing beside Ren Yun Xing's bed. After watching for a while, the figure picked up a blade of grass from the ground and kept scratching at Ren Yun Xing's ears.

"Wu, stop messing around." Ren Yun Xing was like a lazy cat, spinning around in a certain direction, his slender almond-shaped eyes opened slightly, and then quickly closed.

She had known it from the moment she had come in, and she had wanted to know what she wanted to do.

Fu Yao retracted her hand in embarrassment. It was not good to stir up Qingmeng early in the morning, but Ren Yun Xing was her freelance worker, if he didn't want her to work, what would she do? Of course not. He was like a rice bucket and had to work.

Thinking about the food that Ren Yun Xing ate last night, he felt a pain in his stomach.

Swiftly turning to the other direction, he scratched his nose only to see Ren Yun Xing rubbing her nose, immediately scaring her to the point of squatting down. He stealthily listened to the commotion, and when she realized that there was no sound, he quietly stood up.

Ren Yun Xing turned his body slightly and the blanket fell off.

Fu Yao swallowed his saliva. Could it be? Don't normal popinjays look like useless foppish chickens? This popinjay did not take the usual route!

It had to be a fake, so she wanted to get to the bottom of this.

Fu Yao raised her chin, looked around, and slowly moved the blanket away. Crap, her figure was not bad, she had real talent, with a broad shoulders and narrow buttocks, she was much stronger than the bodies of the people in the army.

In any case, she was a modern woman, so what if she wanted to take a look? Even if she wanted to take a look, she had to do so with a needle and eye.

A silkpants like him had a good figure and wanted to act like a scoundrel. In fact, did not look bad either, with his profile like a blade and determination, this kind of man was usually tough, why did he have to be such a silkpants?

What a waste of face.

"Hey, wake up." Fu Yao pushed him, and laid straight like a dead man.

Oh, no.

Fu Yao threw away the straw and sat on the side of the bed. His left hand supported herself on the bed as she reached out with his right hand to pinch Yun Che's nose. Suddenly, his left hand felt an inexplicable pain and fell on Yun Che's body.

Tears of pain streamed down his face.

Her nose wasn't tall to begin with. Could it be that it fell in?

"You threw yourself into my arms so early in the morning. Although I am quite handsome, aren't you a bit too impatient? With your appearance, I will definitely not listen to you."

A teasing voice came from above his head. Fu Yao slowly raised his head and saw Ren Yun Xing staring at her with a rogue face.

"You wish." Fu Yao immediately crawled up from his body, touched her nose, and her face blushed a little. In the past eight years, although she had seen all kinds of fierce men in the army camp who shamelessly commented on their bodies, he had never bumped into them.

"You're dreaming. You're trying to seduce me so early in the morning, don't think that I'll take the bait."

"Bullshit! I told you to go to work. Get up quickly and go catch some fish in the river. Otherwise, don't eat breakfast."

"Catching fish so early in the morning? What breakfast? "

"We'll know when we catch him. Hurry up and be like a rice bucket, we should do more work." Fu Yao hurriedly left the grocery room as his ears turned red.

Although Fu Yao had seen many men in the army and should have been immune to them, that was only under the premise that she was mentally prepared.

Fu Yao, have you also reached the age of a wolf or tiger? Too terrifying!

No, no, no, it must be because Ren Yun Xing didn't put on too much clothes, and seduced her ?

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